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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pooka, Aug 23, 2003.

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    Yeah, I went to the one in Niles. Overall it was really fun. We had a pretty nice showing compared to all the other places. I saw a few people I knew, and a few new people. The guys from St. Louis drove up to Illinois for this too. Anyway, this is the team I decided on using.

    Milotic @Leftovers

    Ice Beam

    Gardevoir @Lum Berry

    Calm Mind

    Sceptile @Shell Bell

    Dragon Claw
    Leaf Blade

    If I would've changed anything, I probably would've used Slaking over Gardevoir. It's just too good in lv 50. Hyper Beam rips up everything. Anyway. We got our 6 packs and started the Sealed rounds. This is what I put together.

    Pokémon 17

    3 Torchic (Singe)
    1 Combusken (Lunge)
    2 Blaziken (1 of each)
    2 Treecko (Razor Leaf)
    2 Grovyle (Swift)
    1 Sceptile (Energy Trans)
    1 Wurmple
    1 Silcoon
    1 Beautifly
    2 Ralts (1 Confuse Ray, 1 Hypnoblast)
    1 Mewtwo ex :)D)

    Trainers 6

    2 Energy Search
    1 Energy Restore
    1 Oran Berry
    1 Switch
    1 Energy Switch

    Energy 17

    6 Fire
    6 Grass
    4 Psychic
    1 Rainbow

    Mewtwo ex was OBVIOUSLY a powerhouse in the Sealed rounds. Not much can stop it. I used the Beautifly line because Wurmple can search for the evolutions. =/ Anyway, here's how it went.

    Round 1 (TCG)

    I started with a Torchic against his Poochyena and went first. I attached to Torchic and used Singe, Heads. He flips 3 straight heads for Burn... -_- Eventually I get a Grovyle going and KO his Mightyena, and he gets a Swampert. I Poison his Swampert, then he uses Water Arrow and my Grovyle is at 60 damage. I retreat to my Ralts, and use Hypnoblast. He now has 40 HP left. Heads for Sleep, ko's my Grovyle with Water Arrow. I use Hypnoblast and KO him. Erm I forgot what happened after that, but a little later we both had 2 prizes left. I had Mewtwo ex vs his Scyther ex. I use Energy Absorption. Instead of attaching to Scyther and using Slash he... attaches to Silcoon? He uses Agility, Tails. I hit him for 60. He uses Agillity again, Tails. Game over. =\

    1-0 (4 Points)

    Round 2 (GBA)

    Ok, this was the first round of GBA, and I was kinda nervous. I didn't know what to expect. I start off with Milotic, he starts off with... a level 41 Electrode. He uses Thunderbolt, it does about 40 damage. I Surf, take away about 80% of his health. Thunderbolt, Paralyzes me. I use Surf, KO. He sends out... a lv 41 Blaziken... I use Surf, KO. He sends out Lairon. I KO it. That was a little TOO easy...

    2-0 (6 Points)

    Round 3 (GBA)

    Ok, this was the kid I lost to at the last SBZ on a bad hand. I was ready to get payback. ;x He starts with Metagross, I start with Milotic. I Surf, take out about 40% of his health. He uses Meteor Mash which hardly does anything (Resistance =\). I Surf again, he barely survives. Uses Psychic, still not much damage. Finally KO him. He sends up Aggron. He uses PROTECT a few times... ;\ Once I finally hit him I OHKO him. Next is Armaldo. Ooops, ANOTHER Water weak Pokemon. He uses Protect again, and once I hit him it's a OHKO... again...

    3-0 (8 Points)

    Round 4 (TCG)

    Ok, I was playing against yoshi. I go first with a Ralts. Attach and do 10 damage. He uses Fury Swipes with Zigzagoon, 2/3 Heads. I draw... MEWTWO. Play it, retreat, Absorb the energy. He uses Fury Swipes for 20. I attach and KO him. He sends up his Aron with 1 Metal, and evolves it into Lairon. He uses Magnitude (20 and 10 to each of our benches). I hit him for 50. He does it again. I KO him. My prize was an Oran Berry. He uses another Zigzagoon, 1/3 Heads. I now have 70 damage on me. I play the Oran Berry, KO Zigzagoon. He sends up Aron, hits me for 10 and I KO him for the game...

    4-0 (12 Points)

    Rounds 5 (GBA)

    Out of all the people there, this was the ONE person I felt had a very good chance of beating me. He got really lucky in the Sealed Rounds, getting a 3/3 Donphan line... =\ Anyway. He starts with Skarmory. I use Surf, he uses Spikes. He switches out to Regice. He gets hit by Surf on the switch-in. I use Toxic, it MISSES. He uses Toxic and gets me. I use Toxic and it hits this time. He uses Thunderbolt. I Recover. It goes like that for about 2 turns, when he gets a Critical Hit with Thunderbolt... I send out Gardevoir, knowing that Calm Mind will basically shut down Regice. He knows that too, and figures the only option he has is to use Explosion. I knew he'd do this, so I used Reflect. He used Explosion. :) Wait a second, CRITICAL HIT. >:/ Basically the game is over, since Sceptile can't take a Salamence AND a Skarmory. He sends up Salamence. I use Dragon Claw, Critical Hit and he barely survives. Aerial Ace takes away about half my HP (thank you Reflect ;D). I use Dragon Claw and KO him. Skarmory comes up, and I know there's no possible way of me beating him. I use Crunch, which does like 25 damage. Drill Peck, I barely survive. I Crunch again, practically no damage. Drill Peck knocks me out.

    4-1 (12 Points)

    Round 6 (GBA)

    Basically if I won this, I'd take 2nd. His starter is Metagross. That's good for me, Milotic can take out Metagross. Eventually it does. He sends out his own Milotic. I use Toxic, he uses Hydro Pump for about 30 damage. I Recover. I Surf and he takes massive Poison damage. Then he uses Recover. I knew it would go on forever, so I switched to Sceptile. I use Leaf Blade, he switches to Camerupt. I take out around 30% of his health. Instead of switching back I decide to have fun. I use Earthquake... and it KO's him surprisingly. He brings out Milotic and I KO it with Leaf Blade.

    5-1 (14 Points)

    The guy that beat me last round won again, making him 6-0. I took 2nd in my age division (and overall =\), so I walked away with a box of R/S and a Sapphire game. This was REALLY fun. I don't think it would be a good idea to run another one, but it was fun. I think everyone there had fun. It was nice to see the people from St. Louis walk away with SOMETHING after their long drive... =\ It still kinda feels bad knowing that I could've taken first place, but I'm used to that by now. Well, thanks for reading. =\
  2. Congrats Pooka,

    I wish I could have been there for the rest of it.... Well I think that I might have to work on something in WI soon :D :D :D

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