knock out Aggron(MT)??

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by bugsbite, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. bugsbite

    bugsbite New Member

    What are the best strategies to KO Aggron(MT)??
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  2. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    If they have no special energies, Infernape DP.
  3. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Arrgon, being the pirate it is, will definitely not like an assault from Ninjas. So try that.

    Oh, you mean Aggron? Well, just hit it hard. It ain't doing too much in return.
  4. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    Arrgon isn't a pirate. It's a misspelled noble gas.
  5. bugsbite

    bugsbite New Member


    Just escaped from Tortuga!!!

    btw I know hitting it and doing damage to it works and it can hit you for 100.
  6. skarmory777

    skarmory777 New Member

    if it actually see's play. most stuff should 2hko it.
  7. aade8

    aade8 New Member

    If Aggron ever gets a Metal energy accelerator, then it could be a force. Get enough Special Metals on it...100 every turn without consequence...and your opponent (unless it's fire) can only hit you for less.

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