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Discussion in 'Conventions' started by Jaeger, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    So we get out there a week early because I got my invite to play in the Yu-gi-Oh Nationals. And I have to say even if I get invite to play again next year I doubt I will. It was horrible I heard there was 16 arrests, 3 fights, 1 street brawl, there was very little secerity on Day 1 but on Day 2 they had about 6-12 uniformed officers and I highly suspect a few plain clothed ones to. Sportsmanship was almost nonexistent and the game is way to expense so only a few can have “the top deck” (a $2,500 card, are you serious?)

    Round 1: Against Matt Moss (Empoleon/Bronzong)
    So on Friday we are all standing around talking about what the best way to play this match up was. And Gino (Your 08 National Champion) gave me some great advice so I take it. His start was kind of slow and I get a quick Gardevoir which really let me set up, I Sonic Blade his Empoleon before it spread to much damage, the Cresselia LV X also really helped out. Eventually I think I got a Wager/Psylock Lock on him and was able to win it. I think his slow start really helped me out since he did not see a Bronzong the entire game.


    Round 2 G&G (Top 64)

    This game was bad I get a double Ralts start but I am holding Candy, Double Rainbow, Scramble, but I draw like nothing he brings up Gallade and does something I smack it with Ralts for 40, he kills Ralts, Once again he does not even have another Ralts in play, If I top deck a Gardevoir, Celios, Stantler, Roseanne’s (A total of 14 cards) I am right back it with a huge lead if it is Gardevoir or a Celio’s since I could Scramble kill his Gallade, but I don’t so I’m forced to play Wager which I lose draw Stantler, Bench, Attempt a Confuse Ray, Fails. At this point I realize I made a huge mistake I should have retreated Ralts brought up Stantler and lead for a Stevens (For 6) but he kill the Ralts, I top deck nothing and he wins. It made me mad I misplayed I doubt it cost me the game but it bothered me because I knew it was such an obvious misplay.


    Round 3 G&G

    He gets a Phoine start and set up without many supporters I get a Turn 2 Gardy and a Turn 3 Psylock, which I am eventually forced to break we trade a few prizes but my set up is horrible compared to his, I know the way things are going I don’t have a chance but he brings up Gardy LV X and Brings down on something important my turn I bring up Gardevoir with a Double Rainbow and a Psychic. His level X has 60 on it and his bench is Phoine, Claydol, Leafeon, Kirlia with 2 Psychics. I Pull off a game winning Combo, I Telepass and Rare Candy a Duskull to a Dusknoir, send back Kirlia and then Play wager, I win it, and then Psylock for the KO, Prize count 3-2 in his favor, he brings up Leafeon LV’s up and hits me for 50, I ask a judge if the 10 min market has been called and she nods (this was huge mistake) I Psylock for 60 his turn he draws and just starts shuffling his hand, and I’m sitting there thinking heck no you got three card hand I’m not getting stalled out so I call judge over after 30 secs he eventually makes a play, hits for 50 a passes, I Psychic Lock for the KO, prizes are tied at 2-2 and my Gardevoir only as 50 on it (I Teleported the first one back) he draws and then just scoops.


    Round 4 Empoleon/Scizor

    I start with Stantler and get a quick Gardevoir he get a quick Prinplup so I’m thinking Great, but he gets just a Prinplup, he even had to Stevens me for 2 (Which really helped my set up) So he kill Stantler to take a much need prize I bring up Gardevoir but am unable to get a Scrambled Gallade so I Psylock for 60 he hits me for 40, my turn his bench is a Phoine and Scizor (My Gardevoir has three basic energy on it) So I psylock and kill Prinplup and Gallade the Scizor and Psylock the Phoine for the win. I know I’m forgetting a few details but the bottom line is he drew dead.


    Round 5 Gardevoir

    I get a either a Turn 2 or 3 Psychic Lock and Manage to keep it most of the game and he never really gets set up.


    So I’m 4-1 I’m really consider dropping more than likely with the invite, I know I would probably have it (I was like 80% sure) but I also knew that if I dropped and didn’t get the invite I would never forget myself. So I stayed in

    Round 6 Empoleon (Christian Oritiz) (Top 16)

    I did not know Christian, I knew Peter was a great Player so I knew his brother would be to. I win the die roll and get a God start so I attach to Cresselia and hit for 10, I’m holding Candy, Gardevoir, and a Double Rainbow I think. He drops Call Energy and then a Wager I win but my hand was not nearly as good as it was before he uses Call Energy and I draw, Celio’s for a Kirlia and attach Psychic 10, his turn, he wagers me again this time I lose and draw nothing he evolves to Prinplup and Aqua Showers me, I draw, nothing, attach energy and 10, his turn evolve Empoleon and he goes for game, he Surfs Together to KO Cresselia, I bring up Kirlia, draw, and offer the hand shake. I just couldn’t get anything go after the first wager.


    now I’m really kicking myself for not dropping but all I can do is play.

    Round 7 Eveelutions (HomeofMew)
    I get a Stantler start, she starts with Diglet and goes first, drops Call Energy and uses it, my turn I top deck a Rare Candy and use Roseanne’s for a Ralts and an Enery, lead for Celios, her Turn she evolves Diglet into a Dudrio and attaches a Double Rainbow and KO’s the Stantler I bring up Ralts and drop a Warp Point hopefully thinking she will bring up the Eevee with an energy (Her Bench was Claydol, Eevee, and Eevee with a call) I Rare Candy Gardevoir, Double Rainbow and Telepass Celio’s or a Roseannes and then Psychic Locks, her turn she fills her bench with Eevee, my turn I draw, Telepass, Celios for a Claydol and then drop a Wager which I win after that I’m able to set up and I just Psychic Lock the rest of the game.


    Round 8 Lauren S. (G&G)

    She is the only Iowa member left with a chance at day 2, she just started playing Gardevoir less than a Month ago, where I had been playing it all through states. So I felt like I had the advantage but she usually gets very good opening hands, I draw and get a God Start and end up with a Turn 2 Gardevoir Psychic Lock, at some Point she plays a Wager which I lost but I just kept playing my own and Telepassing her till I finally won one. And she never really gets set up, while I’m using Telepass and Cosmic Power while she is under Psychic Lock.

    6-2 Ben Sauk Empoleon, Bronzong

    Everybody else is playing for a Top 64 I’m playing for a Worlds Invite, since I’m Pretty sure 7-3 will get it for me. But I’m up against Ben Suak with Empoleon he goes first with Piplup and Call Energy I get a Stantler start. My opening hand wasn’t bad but it was slow if I was playing anything other than Empoleon I would be fine. This was one of those games where everything that could go wrong did I finally get a Gardevoir but he already has an Empoleon and was spreading damage like crazy I have a slim chance to come back he has 5 Benched pokemon I’m holding Dusknoir and Rare Candy, play a Roseanne’s Duskull is prized, I’m able to make a slight comeback with a Scrambled Gallade but I knew it was 2 little to late, I end up taking 3 Prizes but he had complete control of this game.


    So this is when I have to make a tough call, I still have slight chance at a ratings invite at 6-3 but if I top 64 and lose that slim chance is gone since 6-4 I would take to much of a hit. So I have to decide, do I drop? I was 25th going in to the last round and a lot of my tiebreakers won so I knew I had a chance at top 32ing my flight. But I went back to the whole if I dropped and didn’t get an invite, I would never forgive myself so I stay in. The Flights Top 32’s go up and I end up 39th I wasn’t to surprised I missed it but I didn’t think I would be any lower than 35th. I knew there was nothing I could do now so I wished Ben luck and went back to the hotel and got the first good nights sleep in 4 days.

    Sunday: I go and watch the finals cheering on a lot of friends, I knew things had to go perfect for me to even have a chance at and invite, once I heard POP was handing out invites to all the top 16 I knew my chances went from slim to possible, all I can do now is sit back and wait. I could seeing it going either way right now. I’m just hoping for the best either way see everyone in Flordia.

    I will hopefully throw up Props and Slops later, but for now I just want to say it was great seeing all of you again and even making quite a few new friends Concrats to everyone who got there invites today, there was quite a few deserving players and best of luck to everyone waiting out the rating invites with me.

    Obivous this isn't the result I wanted, alot of people usually get mad when they don't do as well as they hoped, Myself on the other hand I try to figure out where I went wrong. The first mistake I made was with the list, I made very little changes sinces MD came out. That is why I feel the deck has an amazing Mirror Match but a very poor Empoleon. The biggest mistake I made was playing multible Stantler, everybody told me to drop them Gino, Con, Alex, everybody and even Friday night I knew they were right I just didn't want to make huge changes the night before a big tournament. Lastly, I should have walked around on Thursday and Friday just asking people to play me with Empoleon I think this would have helped me know the match up better and getting beat on a little bit would have really helped me realize my Empoleon match up was not as good as I thought. Now that I know where I went wrong I have time to rebuild, either way See Everybody In Flordia.

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  2. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    GJ dude:thumb: It's nice to see that you didn't have to face the same deck round after round. And do they really have pc's over in Origins? 0.o.
  3. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    GJ dude i laughed so hard when i heard about that yugioh tourny
  4. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    T16 now get passed down? Wow, that makes my sickening 5-4 performance seem better. :nonono:
    Congrats on (most likely) making it to Worlds. I dont think I'll be one above you anymore...
  5. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Pfft, to heck with The Dark Magician, we got Gardevoir baby :) Good job. Hopefully I'll be in Florida for Grinders.
  6. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Oh my goodness, more reasons Yu-Gi-Oh! is far worse than Pokemon.
  7. metalbird

    metalbird New Member

    This is Ben, Really hope you get your invite and cya at worlds, something really weird would have to happen at Canadian Nationals for you to not get the invite so i'll cya at worlds. And ya i knew for a while that Yugioh tournaments do not consist of the nicest players...
  8. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Thanks everybody, Either way I will be in Flordia, but the bad thing is I half less than 2 months and no idea what to play since my Gardevoir deck doesn't have as good of match ups against Empoleon as I thought. Oh well I have time to rebuild it. Concrats on your invite Ben, there were quite a few people (you included) that I need to get invites on Sunday. See everybody in Flordia
  9. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    hey it's Johnny it was great meeting you and playing against you in the modified tourny on Fri. I hope you get your invite to worlds.
  10. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    great job Jay

    it was awesome seeing you again dude

    see ya at worlds

    -ian b
  11. kwis

    kwis New Member

    gj Jay sorry about our game :[

    i wish it could have been longer..

    Gj and i hope you get the rankings invite :]

    cya at worlds hopfully

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