PokePopCast 8: Vince Krekeler on Slow Play

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    PokePopCast 8: Vince Krekeler on Slow Play

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    Well, this is an extra special episode of the PokePopCast!
    We have an hour long interview with Vince Krekeler, Meganium45 on the Gym.
    Vince is a Stage 2 Professor and runs a number of Regionals in the US, including the upcoming St. Louis Regionals in February 2018.
    Among the features of that Regionals will be the return to the US of the Professor Seminar AND the Professor Cup!!!!!

    If you are a Professor, reserve your spot at the Seminar and if you are Stage 1 or higher, sign up for the Professor Cup so that I can beat you.

    Check out the new PopCast here:
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