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  1. PokemonNikz

    PokemonNikz New Member


    • Person with less refs sends first no exceptions
    • Once the trade has been confirmed (exchange of address) there is to be no backing out, any one who does will be given a BAD REF
    • I Do check list but not often
    • I only trade for my wants
    •Uk Trades Prefered

    Heres Some Of My Cards

    Dialga Dp
    Torterra Dp
    Weavile Dp
    Mightyena Ex Hp
    Dragonite Ex Df
    Walrein Ex Pk
    Salamance Ex Df
    Empoleon LV-X
    Feraligatr Ex UF
    Walrien Ex HL
    Tyranitar Ex POP1
    Celebi Ex POP 2
    First Ever Mewto X2
    Huanter Holo Fossil
    Gengar Fossil Holo
    Machamp Base Set
    Dragonite Base set
    Magneton (first ever metal 1)

    i have Loads Of Other Cards so please do just ask and i will chake my archives of cards i have. I will check lists
    I Have 0 Refs
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  2. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Its Luke Nik I Want Ure Dragonite Ex - What Do You Want Ill Show ou My Cards In Skool
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