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  1. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Wooooo nationals is the ultimate equalizer for any sense of confidence I might have in this game......if that makes any sense.....

    If you only care about the actual tournament report scroll down now!

    So US nats come and go, disappointingly with out much surprise GG wins again. "Leave it up to me!" I thought out loud, to play the role of the Japanese and come up with the ultimate rogue deck of 08. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday THURSDAY go by and since I quit my last job Sunday and don't start my next until the following week, I'm able to play test for a good.....8+ hours a day.....researching the gym for random decks that might work...Anyone on Team M can testify that I posted probably 3 of my worst decks ever made in a last ditch effort to find the "solution". I'm only going to give props here to Justin (because I'll forget SOMEONE), for putting up with my consistent nagging for a game and playing about 15 or so with me in the last week. Thanks bud! And thanks to every one else for the ideas, advice, etc etc. Its much appreciated!

    Anyways enough of this boring stuff. The Poke-bus to Vancouver (from Edmonton) leaves at 7:00 in the morning, I know there’s no way I'll be able to wake up at 6:30, so I stay up all night. I've rounded my deck choices down to Mirror plox or Ban-bliss and continue to test them through the majority of the 15 hour bus ride. Of course this included small breaks for ultimate Tetris ownage and a SW sealed tournament where I pulled 4 holo's and geoff none XD

    So my Gardy deck is about 5-1 where Banette is 2-2....I was really looking forward to playing Banette, however I just couldn't get the consistency I needed. Disappointed in my results, I'm feeling the least prepared for the tournament I've practiced the most for. Perhaps it’s just the redundancy of the format, or the fact that who ever has the largest collect of horseshoes and rabbit feet will win.

    Once we FINALLY arrive at the hotel, I make my way over to the Lobby play testing area....wait hold on Seb cut his fro! He came up to me, said hi and I had no clue who we was! lol boy, my face was sure red >.< :p nice new dew seb.....anyways I re-meet pokemonmike who is to lend me a bunch of cards, how ever while I'm asking around Mr. PokemonPat decides to GIVE me a bunch of cards, after asking for about...15 cards I end up convincing him to let me pay him. (I'm just too nice like that ;P) Thanks to him I can play without proxys XD

    So a couple more games, I win with my gardevoir and I'm really regretting it, but it looks like I'll be playing it. One last game; I play against Andrew in a GG mirror and lose (what a way to finish the night), but...he was playing with a rotom tech...having never seen the card before, it gave me the last min inspiration I needed to enjoy myself this weekend. Scrambling now to get cards before everyone heads to bed, I grab 4 Rotom and 4 Ho-oh and pray I found the ultimate deck.


    Yes yes, I know Skittles is already a viable deck however with GG running round if your togekiss gets shut down, there ain't much you can do. I figured with any luck I could pull off the ultimate speed deck. Here is the list I came up with in my 26th hour of wakefulness:

    4 Ho-oh
    4 Rotom
    1 Lunatone

    4 TVR
    4 Felicities
    4 Roseannes
    4 Warp Point
    4 Crystal Beach
    4 Plus Power
    3 great ball
    3 ER2
    1 TSD
    1 Night Maintenance
    1 Scott

    2 of every energy
    but with 3 Lightning and 3 fighting

    Okay my logic here….I really didn’t want to play plox, having every mirror match up the equivalent of a coin flip (even if I teched against mirror), knowing that I’d need to be lucky to win, I figured I might as well go back to the basics of the game and have fun playing with your own creation.

    So lets shuffle up and deal!

    Round 1 Terry (Ugly Psyduck) Mag-Kiss from Ontario
    Nice guy, found out that nationals marks his first year anniversary of playing the game; hopefully I’ll be able to use my experience as an advantage in this match up. The game gets started and I have a sub par start….actually the only thing I’m missing that’s preventing an amazing start would be the Rotom. Lunatone, warp point, Felicities TVR and a few energy as I top deck into Ho-oh. I get to go second, and if I draw into the Rotom I could have the 2 energies on Ho-oh first turn. How ever, Karma decides to give Terry the win here, Wiffing all four cards from Felicities (no rotom, no Roseannes, no greatball) I’m forced to attach a single energy to Ho-oh and pass. Mr. Terry goes ahead and decides it’d be nice of him to throw down a T2 Claydol aswell as a T2 Togekiss hitting 6 energy….attaching 2 to the active claydol to retreat, and so forth. The game goes on And I am unable to get my Rotom until the 4th turn >.< and once I do get him out I place him on the bench anticipating a OHKO however Terry goes for the spread damage. So I guess you could consider that a misplay. I manage to make a decent comeback hitting 2 heads on ho-oh’s power while charging up the bench. I notice through out the game it seemed like Terry was playing on the slower pace, being a nice guy I always feel terrible asking people to speed up, how ever I’m not going to lose on time. So at the half way point I make my case and Terry instantly speeds his play. For that I’m thankful, but I would like know whether the speed in which you started the first half of the game is your regular pace, or if you were indeed attempting to slow play me from the start……Anyways we exchange prizes and I believe Terry has a two prize to my three with a few minutes remaining. I’m debating whether to call a judge over and I do making it look like I was stretching, however when I asked him to keep an eye on the pace of the game, I must have mumbled to quietly since he turned around and walked away.. Either way, Terry ko’s my Ho-oh and I miss on my flip unable to OHKO next turn I lose the game. No need for the judge I suppose….


    Well, that’s 4 years in a row I’ve lost the first round at nationals…perhaps I should my lesson and stop throwing away my money…..

    Alrighty game 2, lets see if I can do better then my 0-2 start last year.

    Game 2: Dana Crane Parasect /Glaceon from Vancouver

    Haha we meet again Dana! We played 2nd round at grinders in Hawaii. Having a year to hone his skills Dana was able to come up with a rather annoying “lock down” deck as he called it. I believe I had a decent start. Ho-oh, Rotom, Roseanne, Felicity however a distinct lack of energy. This means I’ll have to go ahead and spend my first turn searching for them. Unfortunately I win the die roll and go first, wasting another turn of not doing anything…..Not only is my start slow, once I get my first ho-oh up and running Dana was able to pull the Parasect on me, in which I do not wake. So as sleep and poison eat away at me, Glaceon finishes me off and I’m forced charge Ho-oh number two with Rotom. This game was particularly annoying as either he had a Cessation Crystal or Glaceon lv x active, having no chance to save my OHKO’d ho-oh’s this game went worse then I could have hoped. Good game Dana, nice deck, good luck next season!


    Well….I may be losing, but I’m not losing with plox, so I’m having “fun” right? At least last year I had a 4 game winning streak to look forward too….

    Round 3: Sandy with Infernape

    Sandy just started playing and pretty much had no clue what her cards did, I only ever chimchars and plowed through her with my first Ho-oh….I was actually telling her all her options to help her play faster :p “Okay, so don’t forget to draw a card, now can you play any trainers? no, poition wouldn’t help you right now, you’ve got no damage on you…okay, how about energy, well you might not want to put it there as I’ll be knocking him out next turn….okay well if you want too….did you play a supporter? No? okay go ahead…oh okay so you wanna play ANOTHER “quick” ball…just flip cards over from the top of your deck….okay stop, that’s a pokemon, so you get that one…..” haha yeah even so it still took me 5 min to explain how warp point worked >.<
    Well it was fun at least….


    Game 4 Ted from BC (Vancouver?) Empoleon Bronzong

    Oh great, another autoloss…I may aswell go home now….luckily Ted didn’t get an energy for….the first 3 or 4 turns and I’m able to completely set up and ho-oh destroys him. OMG I got ….lucky?


    Game 5: Dana’s Brother (I forgot his name) Empoleon/Areodactly/Omastar I think

    Well I dodged one empo, can I fluke another? He was very nice (and I’m really sorry I forgot your name), great guy to talk to and play with, like brother like brother? Anyways Turns out he just started playing the Wednesday before, however he was putting in a good 8 hours of playing each day (much like me) that’s quite a learning curve!

    Anyways, he might not have known what all the cards did, but he did know how to play Empoleon like it should. I was able to get a decent t3 or t4 80 damage, but while I was charging he dual splashed Rotom and Hooh, so when I warped ho-oh active and ko’d he dual sploshed for 60 and ko’d the rotom.. Natuarally I wiff the power and lose all my energy. And am forced to stall with lunatone. Once again I’m able to make a decent comeback, but nothing even close to calling it a game. Building the deck, I knew I would lose to Empoleon the vast majority of the time.

    2-3 …game over

    Game 6 Martin playing Random Ex’s

    Well Martin is a relitivly new player, and lays down a bunch of random basics. Trapinch, Aaron, Lavitar, I’m sure there was another one in there…..well I mind my own business setting up a turn 2 80 ho-oh flawless start and plow through his basics. I find out after the game that Martin built a deck with pretty much any cards he could find, which is why he had 4 or 5 stage 2 lines. Still he’s a pretty cool guy hopfully we’ll meet up in the future.

    3-3 at least it isn’t an all time low >.<

    2005: LWLWLW 3-3 (first tournament in masters)
    2006: LWWLWW 4-2 (the only 4-2 to not make the cut >.<)

    2007: LLWWWWL 4-3 (t2 donk against an Auto win in game 7)
    2008: LLWWLW 3-3 (not one “legitimate” game)
    I say legitimate because I either wooped but or got mine wooped….not strategy involved at all…..

    Well that’s that, I hang around in the game area, try to consoladate Gordon who had a taste of the kind of luck I get at nats. Willy hits the all famous 17th seed, pulling a Mike, however at least 4 other 4-2 shared his pain this time around. Andrew makes top 16 and loses in an amazingly close game. Seb takes turns donking Brendan who gets the last “donk”. Pretty much this recaps my feelings for this season. “Any decent player with a good list with the most luck wins. Skill seems makes little difference”.

    Well after a good game of poker, and hanging with friends, a return to my room at 1:30 and get some sleep for the bus ride home. 23 hours later. I’m home, tired, and disappointed in the fact that I have nothing bigger then states to look forward to next season.

    To the poke-bus! It might not have been the best seats or the best playing areas how ever it beats sitting in the back seat of a sun fire with your brother!
    The Edmonton crew, as well as Seb, Malcolm, Brendan, Pokemon Mike and Pat, etc. etc. etc.
    Last min rogue deck of what could have been amazingness
    And an all around good time.
    Tetris PWNAGE

    Little representation in top cut.
    Another round of bad luck at nats
    No ultimate SD
    Bloody nose
    LV 5 computer on tetris >.<

    Thanks for reading, see yea next year!

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  2. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    why do you say things you know will hurt me? :frown:
  3. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    Good Job Mike. You know at First Glance when we were making
    the list of the deck it seemed weak but now it actually seems
    a little Decent, lol. Better Luck next year.
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  4. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    uhhh I was talking about how I pwned the computer?
    but hey, you still won the first to games both days...right? :)

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    well thats what happends when you don't help a friend with an awsome sd of awsomeness
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  5. The Dark Toxicroak

    The Dark Toxicroak <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    at least you played a fun deck and went 3-3 so GJ on that
    I played Plox and went 3-3

    Hopefully you will make more apperances next year so we can have an in tourney game

    oh yeah you forgot to mention how I took your money in this report :lol:
  6. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    haha oh dexter....that never happened <_< >_>
  7. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    Mike! Nice job.
    I still have your wallys trainings lol
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gj and hope top see you in orlando, mike...

    and aaron, wally trainings are rotated, why return them...?
  9. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    Great Job, sdrawkcab! You\'ll top cut next year fo sho.
  10. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Props on "The truth is out there" in your signature.

    Slops on 3-3 (just kidding ;/).
  11. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    Thanks Guys!
    Aaron: Anything for the aussie champion ;-)
    Jason: Because its the honorable thing to do? lol
    MoP: Haha I'll top cut....eventually >.<
    SuperWooper: I figured you guys could use some help finding it.
  12. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    lol good stuff mike, i'll see you eventuallyyyy
  13. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Tech mew* might've done wonders. Anyways, nice idea and better luck next year.

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