Jack and Shelly's of Jacksonville, Florida. Are we the only EX-only environment??

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Kanga Da Roo, Sep 7, 2003.

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  1. Kanga Da Roo

    Kanga Da Roo New Member

    I wasnt really too sure where to put this so I hope and picked this place for it.

    The reason I posted this topic is I was wondering if our environment is the only EX-only environment. I also wanted to see if there was anyone else in Jacksonville, Florida who comes here and plays still.
  2. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    No, my 2 gyms in St. Louis area are both Ex-On

    Dragon King in St. Charles (Sandstorm Prerelease coming 9/13)


    Gathering Ground St. Louis - 1st league yesterday - 12 participants!!! Great turnout, we will grow from there!!!

    All our tourneys are run Ex-On with best and Nintendo promos, also allowing recycle energy (came out with Expedition as a promo)


  3. Kanga Da Roo

    Kanga Da Roo New Member

    Well we use at our place is EX and the 2 nintendo promos that caem out since EX came out. Nothing else. Guess we are trying to give whoever comes into the game now a fair chance of being up with the Retro guys.
  4. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    Well, the Nintendo website does say that with the leagues, are cards are legal. Right now, that's how I'm doing it, though I will be running events later that'll go by whatever the new tournament format will be. At the old Pokegym, there was a lot of speculation that the new format would be the E-cards and the Battlezone promos, and my current deck reflects that, but I'm letting people play with what they want. But considering that most of my people are either new or are returning to the game after a long absence, I'm still seeing a lot of people playing with the R&S cards.

    Kanga Da Roo, are you counting the promo Rapidash and Ho-Oh that came out of Nintendo Power a few months ago? They were the 2 promos in there before the 2 R&S promos.
  5. Kanga Da Roo

    Kanga Da Roo New Member

    No we are only counting the Groudon ex and Kyogre EX.

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