New to pokemon? Foil/Holo whats the difference?

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  1. daneanv

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    Hi all,
    I am just new to collecting pokemon cards and i have no idea what the difference is between a holo and a foil? I have some cards that the picture is shiny but some that the whole card is gold or silver and shiny. I realize that this is probably a really dumb question but i appreciate the help. Thanks
  2. Papi/Manny

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    The holo picture are more then likely the rare that you pulled in your pack. The reverse holo that you seem to be discribing are from Legendary collection, which are just alternate foil versions of the regular cards in the set. All packs (nowadays anyways) contain A.F., and 1:3 packs contain a holo card.
  3. daneanv

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    Thanks for your help. I get it know!
  4. ryanvergel

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    You get 1 rare per pack of cards, and one "reverse holographic" card per pack. There is a 1 in 3 chance your rare card is a holographic rare card, and there is a chance that your reverse holographic card is rare -but since reverse holos can be almost any card in the set, from common trainers to uncommon pokemon to rare pokemon, having a rare card turned reverse holo is pretty good, and having a card that is holographic in it's regular state turned reverse holographic is even RARER! since 1/3 rares is a holographic, and like 1/3 reverse holos is rare, it's like a 1/9 chance of getting those cards.

    The main thing is holos and reverse holos.
    Holos are normal, 1/3 packs. You can pull an ex card as your holo, a normal holo rare, and some sets have pokemon* that you can get.

    If the card has gold lettering on the pokemon name, then that card is normally a holographic rare, which means it's really rare. Otherwise, reverse holo cards have some kind of stamp on the card (usually with the set name on the stamp which is on the picture in later sets, and sometimes other locations in earlier sets [like a pokeball stamp for reverse holo FRLG cards].

    Hope this helps. You learn from experience, really ;P
  5. Absoltrainer

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    Thats not true cause I pulled a holo and reverse holo feebas and magikarp on occasions
  6. IceKitten

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    I think Reverse holos are also replaced with Exes, or is that the Rare?
  7. Vegeta ss4

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