Problem with Tournament Software at City Championships, TO's watch out!!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by farbsman, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Now I know a lot of you have already run your City Championships. However, if you haven't you may want to watch the pairings.

    After having problems with the Tournament Software in the past, I decided for the 4 city Championships I was running that I would first let the computer pair, then double check it. Probably a good thing I did.

    Rounds 1 and 2 went by without any problems. However, round 3 I had 1 player switched to another age division. It actually switched her age to 0. So I had to do a little switching of opponents to get her back playing her age group.

    Then in the 4th round I had 2 different age groups where there were players tied for 1st yet they were paired against people that were in last place in a different age division even though they hadn't played each other. So I repaired them to fix that problem.

    Then the 5th and final round I had a bunch of pairings that were wrong. I had players playing each other that were in different age divisions with records that were not even close (one player with 4 wins in the 11-14 was paired with a player in the 10 and under with no wins.) So I paired the players again to fix it and after that round I had a clear top 4 players in each age division with results that made prizes easy. Most age divisions had 3&4th tied and 1 and second with different records. So I knew I had done everything right. We had 2 players tied for first in one age division and I could have done it by win % but decided since it was for a bye for state to have them play for it. The player that was ranked higher won anyway so it was good.

    If you haven't run a tournament, I would watch your pairings!!

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