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  1. elam18

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    Hi, I been trying to collect all the Pokemon Sample Packs Sealed. I have all the BW series, but was wondering if there are any confirmed HGSS one. I only got a HGSS undaunted sample pack. There would be an incentive to someone who leads me to someone who has factory sealed HGSS

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    So... I found out there is a HGSS Unleashed & HGSS Base sample pack.. Do you know where I can get one of each?
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  2. Nitch

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    In Belgium we have a dutch Pokémon magazine and when there is a new set released you get a sample booster with it. I do have a magazine that says 'with free heartgold & soulsilver sample booster', so that's how you could get it in Belgium anyway...
  3. abv150

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    I've got one from Call of Legends

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