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  1. ThePokeDex

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    Magikarp lvX (W) hp 140

    pokebody rainbow scales: once during your turn you may change magikarps type to eny type but only 1 at a time

    pokepower splash: does 10 to all the opponents pokemon

    (W) worthless: if you have more than 1 pokemon on the feild besides magikarp. prevent all effects of atks including damage to magikarp

    (W)(W) randomness: 20 does 10 to all of the opponents pokemon

    (W)(L)(R) EmoKarp: does 70 to all of the opponents pokemon then all of your pokemon are knock out

    weak: x2 to all
    res: -50 to all
    retreat: 7

    :lol:eek:mg this would be cool:lol:
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    lol Magikarp gets revenge >:D
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    ya =D

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    no hes still lives
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