Reporting Memphis City Championship w/ Deck win conditions

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Dragon Lady, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Reporting with Memphis City Championships that was held on Feb 21 2004 at Triple Play Wolfchase. The store had a total of 32 particpants, 31 young ones and one 46 yr old ( always keep it young ) :D ! See it proves that anyone can have FUN at playin Pokemon!!! :pokeball:

    N-E-WAY The kids really thrilled me with all of thier creativity with building thier decks. Those League sessions really paid off. Good work you guys, I am really proud of all your hard work.

    The tourny went really smooth with the exception of that pesky Tournament Manager Software. Couldn't get the blasted thing to print anything. So a thanx again to the participants for listening for your name and finding your seats quickly. That was a BIG help. And A BIG thanx for my helper judges Lyndson, Clay Mitchell, and assistent Tuan Le.

    1st Place Winners

    10 and Under
    Kevin White (Psychic, Fire, Water, Multi) Kevin's Deck
    Zangoose to take care of those evolutions. Wobbuffet for those EX Pokemon. Walord for monterouse attacks. And a hint of Magcargo and a Latios for fun. Nice variety of trainers my friend. GOOD JOB

    DeMarion Turner (Psychic, Bounce) PsyGardevoir
    Head swimming with Gadevoirs and Gardevoir EX. Wobbuffet to take care of those other Ex's. Dunsparce and Girafig for Flavor. Monsterous selection of trainers. You card player You.

    15 and UP
    Brandon Wallace (Fire, Lightning) Silent Lynx
    Took 3 hrs to get to store but was well worth it. Blaziken for tose monsterous attacks. Delcatty (my favorite) to take care of those energy hungry guys. nice surprise. Raquazas! Man those are HARD to find! Flaffy, Ampharos and Dunsparce to take up the middle. Use those trainers for MAD drawing power.

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