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    Hey Guys,

    my name is Stefan Weber and i'm playing at Prague Cup last weekend with Vileplume/Beartic and other techs.

    First I want to explain you my deck. As i saw Beartic on the internet, I want to play it. But with what? So i decided to try it with vileplume. But I know, if someone do 120 damage and kill me next turn by some other attacks maybe, it would be a problem. That's why i play Reuniclus too. Well, now Beartic is my mainhitter and the others are some "helpers". Than I played a 2-2 yanmega line against babies and because it has 0 retreat.
    After testing with some friends against Yanmega/Magnezone, Reshiphlosion and other i know, Yanmgea is a problem. But i don't want to play Zekrom because I need Reuniclus for. So i decided o play Lanturn (not the Prime), which do with a lightning and da DCE 60 damage and i have to switch an energy. So i'm not losing 2 energies. I can switch the DCE to beartic for my next hit. Well, the rest is like all the other list with vileplume.

    That's my list:
    3-1-2 vileplume
    2-1-2 reuniclus
    4-4 beartic
    2-2 yanmega
    1-1 lanturn
    1 cleffa
    1 absol
    4 collector
    4 twins
    3 copycat
    3 PONT
    3 Pokemon Comm.
    3 rare candy
    1 juniper
    4 DCE
    6 Water
    2 Lightning

    Well, my family and i came to the hotel after long way at I think half past 9. There my brother and I apply for the tournament.
    My brother played in senior division with the same deck as I do it (his list has 2 differnt cards between my one) After a few testings against friends from Austria i went sleeping very late.

    Next day at 11:00 the tournament started. I think, that i could make it to tops with my deck.

    #Round 1: Leonardo (Italy) (ZPTS)
    He started with zekrom and I with Absol. He played Pachirisu benched and attach a lightning with power, dce to zekrom, played supporter and make 20 damage.
    I played Collector for double oddish and Cubchoo. All 3 + cleffa benched, attach an energy to cubchoo. Pass.
    He played collector and killed my Absol. I played cleffa in front and played twins for rare candy and vileplume. Attached DCE to cubchoo. envolve to beartic. cleffa for eeek. heads!
    He attached energy, played supporter and killed cleffa. I took cubchoo and solosis with collector benched, energy to cubchoo and sheer cold to zekrom. He do some damage with zekrom, played some suppoertes but coulnd't kill anyone more. So i took price per price, got reuniclus out and he coulnd't do anything more.

    #Round 2: sry forget your name (CZ) (Vileplume/Reuniclus/Donphan.. like Ross list)
    We had both a good start, but I could kill Oddish and Solosis with my Yanmega, which I get out turn2. I don't played any oddish benched, only cubchoo, yanma and solosis and envolved them next turns. Well I draw the first 4 prices, after he attacked with Entei&Suicune Legend to my beartic and next turn i killed his legend with 80 x 2 = 160.
    He played 4 twins in a row, get vileplume, donphan and other things out. I did eek with cleffa after my beartic got killed and draw exactly: twins, 4 pokemon and one energy. Flip - Heads. he started to kill my pokemon with donphan and drawed 4 prices too. Than i played Yanma out and top deck Reuniclus. He did 40 damage with donphan 3 times and i switched damage every round. Than i switched the damage to oddish and kill it. He had only one price left. I played twins for beartic and DCE to damage his donphan, which i killed next round. he played Pichu out and searched for Solosis. Flip - tails. I hadn't a copycat to kill solosisand pass. he flip tails again. Than he played Dousion and pass. Flip - HEADS! I killed his Pichu for my last price. GG

    #Round 3: Tobias Thesing (Germany) (Lanturn/ Yanmega)
    My start was 2 cubchoo, 1 beartic and 4 energies. i attach energy to cubchoo flip for sleeping - tails. he played judge. I only got a collector but my cleffa was priced, so could kill every turn one pokemon with lanturn and catcher.

    #Round 4: Guy (France) (Vileplume/Reuniclus/Donphan/Zekrom/like Ross list too)
    I had a good start and started to take prices with Yanmega second time. He hadn't a good start and i killed all of his pokemon with bearzic and yanmega.

    #Round5: Robin (Germany) (Gothihelle/Reuniclus)
    he had nothing and i had a ver good start with Vileplume and beartic and reuniclus. He didn't get a Gothihelle out and scooped .

    #Round 6: Maxime (France) (Reshiphlsion)
    I started with Absol and Solosis, he with cleffa. He played collector for 3 cyndaquil and eeek.
    I played collector too for double oddish and cubchoo. Pass.
    he played an supporter and attached energy. After doing this eeek.
    I played gloom and beartic. Pass. I had Twins in hand and wait for killing one of my pokemons. But he hadn't something too and played qulilava and attached energy and another time eeek.
    I top deck rare candy for reuniclus and played vileplume. Pass.
    After 2 turns he had 2 typhlosion and 2 reshiram out and killed my absol. i played oddish in front a twins for twins and water energy. He killed Oddish. I played another Twins for Twinsand DCE. Attached DCE to beartic and killed his reshiram which has 30 damage on it. He do 70 damage with Typhosion and my DCE got discarded. I played Twins for water energy and DCE because I know that he couldn't discard my energy with typhlosion. attahced energy and killed tyhphi which has already 40 damage on it.
    He do 120 damage with reshiram. I switched damage like the turns before and attahc water energy to kill his reshiram. He played other pokemons out and i killed one per turn.

    #Round 7: Lorenzo (Italy) (Gothihelle/Reuniclus)
    He had a good start, my ones was okay. I played cleffa three times but didn't get any cards I needed. He got out a Gothihelle before i could play a vileplume out. He started to attack and i know that my olny chance is to play with beartic, which I did. He killed two of his Pokemon with reunclus to played twins. after more than 15 minutes playing I got my vileplume out and could play twins. He killed two of my beartic and one another. Than I killed one of his Pokemon. The time was up in a few minutes. We both had 3 prices left. But his problem was, that he hadn't energies to attack if he would retreat his active gohihelle because I attacked with beartic's attack - sheer cold. he scoop.

    #Round 8: Sascha Giger (Switzerland) (Yanmega/Magnezone/Zoroark)
    I started with Cubchoo and another benched pokemon (don't know which one). He started and played Judge. I got beartic out in turn 2 to kill one of his pokemon. I think it was yanma. I played oddish benched. he played Judge again and helped me a little bit because I had only one card in hand. I top deck rare candy for vileplume and did sheer cold to zorua. he played Judge again and I didn't get some good cards. Next turn I killed zorua to take my second price.
    After that he started to kill my pokemon and take 4 prices. I played Twins and got beartic out to damage his Yanmega. Retreat for Magnezone. He had only one Magenzone and killed my beartic with Magnezone. Magnezone has only one energy attached and he had only one price left. I had only Yanmega needed two turns to got the equal number of cards in his hand. He passed these two turns because didn't top deck a lightning energy. Than i killed tyrogue and had only one price left too. He Top Deck PONT and draw a lightning energy for win.

    I think the record is okay and got on the 6th place. I was very surprised.
    My brother goes 5-1 in swiss round and on the 4th place.

    So we are both in tops and played next day.
    The problem in finals were, that we had only 45 minutes and I know that i would lose in sudden death against everything.

    Top 32:
    #Round 9: Michal Luong (CZ)
    He dropped because he wanted to get the cheaper train (a Czech told me).

    Top 16:
    #Round 10: Otakar Bursa (CZ) (ZPTS)
    Game 1:
    I started and played collector for double oddisch and cubchoo. Attached energy to cubchoo. Solosis active. He started with cleffa. Attached energy and pass.
    He played supporter, attached energy to zekrom and pachirsu with power (one energy). Than killed my solsis. I played Twins and got out vileplume and beartic. attack with sheer cold. He played a supporter and do some damage to my active beartic with pachirisu. I build up very fast from now on and had a Reuniclus, two beartic and vileplume out. he took 2 prices before he scooped. 1-0

    Game 2:
    My start was very bad and i had nothing. He killed three of my pokemons before I could get vileplume out with Twins, which I got with eeek.
    He took antoher price, but next turn I could get out duosion too. Now I had beartic and attacked him. He retreat and attacked with 120. I played reuniclus onto Duosion and switch damage. Attacked with sheer cold.
    After I took a few prices he scooped. 2-0

    Top 8:
    #Round 11: Filipp Lausch (Austria) (Yanmega/Magnezone/Jirachi)
    Game 1:
    I didn't get vileplume out before he played rare candy for magenzone and he had also 2 yanmega out. He took 4 prices, most of them with catcher. I had a really worse start and didn't get anything out. After he took his 4th price I could get vileplume and beartic out to attack. But hes has 2 Magnezone with more than 7 energies to kill my beartic's. 0-1
    Game 2:
    He hadn't the same start than before. My one was better and i get vileplume turn 3 out. He had play a magneton onto Magneite and started to kill with Yanmega. After he took 4 prices i did revenge killing his pokemon. He came out with magenzone and kill my beartic. He had only one price left. I killed his Magnezone 3 turns later with beartic, before I did Sheer cold two times. He had less cards than me and couldn't attack with Yanmega. I killed Pokemon per Pokemon and he didn't get another Magnzone out. so I could win the game in last minute.
    Game 3: Sudden Death:
    I know it would be very hard to win now, but I hope for a good start.
    I started with Yanma and he with 2 Yanma. I played juniper for . No Yanmega -.-
    He played copycat. pass. I played PONT. Play cubchoo benched and attached energy. Attack. Flip - Tails.
    He played magnemite out and attach an energy. Played cleffa benched and eeek. Flip - tails. I got beartic out. but had to pass. he flip heads, played rare candy for magnezone, attached second energy, cather for yanma - kill. 1-2

    So in the end I made it on the 5th place.

    Pro: :thumb:
    People there (they have been really nice and happy)
    Feeling - it was great
    My brother top 8 too.
    Filipp top 4.
    side events

    Contra: :mad:
    Tops with 45 minutes -.- sry but that's to short
    long waitings between rounds (in swiss round)
    Tail flips -.-

    I know my english is not the best , but I hope you enjoy my report.

    Greetings from Austria
  2. ShadowGuard

    ShadowGuard <a href="

    Congrats for making top 8 with a creative deck. ^^
    And sorry for our game, I'd rather have a real one. =/

    btw, why no Tropical Beach in your list?
  3. Darkmot

    Darkmot New Member

    Congratulations for top8!!!!
    Great Showing with Nice Deck and awesome ideas^^
    Sorry for that unfortunate Suddendeath, I'd have expected something better after two pretty good games, but it's the format and the stupid 45 Minutes Tops. xD
    Next Time we'll both make top4 at least ;D
  4. Zarmakuizz

    Zarmakuizz New Member

    I can't find any use of Tropical Beach in Ross deck. The time I get it, I either have too much cards in hand or need something else more urgent. I sometimes hope Twins could let you search for 3 cards, so I take 1 cards + 1 Twins and I hope next turn I would need just 2 cards.

    Anyway, I'm the Guy. We met on round 5 and not 4. Round 5 was the moment they repaired the players.
    You deserve to be top8, I ma not sure I could have beaten you even if I got a decent start. Congrats !
  5. Luby

    Luby New Member

    Congratulations on your top 8, your decklist is unusual to say the least! ^^

    I'm curious though, you didn't explain why you chose to play Absol ?
  6. GHGengar

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    @ShadowGuard: i don't play any tropical beach because i haven't been at worlds and no one gave me ones to play it in my deck.

    @Zarmakuizz: oh i'm sry for mixed the rounds in my report. but it was a really good game and i enjoyed toplayed against you.

    @luby: i played absol only for the start, because each nwe benched get 20 damage and i kill it later on with yanmega, because if vileplume is out, envoling is much difficult than before.

    Thanks for yor comments and your praises.

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