Pokemaniac93's 3rd Place Texas Mesquite States Report

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    Well, i went out at around 9:00 A.M. to see if i could get some cards i needed. I got them out of packs, so i was ready to play. I traded a lot because i had my deck written out before i got there. My cousin and i both came with high hopes in winning. Anyways, i ran Hurricane.

    Round 1- Austin (Empoleon, Blastoise, Wailord)

    I get a great start. I set up a Catty, 2 Feraligatr with 2 DRE, and Plusle and Minun. When i let him K.O. my Pachy as active, i get to draw with Minun and Recycle energies. That's when he literally gave up.


    Round 2- Josh (G&G)

    I absolutely hated playing against this deck!!! Anyways, while i set up Catty, 2 Feraligatr, 1 Claydol, and 1 Plusle, he swarms with Gallade and Gardy and Psychic Locks me for a couple of turns. I had many energies in my hand, so i recycled them and won. GG Josh!!!


    Round 3- Gwen (Mario)

    I had a Skitty. she almost donked me, but didn't flip a heads for Riolu's Wild Kick. I topdeck a Pachy anad start getting 2 Gatr, 2 Delcatty, and 1 Magneton. She attacks my bench and Levels Up, but has Cessation Crystal on before. I windstorm and K.O. Lucaario Lv.X.


    Nick -(Darkrai Lv.X, Houndoom, and Weavile)

    Don't remember much, except that he had me, but i topdecked 2 DRE and 2 Water and recycled for game. GG Nick!!!


    Round 4- Ankur (my cousin) Hurricane)

    Well, he was my hardest opponent yet. We both got great setups and attacked with Gatr. I didn't attack fast enough, so i was 1 prize away. GG Ankur!!!


    Round 5- Andy -(G&G)

    did not get a good hand. He psychic locked me ever turn. I end up losing.


    We wait for about 45 minutes and the results go up.

    I look at the results and i am... 8th This is great. I barely made it.

    Top 8

    Paul(undefeated in Swiss) (Bancario)

    Game 1

    I go after him fast. He couldn't keep up. I win.

    Game 2

    We play for a very long time, and we both have a prize left. My bench was weak and i had a Gatr out with lots of energies. He couldn't get a Warp Point, so i won. GG Paul!!!

    Top 4

    Jordan B. (Infercatty with G&G tech)

    Game 1

    I get an amazing start and start killing Infernapes fast. I win.

    Game 2

    I can't set up becasue he swarms. I lose

    Game 3- This was a long game. I had him, but he Psychic Locks me, so i can't do anything. I lose.

    In the end, i get 3rd in the Top 4(4th in Swiss)


    meeting good friends
    getting 8 packs
    Hurricane for doing good


    bad packs
    my cousin losing to Steven Eguia
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    You need to remove last names from your report due to privacy concerns (before it gets done for you).

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    thanks, Spotter. I took them off.

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