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  1. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    I have this deck. works well but i have problem with te bench damage does with my magmortar. help me with the bench damage.


    3 magmar mt
    3 magmortar sw
    4 omanyte dp4
    2 omastar pk
    2 omastar dp4
    1 magmortar lv x
    15 pkmn


    3 fossil dp4 (for omanyte).
    2 fossil excavator.
    3 holon fossil
    3 celios network
    4 prof oak visit.
    2 team galactic wager
    4 switch
    2 windstorm
    2 night manintenance
    2 Super scoop up.
    27 trainers


    2 scrambles
    8 :fire: energy
    2 holon ff
    6 :water:energy.
    18 energys

    the strategy is attack with magmortar for bench damage and finish the defending pkmn with the lv x or the first attack of magmortar. Omastar is for desevolving the damaged benched pkmn and the two cmbination of omastar desevolves into the basic the benched pkmn, knock down this with the bench damage does before.
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