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    Has anyone tried using Magmortar and Lucario together. I think this could be a good possible deck, Start with Absol or Stantler/Mawile for setup. Run possible 3-3-1 Lucario and 3-3-1 Magmortar, and 4 starter. Maybe even use 4-3 Furrett line.:thumb:
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    I'm fairly sure people have. Heck, what HASN'T Lucario been tried with?

    The two different energy types are MESSY though. Maggy wants some Fire Energy floating around, or it can't pull off its healing body and use Flame Bluster (a very handy Gambit to have) :/ Lucario's sad if it can't get 2 fighting energy, though I doubt it'd complain if say, Holon's Castform provided them. You'd need to run Super Scoop up to use Castform safely, but wouldn't you want that trick with Lucario LV.X anyway?

    I don't know how much of a starter you need though. I'd most certainly go with something that can do useful tricks without energy, that way we can spend time attaching to Magmortar (where energy HAS to go), and Lucario. That... Really just leaves Stantler. :/ Premier Ball is fabulous in this deck; recycling your LV.X pokemon is amazing, not to mention getting them out in the first place.

    Yeah. 2 stage 1s? Premier ball floating in the format? Pokemon set up won't be an issue, thus I'm not even sure how much you really need a starter. Absol doesn't sound beneficial in the long run, 'cause it'll deprive you of an energy attachment, and that's one turn less that you're spreading 20+ damage. Playing energy cards will be the issue, as you can't really run energy accelerators. Scramble only gets you so far (again, another reason to try Castform)...
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    Thanks, Rai! I appreciate the Advice . Check out my other deck idea I posted earlier, Later!!!:thumb:

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    you don't want a starter, both basics do a lot of damage and it's a stage 1 deck so it's a speed deck, it doesn't need a starter, you want to attack,

    honestly, this deck is hard to pull off, you can't play castform because of so few basics, you should just have 5 basics if you play castform and you will prob start with it a lot, so energy is an issue with this deck

    it can't win against gallade really, because it doesn't have the support of delcatty and typhlosion, getting lucarios one shotted pretty easily can be hard to come back from in a combo like this that has consistancy issues

    you can always try a starter or even absol to try to stall and disrup to make up for the weaknesses, but i just don't think the combo works smoothly enough to give your opponent the early game advantage by not doing damage, absol will only stall and you still won't get set up you will just sit behind absol hoping to topdeck cards and hoping to get lucky and discard something important, and the mars wager engine is a little hard to pull off with no other types of support

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