Looking for Old Staples & Stuff from 2002-2008

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  1. HeartsSoul

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    I'm wanting to build some decks from the Era Nintendo took over Wizards on the TCG, Basically Cards from Ruby/Sapphire to Power Keepers

    - Shipping From Canada
    - Ship to Canada & USA (Possibility Europe)
    - No World Championship Cards/Proxies/Foreign cards
    - Lowest Ref Ships first
    - Can provide a pic of the package before mailing it.
    - Cards are Shipped with toploader & Sleeves.
    - Will include tracking if Cards end up being at least $30 in value.

    I'm looking for the following cards (No Championship version, Looking for the cards from R&S -PWK so no older/newer versions of the cards, i.e. Special darkness energy from Neo Genesis or from HGSS)
    I'm pretty flexible on condition, as long as it looks good in a sleeve.

    Rocket's admin x 8 High
    Steven's advice x 8
    Celio's network x 8
    Mr. Briney's Compassion x 8 High
    Copycat x 8
    Pokemon Retriever x 8
    Pokemon reversal x 8
    Energy Removal 2 x 8
    Togetic (Team rocket returns) x 2
    Dark ampharos (Team Rockect Returns) x 2
    Milotic (Hidden legends) x 3
    Magcargo (Deoxys) x 2

    Double Rainbow energy x 8
    Scamble Energy x 8
    Manectric ex (Old one) x 1
    Eevee Unseen forces x 8
    Flareon ex (Delta Species) x 3
    Espeon ex (Unseen Foces) x 3
    Umbreon ex (Unseen Force) x 3
    Jolteon ex (Delta Species) x 3
    Vaporeon ex (Delta Species) x 3
    Mew ex (Legend maker) x 3
    Blastiose ex (fire red leaf green) x 4 High
    Lugia ex (unseen forces) x 4 High

    Stuff used in decks

    Complete decks from 2002-2007

    Any EX's from the Ruby/Sapphire - Power Keepers
    Gold stars
    Booster packs (No BW to BW Boundries cross packs)
    Pokemon Sleeves
    RH Energies from Generations, Holon Phantoms, EX Emerald


    Venusaur EX Generations x1 NM
    Trevenaunt Break x1 NM
    Espeon EX x2 NM
    Lucario EX x2 NM
    Landorus EX x2 NM
    Palkia EX BKP x2 NM
    Sylveon EX FA x2 NM
    Ho-Oh EX BKP x2 NM
    Mewtwo EX (Photon Wave) x3 NM
    Tyrantrum EX XY70 x1 NM
    Latias EX PLF x1 NM
    Latios EX PLF x1 NM
    Aegislash EX x1 NM
    Giratina EX (AO) x1 NM
    Doswing Machine (Ace Spec) x1 NM
    Charizard EX FA Promo x2 NM
    Shaymin EX (Roaring Skies) x2 NM
    Rayquaza EX Colorless (RS) x3 NM
    M Rayqauza EX Colorless (RS) x3 NM

    Exeggcute SR x1 NM
    Altaria SR x1 NM
    VS Seeker x 3 NM

    N Full Art x3 (NM)
    Puzzle of time x4 NM
    Fighting Furry Belt x2 NM
    Professor Scaymore x 4 NM
    Lysandre x4 NM
    Crushing Hammer League Promo x 8 NM
    Muscle Band RH x 4 NM

    Pokemon (Non EX)
    Xerneas x1 RH (Breakthrough)
    Octillery x1 RH (Breakthrough)
    Swampert PLC(Diving Search) x2 NM
    Hawlucha FF x2 NM
    Landorus FF x1 RH/x2 Reg
    Garbordor BKO x2 RH/x2 Reg NM
    Bronzong PHF Prelease Promo x1 LP

    Thank you!
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  2. viper111

    viper111 Member

    Are you still looking? Let me know. I will start gathering.
  3. HeartsSoul

    HeartsSoul New Member

    I am still looking for stuff, also going to update the list tonight with new things I have & what I'm looking for
  4. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    Hi, I have 2 Heavily Played Gold Star Charizards, if you're interested.
  5. HeartsSoul

    HeartsSoul New Member

    Bump, still looking for stuff, updated list with new stuff like shaymin ex (RS) & N FAs

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