Is Dunsparce (SM - Celestial Storm 110/168) a reprint of Dunsparce (EX - Sandstorm 60/100)?

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    Is Dunsparce (SM - Celestial Storm 110/168) a functional reprint of Dunsparce (EX - Sandstorm 60/100)?

    I am specifically uncertain if two things are mechanically relevant enough that it would not qualify:

    1) The original "Strike and Run" attack did not state that the switching effect only applied if you'd Benched any Pokémon from your deck due to the first part of the attack.

    2) The original "Sudden Flash" was worded so that, if using the 2-On-2 Rules, you would Paralyze both of your opponent's Active Pokémon, but the new one can only Paralyze a lone Active.

    If any other changes in the text were significant enough to prevent the newer card from counting as a reprint of the older, please let me know that as well. I am also curious about more general principles; for example, if #2 does matter, does that mean any changes which involve an abandoned, alternate rules set are relevant?

    Thank you!
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