Results Are In For ARIZONA-CC Feb 14th

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Lugias_Realm, Feb 12, 2004.

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  1. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Thank God I'm Home!!!
    What a day, a Great day that is. Turn out was less then expected as we didn't see the huge out of town players we were expecting. Ended up with 25 players(Break down below) and were they ready to go. Start time was sheduled as 12:30 but got started late, deck checks took a little longer then expected. Once tourney started though things began running fast & furious and the pace and play never died down. Great matches and mix up of decks. Amphy came to visit as well as Golem, Gardevoir, Sceptile and Salamence.
    Most unusual deck was a Golem/Wailord Ex deck, used Wailord to suck up damage then used Golems 1st attack to dish all that damage +20 right back at their active. Most original would probably have been the Amphy/Kingdra Ex combo that also included Wailmer-Altaria-Girafrig & Plusle, it worked for her.
    For the most part matches were running close to 20-30 minutes with a couple actually going right down to the wire. Had players from age 8 all the way up into the 40(Won't tell them your 42 Tom, it'll be a secret). Even had a husband & wife combo tie for 11th( although I think Cathy could have taken Ken had it come down to that) All in all a GREAT day was had by all. No serious rules violations, sportsmanship was great and the CC at Gamers Edge went off without a hitch. Many, many thanks to Ray & John at Gamers Edge for
    1) Sponsoring the CC in Chandler
    2) Kicking in with such Great Prize support
    3) Always being the 1st to step up and get the tournaments and Pre-Releases for all of the local players here. Thanks a bunch guys!!!
    Here's a look at the break down or at least as much as my mind and notes will let me remember
    :pokeball: 10 and under Winner
    1) Joey :psychic:
    Skitty x3
    Delcatty x2
    Wobbuffet x2
    Ralts x4
    Wynaut x3
    Kirlis x3
    Gardevoir & Gardevoir Ex 2 each

    Pokenav x2
    Pokemon Nurse x1
    Desert Shaman x3
    Potion x2
    Switch x2
    Town Volunteer x1
    Fisherman x1
    Crystal Shard x1
    Bills Maintenance x2
    Prof Elm's Training Method x2
    Underground Expedition x1
    Rare Candy x1
    Masterball x1

    Boost x3
    Cyclone x1
    Psychic x15

    2. Shelby-Alakazam(exp) along with Clefable and Haunter from exp.

    :pokeball: 11-14 Winner
    1) Justin :psychic:
    Skitty x3
    Delcatty x2
    Wobbuffet x1
    Ralts x4
    Zangoose x1
    Kirlis x2
    Mew2 Ex x3
    Gardevoir & Gardevoir Ex 2 each

    Pokenav x3
    Energy Restore x3
    Desert Shaman x2
    Oracle x4
    Pokeman Fan Club x3
    Prof Elm's Training Method x2
    T.V. Reporter x3
    Rare Candy x2
    Juggler x2

    Boost x3
    Psychic x13

    2.Bin-Sceptile(Both)/Gardevoir-Gardevoir Ex
    3.Deidra-Mew2 Ex/Dusclpos/Gardevoir-Gardevoir Ex
    5.Bobby-Magmar Ex/Arcanine(ss)/Salamence
    6.silas-Blaziken/Typhlosion Ex
    7. stasha-Sceptile(Both)/Meganium(exp)

    :pokeball: 15+ Winner
    1.Wesley :fire: :lightning :colorless
    Dunsparce x3
    Torchic x4
    Combuskin x2
    Blaziken x4
    Mareep x3
    Flaffy x1
    Ampharos x2
    Rayquaza Ex x3

    Pokenav x4
    Oracle x3
    Rare Candy x3
    T.V. Reporter x4
    Prof Oaks Research x4
    Masterball x3

    Fire x13
    Electric x4

    2.Victor-Dusclops/Gardevoir-Gardevoir Ex
    3.Marcus-Ampharos Ex/Mew2 Ex
    4.Timm-Sceptile/ Muk Ex
    5.Aaron-Gardevoir-Gardevoir Ex/Sceptile(Both)
    6.Nick-Sceptile(Both)/Chancey ex
    7.Jessica-Ampharos Ex/Altaria/Kingdra Ex
    9. Jesse-Wobbuffet/Gardevoir-Gardevoir Ex
    10.Travis-Chancey ex/Machamp(exp)/Hariyama/Magneton
    11.Ken- Golem/ Wailord Ex/Chancey
    11.Cathy-Cacturne/Kabutops Ex
    12.Tom-Grumpig/Ampharos & Amphy Ex/Mew2 Ex
    13. Jennifer-Salamence/Camerupt/Latias Ex
    14. Briton-Blaziken/Typhlosion Ex/Camerupt
    15.Lori-Raichu Ex/ Ampharos(Both)
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  2. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    hey john,
    thought it was registration at noon and start time was 12:30pm what changed things?? lmk i need to reach Metro
    they dont know about the time change.

    also: Showtime in Noon registration and 12:30pm start or has that changed??
    I will be confirming things with Chino Valley and Tuscon TODAY. will let u know.

    Chino valley (in AZ) moved the date to 2/21 12:30 registration and start time to be between 1pm-1:30pm. I will be judging and TMS there as well, Chris will be judging too (depending on turnout will determine if we need you as well. will keep ya updated)I will see if i can get a tentative headcount for Chino Valley and Tuscon.

    Tuscon info should be confirmed later today will update.
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  3. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Patricia, Nothing has changed. Gamers Edge has always been listed as a 12:00PM start. Just did a double check and sure enough over on the Pokemon Site, under list of Tournaments it shows Noon at a start time.
    "City Championships
    North American Events
    Gamer's Edge 2/14/2004
    12:00:00 PM Chandler AZ US details "

    The 30 minutes won't hurt us any as you know everything will be running behind shedule, never fails. So unless Ray did this and never bothered to tell either of us I just went along with the time posted, call me at home, you know the number.
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  4. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    he figured noon start time as registration time....its all good ..its just how he enters things. he may not be there anyway he is going to the doctor he may have strep ...will keep ya updated on this as well. I told him no worries as we have always ran things anyway regardless. he is cool with that.
  5. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Thanks for checking. Sounds like were good to go. Hope the roadies make a GOOD showing, looking for a packed house.
  6. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Results Are In

    Updated Results from saturdays Tourney are now Posted at the top of the Page
  7. spookees

    spookees Active Member

    What a day!
    Even with a minor glitch in the tournment software all went well!
    I just wanted to mention we had one player from out of state.
    (he drove 6 hours to get here) Now there is dedication for ya....
    Jesse aka CHARIZARD_BREEDER from california
    we all had a blast meeting you Jesse, hope to see you at comiccon.
    I know you will have some info to pass on to the So. Cal bunch!
    Good luck :)

    Thanks to Ken (BLIZZARD) and his wife Cathy for being the runners for lunch too!

    Most of us are heading out today for the next City Tourney in Tucson today, we will have a report on that one tonight as well.
  8. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Thanks Patricia, I knew there would be people and things that happened during the day that I would forget. I am looking forward to more Post and comments from players or those in attendance at the CC.
    Once again let me say Thank You to the host store, Gamers Edge but more importantly to my side kick Patricia for inputting, updating and even dealing withe the not so friendly software. And last but not least to
    You are the people who showed up, competed and made it fun, THANK YOU!!! :D
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  9. BLiZzArD

    BLiZzArD New Member

    I would just like to point out we had the best judges possible for this tourney. Every ruling question and everything that could have gone wrong was handled swiftly and justly. Great job guys I love playing in tournies with you two around you take all the stress onto yourselves and let the players focus on playing.


    I would also like to thank Gamers Edge for letting us have and supporting this tourney so well always a pleasure thanx Ray/John
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  10. Lugias_Realm

    Lugias_Realm New Member

    Thanks Blizz, I hope you and Cathy enjoyed your weekend of competing as husband & wife(can't believe you just took her down like that yesterday). Also, Thanks for being my Yellow Cab on Sunday. Much appreciated. If you need you know what to do. Better win Saturday, keep me informed, phone will be on!!!
  11. spookees

    spookees Active Member


    I think BLiz's brain was still abit frozen tho when we started the event...... from the HOUR and HALF ride to Tucson, in the COLD in the back of my Pick up! Talk about DEDICATION!!
    We may have to give him an Award for ENDURANCE.

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