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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by nnaann, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. nnaann

    nnaann New Member


    NO CML's. Please just list what cards you have that we want.

    I live in the UK, but will post anywhere if its worth my while

    Offical cards in English only please

    Ref rule applies.

    I will only post worldwide if it is worth my money and time.

    Cards must be in mint unless stated

    Cards must be sent in toploaders. I will do the same. No more than 2 cards per toploader.

    I am helping my younger brother to trade his cards - Thus there is two lists. Please refer to which one you are offering a trade to.

    My Haves:

    Leafeon Lv X MD

    Garchomp Lv X MD

    Dialga Lv X GE Not tin

    2 X Palkia Lv X GE Not tin

    Jirarchi EX

    Articuno MD

    Both Darkrais from GE

    Lucario DP

    Mewtwo MD

    Suicane SW

    Blissey MT

    Raichu Promo DP21.

    I have other cards. Please state if there is any you need.

    My Wants:

    4 x GE Claydol

    2 x MT Garchomp

    Leafeon Lv X

    Sceptile GE

    Rare Candies

    My Brothers Haves:

    Cresselia Lv X

    Togekiss GE - A little bit of wear and scratches. Still good condition.

    Gallade SW - Little wear around edges.

    Magmortar Promo DP20

    Cresselia GE

    2 Wailord GE. One NH One RH.

    My Brother's wants

    Garchomp Lv X ( He will only trade Cresselia Lv X for this )

    2 x Garchomp MT

    Thats all. Please state who you are trading with.

    I have 1 ref.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Some Lv Xs may be considered
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  2. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    garchomp mt
    mewtwo md

    cress x
    palkia lv.x non tin
  3. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    Dragonfire- How many Garchomp MT do you have?
  4. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    i have one garchomp mt RH
  5. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    How many rare candies do you need?
  6. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    About 5 rare candies.
  7. TriAttackHax

    TriAttackHax New Member

    As for what you're asking for, I do have four Claydol GEs (two RH, two normal), six Rare Candies, two MT Garchomps, two GE Sceptiles, and several various Level Xs in my thread. I'm interested in the Leafeon X as it's the last card I'm missing from MD. I guess I'm offering to trade with you as you're the one that has it.

    Is there anything else you want?
  8. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    TriAttackHax - I would need 1 GE Sceptile, and 5 rare candies. Although the main cards I need are Sceptile and now 3 ( 2 is still ok ) Garchomps. I still like the other cards but not as much. I would really like to make a trade but I'm not too keen on trading my Leafeon Lv X as I'm trying to build a Eevee deck. The Claydols and candies are to help my friends.

    Is there anything else you like? If you like any of my brother's cards I could try to trade them off him.
  9. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    what about me you skipped me!
  10. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    From you i need:

    Leafeon Lv.X x1

    I have these from your wants:

    Rare Candy x5
    Sceptile x1 GE

    Anything else you like off my list (a couple of holos) that i can throw in to make it a deal? LMK

  11. TriAttackHax

    TriAttackHax New Member

    The only two DP-era cards I'm missing are Leafeon LvX and Time Space Distortion. I am missing a lot of the older cards but there are way too many to list here (hundreds, seriously, and I'm not going to spam your thread with that). I have them all listed in my thread.
  12. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    Dragonfire- Don't need the Mewtwo anymore. Don't want to trade my Lv Xs for a garchomp. Any holos you like off my list?

    No thanks Pokemastee

    Triattackhax - I don't really want to trade my Leafeon Lv X for no Lv X in return. I really need 2 Garchomp. Are there any DP era holos you need/ would like in return?
  13. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    i do like jirachi ex
  14. shaymin707

    shaymin707 New Member

    CML for leafeon x
  15. TriAttackHax

    TriAttackHax New Member

    I'm sorry we couldn't work something out. The only non-promo Level Xs I have are two DP Empoleon and two MT Honchkrow, neither of which are on your requests list. I offered you everything you asked for on your wish list, and told you what I needed. I have a complete set of Diamond and Pearl, a complete set of Secret Wonders, and a complete set of Great Encounters. All I'm missing is TSD and Leafeon Level X. Unless you have cards from Legends Awakened, there's nothing I can do for you.

    As for my offer:

    Non-Holo Claydols are between 8 and 10 USD on eBay, so it stands to reason that the RH would be worth at least as much. Rare Candies from GE seem to run about 3 USD apiece, I offered six so that's 18 USD. Garchomp is about 5 to 6 USD so that's 12. Sceptile is about 3 USD and I offered two, so that's 6 USD.

    Combining all of that together, the total would be $72.00 USD approximately speaking for Leafeon LvX which averages between 30 to 40 USD. I understand that may not be the quantity you need, and a Level X for Level X is a much easier deal, but unfortunately the only one you appear to want is the same one you're offering, which presents a paradox.

    I'm willing to trade all of that to get Leafeon simply because I really need it. I understand it's not a Level X, but it's the best I can do unless you'd rather have DP Empoleon Level X or MT Honchkrow Level X.

    As a friendly word of advice, if you're not willing to trade something either make a note of what you're specifically willing to trade it for, or quit using it as trade bait. It's offensive to other traders, and it's also against the Gym rules. Considering that the only Level X you're actually asking for is the same one you're "offering" for trade, that's just going to generate confusion and you're probably going to get in trouble for it with one of the moderators. Rejecting what you think is an unfair offer is one thing, but being unwilling to trade something but vague about what you actually want is something completely different.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
  16. nnaann

    nnaann New Member

    The website me and my brother buy from sell Claydols for 4 USD and Candies ( GE )for about 80 cents - I can give you the website if you want. Maybe they're worth more in America, but I like to judge cards I trade for with a more accurate value. I will trade my Leafeon Lv X if offered a good trade like some I have seen on Pokegym. I am working on a number of decks and need 2 Leafeon Lv X however if I get a good trade I will swap it and concentrate on my other decks.

    I thought I put Garchomp Lv X on my wants lists, so I will do now.

    I never said that your trade wasn't worth it. However some of those cards are not huge wants of mine/ more than the required quantity I need. The Leafeon Lv X is highly rated within where I live and is the only one going around as none of us attend a league. My brother first got it and traded 12 good DP-on holos to get it.

    I would never say I wouldn't trade a card as I'm sure everyone would trade their favourites if they got a really good deal. This is what I would look to trade it for. Nothing less.

    Well it shouldn't be confusion. Just because I like a card and have it, doesn't mean I wouldn't like another. Most Sceptile/Leafeon decks play 2 Leafeon Lv X.
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