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    So I'm trying to build a Metagross deck, and haven't really found anything that synergizes (that's a word.. >>; ) with it well. Metagross on its own is slow and hasn't got the hit points to deal with more than one or two attacks from a well-built deck. I've put in Jirachi also, and have attempted the following:

    4-3-3 Metagross, 3 Jirachi + ....

    3-3-3 Mamoswine: too slow, inconsistent, high hit points but too high an energy requirement to power up both at once.

    2-1 Palkia Lv X + 2 Manaphy or + 2 Phione: still too slow, and not high enough energy counts. Again, slow energy setup. Makes it faster setting up Metagross, for sure, but people've learned to Warp Point out of Doom Desire. Wasted energy can only be picked up by 2 Energy Pickups, which are switching back and forth between my testing deck (this one) and my main deck.

    Now usually I play MagKiss, no techs, and have 20 energy, so I'm not used to having so few energy. I'm also not really all that used to having to evolve, as I run 3-1-2 Togekiss + 4 Rare Candy. I'm used to setting up quickly and attacking heavily within a few turns. Soon I should get my Claydols back (I just haven't gone to get them yet, as I've been pretty busy), so 2-2 will go in, and after that I'm really just not sure. I'd like to have a water Pokemon to cover the fire weakness, but the setup can't be too terribly long. I considered Kingdra but would want to make that a more pure Kingdra deck. Anybody have any suggestions, after that long rant?
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