Quick (and probably dumb) Pokemon TCG Online question

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by MCNewfall, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. MCNewfall

    MCNewfall New Member

    Hey! So I redeemed 9 codes from Emerging Powers. Bought some booster packs.

    Uh,, how do I open them? I can't find anything along the lines of "my cards" or "my stuff" or my anything. What am I missing?
  2. machampion12

    machampion12 New Member

    On the play online screen there is a button that says Collection. Click on Collection, and on that page there is a button near the top if I remember correctly that says packs or something.
    Hope this helps.:thumb:
  3. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    Also, do I need to beat the Trainer Challenge to do everything?
  4. dave628

    dave628 New Member

    not really...not that I know off...the only that matters is winning with a particular deck 10-11 times to open up every lock upgrades.
  5. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    Then how do I get to the normal stuff, every time I get on, it always sends me to the Trainer Challenge.
  6. dave628

    dave628 New Member

    Click on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online at bottom of screen(scroll down; very bottom left). The same link takes you to your binder(which has your cards, unopened pack(s), unopened decks(red,blue,green, and maybe yellow)).

    Home PLAY Tutorials
    Pokemon Trading Card Game Online
    Trainer Challenge
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    I hope that helps you.
  7. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    Thank you soo much!

    FLINTGIVEN New Member

    Hey I just bought my first item which was the lugia deck.I looked every where but don't have any card or item that should of came with the deck.I cant tell if it glitched or not.Maybe I don't know how to open it but my 500 coins r gone.
  9. lunaravent

    lunaravent New Member

    go to collections then select the packs tab

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