My Blazzikatty (article Included*)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by imcool54321, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. imcool54321

    imcool54321 New Member

    MY Blazzikatty

    pokemon 20
    4 torchick Ge
    2 cumbskin Ge
    3 blazikan GE
    1 blazikan Pk
    3 skitty Pk
    2 delkaty Pk
    1 delkatty ex Cg
    4 pachirisu Ge

    trainers/supporters/statdiums/tools/ 25
    4 warp point
    2 switch
    4 rare candy
    1 night mantince
    2 tsd
    3 cystal beach
    2 celios
    3 tvr
    1 bebe's
    1 fecelitys
    1 scott
    1 castway

    energie 15
    15 fire

    the point of this deck is to start with pachi
    and set up a blazzikian with fire starter on the
    other blazz and when one gets damedge or you cant get
    3 energie on it you warp or switch to bring one with 3 on it
    so like if you do flame dance and blazz only has 1 energie u use swith or
    warp and use fire starter on the beached blazzs

    torchich to blaz without him

    cumbuskan no balzz without this

    blazz GE the main attacker

    blazz pk sets up with fire started

    pachi the starter

    skitty no delkatty without this

    delkatty pk energy draw...

    delkatty ex use it for constain and late game max energie source

    rare cany speedy evolve

    warp for moving pokemon around

    switch for moving pokemon around

    tvr the main drawing card

    fecitys the draw card when i might want to draw 4

    cystal beach to shut down spe enrgies

    scott searches beaches and supoters etc...

    celios fast search card

    bebes for delkatty ex

    night to get back stuff if u need to

    tsd to get the pokemon back

    castaway just in case i have no energies or suppoters

    fire energie you have to have the energies

  2. tc19930815

    tc19930815 New Member

    ihave used this deck quite a lot and i think u need DRE and scramble, i have also added a 2-1-2 Typhlosion and it turns out to be very useful although u always have your bench full
  3. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Take out a blaziken GE and add in another PK line so you don't have to play typhlosion. It's quicker. Also take out a trainer and 3 fire energy and add in 4 DRE. Also your trainer line needs a lot of help.
  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    you need DREs....
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