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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by PokeMeBob, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    :pokeball: Milford MA City Championships :pokeball:

    When: Sunday, December 5

    Where: TJ Collectibles, 160 Main Street, Milford, MA. Plenty of free parking behind the store. Check out our website for more info: www.tjcollect.com

    Time: Registration 11:00-12:00

    Start Time: 12:00 noon

    Entry Fee: FREE

    Format: Modified Constructed Deck - Age Modified Swiss Pairings
    (See Pokemon Organized Play Floor Rules at http://op.pokemon-tcg.com/tournaments/pdfs/Tournament%20Formats.pdf)

    Prizes: The following prizes will be awarded in each of the three age groups - 10 & Under, 11-14, and 15+
    1st Place...18-Booster Packs, 1st Place Medal, & Winner's Package

    2nd Place...9-Booster Packs

    3rd-4th Place...4-Booster Packs
    Everybody...1-POP Series-1 Promo Pack & CC Promo Card

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  2. 2 weeks away till the CC and it seems like you haver a nice arey of prizes bob. I know me,LuMaga1,DarkAsh,JohnnyBlaze and his kids will be there for all the fun. Plus Tim c whow as at the RR prerelease might also be there.

    See ya in 2 weeks. :)
  3. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Milford, Mass. CC this Sunday 12/5/04

    It will be December already kind of hard to believe. Barring a huge snow storm in the Northeast, I plan on going to this. Who else will be there?

    City Championship
    December 5, 2004
    TJ Collectibles, 160 Main Street, Milford, MA 01757
    Registration: 11:00 AM - Noon
    Start Time: Noon
    Registration Fee: FREE
    Format: Modified Constructed (Ruby/Sapphire ON)

    I've missed the last couple of events at TJ's so I cant wait to see everyone again. :D
  4. Hot Mustid

    Hot Mustid New Member

    i'll be there, and I am not prepared to win lol
  5. Darkash

    Darkash <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    I plan on cheating... TO LOSE!!!

    See everyone in Milford! (With the exception of the Zombie Planet league crew, of course, see you guys Thursday)
  6. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    Hey guys, we've already posted on this topic:


    We've been bumped down on the list because of more recent posts. Thanks for taking the time to get th word out. Your support is appreciated.

    See you Sunday at TJ's - THE place to play Pokemon in the northeast!
  7. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    There....now we got the best of both worlds! See everyone on Sunday!!!! Barring any Noreaster.....
  8. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    Thanks for combining the postings, BJJ. See you and your family on Sunday.

  9. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    See you all in Milford today!
  10. Monkey

    Monkey <a href="http://pokegym.net/gallery/browseimages.p

    Sorry I didn't go today. I didn't have a ride. ><

    I'm going to go to one of the RI Cities though.
  11. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    i was trying to go, but im still having daddy issues.. and i have to get some college essays done...
    im angry i was looking foward towards going too
  12. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    My feet ache. Unfortunately i don't have too much information (didn't bring home any papers so will have to wait for PokeMeBob to fill in the blanks).

    10 & under - Nick C. (JohnnyBlaze's son) I can't remember what he played.
    11 - 14 - Brian J. (my oldest) Dark Crobat/Jumpluff/Mantine
    15 & up - Steve K (believe it or not!!!) Vileplume ex/Bellossom/Pidgeot

    Props to everyone who played. Especially Emma in the 11-14 who came in second with her Piloswine/Bellossom/Mantine deck. And my middle Stephen who wound up in 5th, one of his best showings (went 3-0 then ran into Emma) with his Poliwrath deck. He wound up going 3-2. And PokeMeBob for all the swag raffled off and given away.
  13. Yeah nick c was a clear winner with his deck. He played a fossil wailord deck Steve fought his way uphill from 0-1 to go 4-1 and win the city championship.

    Congrats to Nick c,Brian j and my good buddy Steven K for winning the city in milford.

    Next time i see ya all in milford is for the ex deoxy prerelease in february, See ya then ;)
  14. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Oh yeah one more prop - to Tom, the TO. He opened 2 boxes and let everyone pick a pack! So not only was the CC free, but everyone left with a pack of cards!

    And to Logan. Hopefully next time Matthew will be there so he'll have someone to hang with. He's only 4 (?) years old (or 3?) but he was not a bother to anyone in the tourney.

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