One RAW Master - LF: FA Trainers H: Secret Rares

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    For ease of trading, I live in the USA.

    1. Whatever the site rules are.
    2. No fakes or No World Championship Cards pls. I seldom play with sleeves and have no use for them
    3. English only pls. (Cards that is. It matters not lingual orientation you are)
    4. I'll usually CYL. (Check your list)
    5. Play Nice.
    6. I typically only trade within North America/Canada. I can be persuaded to trade overseas if the offer is good/big enough.
    7. I'll send in sleeves and/or Toploaders. Pls use similar tactics.
    8. Those offering any of my Ultimate Wants take priority in trades..
    9. Ask/Tell condition. I'd like mine near-mint or higher (No obvious bends, dent, scratches, smears, etc) but, might trade for a lesser condition if the want/need is high enough.
    10. Ask if a card is still available for trade. Some trades are finalized in private or done at League..
    11. I'm here to have fun, trade cards, and make friends. Don't rip me off, pls.
    12. Hiiiiiii!!!! (all Kirby-Style)

    Hello, fellow game players. If you're looking for something and don't see it on my list then please feel free to ask me. I'll gladly look through my collection and let you know.


    FA Professor Sycamore
    FA Professor Kukui
    FA Lillie
    FA Team Skull Grunt
    VS Seeker xxx (Shiny preferred)
    Decidueye GX x4
    Lurantis GX x2
    Tauros GX
    Ho-oh EX 121/122
    Fighting Fury Belt x4

    (May add more later)



    Glaceon EX
    Carbink BREAK
    Latios EX Promo
    M Altaria EX
    Espeon EX FA
    Machamp BREAK
    FA Sylveon EX
    Volcanion EX x2
    Shining Tyranitar (damaged)
    Dark Tyranitar - 11/105
    Florges BREAK
    Omastar BREAK
    Talonflame BREAK
    Luxray BREAK
    Winona FA (played)
    Venusaur EX XY28 (slightly damaged)
    Starmie BREAK
    Mewtwo EX 52/108 (partially damaged)
    Energy Switch (Secret Rare)
    Switch (Secret Rare) 163/160


    Mew xy110 x3
    Celebi xy111
    Shiftry xy23
    Tyranitar xy130
    Drifblim bw64
    Gym Badge xy204
    Gym Badge xy203
    Xerneas 81/114 Pokemon League
    Yveltal 65/114 Pokemon League x2 (damaged)
    Pikachu xy202 x2
    Greninja 40/122 3rd Place Pokemon League
    Marowak 78/162 3rd Place Pokemon League x2
    Lucario 63/124 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place Pokemon League
    Volcarona 15/114 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place Pokemon League
    Glaceon 23/116 City Championships


    (Ask me about any commons, uncommons, or rares you might need. I'll happily check my collection and see if i can help you.)
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    Updated a lil bit.

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