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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Bidier, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    not sure if this has been asked before, or should it be in another place (please move if it's at the wrong place) but here it is.


    the more i look at this card, the more it doesn't make sense to me. Bronzong as we know is a Metal / Psychic type Pokemon, so lets take a look

    Metal Pokemons:

    Fire / Fighting / Ground

    Normal / Grass / Bug / Ice / Poison / Psychic / Ghost / Rock /Dark / Steal / Flying / Dragon

    Psychic Pokemons:

    Bug / Ghost / Dark

    Fighting / Psychic

    from the look of this, Bronzong should be weak to Ground or Fire and the type it resist the most is Psychic since both of Bronzong's pokemon type is Resistance against it.

    so instead of Weakness Psychic +20 and Resistance Fire -20, shouldnt it be the other way around like the older Bronzong ?


    what do you guys think ? could this be a misprint ?
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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    moving to Cards where this can be discussed
  3. Pikamaster

    Pikamaster Active Member

    Notice the type difference between the two cards. The one that is weak to fire and resistant to psycic is a steel type. The one weak to psycic and resistant to fire is psycic type. Unless the actual card is a dual type (like salamance DS) the other type in the video game or elseware doesn't matter.
  4. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    It can have the ability "Heat Proof" in Pokemon Diomond and Pearl, the Video Game

    As per Nintendo's Offical Guide:
    Heat Proof -Halves the damage inflicted on you by your opponent's fire typ moves and by having burn inflicted.

    I assume that despite the usual seperation of TCG and Video Game worlds, this is one thing the PLC took from the game.
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  5. Quali

    Quali New Member

    Also if it has Levitate, it's only weaknesses is Fire.
  6. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    It is NOT an error!
    Is it really so hard for people to understand why Bronzong might be resistant to fire? Seriously?
    Its because of the video games. People have been through this in multiple threads a dozen times.
  7. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    MoP and Absol are right. They gave Bronzong resistant to :fire: due to his Video Game ability Heat Proof. The only thing i don't get is why it is to :psychic: but oh well
  8. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    Yeah. Take a look at UF Gligar for similar confusion.

    The psychic weak is ghost. the fire resist is heat proof.
  9. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    psychic is not weak to psychic. well, than how do you explain the psychic type resistant to fire ?

    like you guys said, heat proof only halves the damage, weakness is 200%, if the ability halves the damage, shouldn't it be just 100% ? it only turn "Super Effective" into "Normal Effective", it's still not "Not Very Effective", than it should not be resistant ? or to some other thing like grass or whatever.

    if we go by the video game, than there's no way Bronzong can be weak to ghost.

    as of right now, no one has answered the question why is weak to psychic, all people did is repeat the first answer over and over again about fire proof. i can maybe agrees with the resistant, but the weakness is still un-answered.
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  10. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    aggron is not weak to fire in the video games. Ludicolo is not weak to lighting in the video games. Kingdra is not weak to lightning.

    They have it that way because psychic types are weak to ghost. They just didn't bother with his second typing on the card. If you want to complain, try several other examples from the card game.

    Why is bagon resistant to fighting? It's not flying. How about the fighting type gligar from UF? Weakness to electric is NOT okay.

    The TCG tries to match some aspects of the video games to the card games, but you really just need to play the cards they way they are. If you are REALLY bothered by it, e-mail PCL in Japan, since they make the cards.
  11. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    More insight can be found HERE!
  12. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    who said am complaining, nothing i said in this forum seems like a complain. am just making some discussion topic.

    thanks for the link, well, that's fine, am not too worried about the resistant part, am more concerned about the weakness.

    Metal Pokemons:

    Weaknesses: Fire
    Resistances: Psychic / Ghost

    Psychic Pokemons:

    Weaknesses: Ghost
    Resistances: Psychic

    no matter what way you look at it, it shouldn't be weak to psychic :(
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  13. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I dunno whether to laugh or cry at the fact so many people don't even play the video games their TCG comes from...
  14. Bidier

    Bidier New Member

    looks like you play the video game and understand very well how it works, so tell me, in the game, when i attack bronzong with a Ghost or Psychic attack, what does the text read ?

    A: Super Effective
    B: Normal Effective / No Text
    C: Not Very Effective

    please, do let me know, since i haven't play the game for a long time.
  15. DreamChaser AJ

    DreamChaser AJ New Member

    They are treating it as only a psychic type. see:Aggron, Kingrda, Ludicolo, Bastiodon, Palkia, Dialga...
    Psychic are weak to ghost. ghost is represented by psychic. That's why it's weak to psychic.
  16. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Psychic: "It's not very effective... (divide by 4 damage...)"
    Ghost: Regularly Effective
    Poison: Not effective ([del]divide by[/del] 0 damage)

    Those are the three types psychic represents in the TCG. Hm... This makes about as much sense as the fighting type Gligar... That was weak to electric :eek:
    It sorta makes sense if you ignore the steel type completely, I guess. ...Less sense then fighting weakness, but plausible enough to not be a "mistake"

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