Revived! January-March '07 Anime Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by Professor_Chris, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    WOW. Been a while since I did one of these. In fact, it’s been almost a year. Which is a shame because I watched/started watching some really good things last year like:
    Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z
    Binbou Shimai Monogatari
    Zero no Tsukaima
    Bokura ga Ita
    Coyote Ragtime Show
    Muteki Kanban Musume (awesome show, I loved it)
    Welcome to the NHK
    Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl
    D. Gray-man
    Pumpkin Scissors
    Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love
    Ghost Hunt
    Death Note
    Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Divine Wars
    Busou Renkin
    Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na
    Asatte no Houkou
    Kanon (2006) (So good.)
    Gift: Eternal Rainbow
    Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!
    Kujibiki Unbalance
    Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
    Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
    Shijou Saikyou no Denshi Kenichi (History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi)
    Mai Otome Zwei
    Genshiken (2006)
    Rozen Maiden Ouverture

    Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough time to tell you why I liked the above series. Some of them were/are REALLY awesome and others were just average but enjoyable. But now onto the real purpose of this post:

    Revived! January- March ’07 Anime Discussion

    Deltora Quest
    DQ is apparently based off a series of children fantasy books that I’ve never read. Unfortunately, the episodes aren’t released regularly by DATS so it’s not exactly fresh in my memory. However, the basic jest is that the world has been taken over by evil and they must journey to reclaim some special gems to defeat the Shadow Lord. From what I’ve seen it’s pretty good.

    Major 3rd Season
    Oh, how I love Major. It’s my favorite Baseball anime (never mind that it’s the only one I watch). The series follows Goro as he leaves Kaido attempts to challenge Kaidou. The catch? The Kaidou supervisor has blocked all of Goro’s chances of going to any schools with a baseball club. So, Goro has to attend a previously all-girls school and start a baseball club. Another problem is that said school doesn’t have enough boys to do so and they aren’t interested anyways. Highly recommended.

    I haven’t watched this yet. =( No one’s even finished the first season, much less start on this one. :’(

    Shuffle! Memories
    Basically just a recap of Shuffle! rearranged into character specific episodes.

    Hidamari Sketch
    It’s about a girl named Yuno who has just begun art school and moved out on her own and befriends the weird artists who live in her apartment complex. It has a Pani Poni Dash feel to it, so that’s good enough for me!

    Getsumen to Heiki Mina
    I only watched this because of Densha Otoko. Mina was part of an anime in that J-drama. I’ve only seen a few episodes, so I’m not sure what to think about it. It’s kinda crazy but in the good way.

    You can never have too many stories about a high school student suddenly having to pilot a giant robot like he’s never seen before in his life. And that’s really all I know about the series right now. It’s pretty good though. Poor guy always loses his clothes after piloting Reideen though. . . =(

    Naruto Shippuuden
    It’s Naruto without the filler. Therefore, it’s even more awesome if you liked Naruto, not so awesome if you didn’t.

    Juusoukikou Dancouga Nova
    Speaking of giant robots and people suddenly piloting them who have never seen one before in their life. . . Anyway, Dancouga only helps the losing side of a military skirmish, but doesn’t kill anyone. Only seen one episode, so that’s all I know. u_u

    I haven’t found anything new to watch. Although, the new One Piece movie: “Episode of Alabaster - Sabaku no Ojou to Kaizoku Tachi” is in theaters. Apparently it looks like a retelling of the Alabaster arc with higher production quality and condensed story.

    However, next month we have:
    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
    Blue Dragon
    Detective Conan: Konpeki no Jolly Roger (Movie 11, in theaters)
    Shakugan no Shana Movie (maybe theaters, dunno)
    And a few other things which may be interesting

    And that’s it! Got any Japanese anime (as in anime that is IN Japanese) that you’ve been watching that began airing in January-March? Have I missed THE awesome series (it happened once: Suzumiya Haruhi and I still feel awful about that)? Feel free to share your views.
  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus have no life :p

    But I kid, I kid. Ever since I read the first chapter of D. Gray-Man, I've been hooked. While the Earl is similar to stories that say Satan roamed London dressed as a commoner, what makes him so unique is that he's the ultimate villain of the series, and has so many quirks that set him apart from any other fictional bad guy. Gray Man's probably the best "new" anime, although it doesn't look nearly as good as the manga :)

    Wow, I wiki'd that Powerpuff remake, and... o_O
  3. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    I'm told Code Geass is a nice series to watch.

    And why haven't you watched Shakugan no Shana? Or have you watched it prior to last year?

    Speaking of which, I'm looking forward into the Shana movie.
  4. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    I watched it prior to last year. ;\

    I may check out Code Geass. I think I need another mech anime. :D
  5. Metagross_Ex

    Metagross_Ex New Member

    Hmm...I haven't really watched that much...

    Super Robot Wars: Original Generation Divine Wars (that is the 3 part OAV, right?)
    Prince of Tennis
    Naruto Shippuuden
    Kaitou Saint Tail
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  6. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    Shana got a movie, was it that good of a series?

    Now if I can wait for season 2 of haruhi to hit, I'll die happy.
  7. Dek

    Dek New Member

    The strategy game series is obviously made of epic win, but how was the anime/OVA? I've been searching all over and haven't found much (except for a few clips on YouTube =/ )
  8. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    Divine Wars is the TV Series (which I like more than the OVA)

    It was alright. I liked it. I was suprised it got a movie though.

    The TV series is made of win if you love super-type giant robots. It's starts off kinda slow though but it's been pretty awesome lately. I don't remember the OVA that well, mostly because I watched the TV-Nihon version and there were huge gaps of time between releases. However, I do know that I like the TV series more. The OVA just seemed to kinda throw you in with no background, while the TV series at least took time to explain some things about the OG universe ('specially since I haven't played the games :x).
  9. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    btw, chris which animes are you actually covering? I'm pretty sure some of these titles have never been seen outside of japan, yet others seem to be recently released on dvd stateside.

    lol, I haven't seen half of these, of the ones I did, well...

    I didn't like busou renkin, it just seemed to derivative, didn't watch the anime, read the first manga and threw it out. Watsuki-san has seen better days, imo. Kenshin was his best work, Busou Renkin doesn't seem to have the same emotional oomph. I'm more likely to curl up with a more recent release like Full Metal Panic: the Second Raid.

    Kanon 2006 is awesome, but it's not for your action-loving otaku. It's really, really slow, and really, really saddening.

    Rozen Maiden, I stopped at traumend, something creeps me out about killer dolls with their own souls. Still a good series, though.

    Hearing good things about the Mai-whatever series in general. I probably should start with Hime though.

    What no School Rumble?
  10. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    The first list was just most of the good series I had watched between this post and my last post like this. Which also explains the lack of Higurashi in the list (second season in a few months! :D). The main purpose of this thread was to discuss the most recent anime series, but since I haven't done one of these in a while I don't care if people want to discuss some stuff from last year.

    Rozen Maiden is good. I can't get my brother to watch it, the dolls scare him. ;D Since you didn't watch Ouverture (it's just a 2 episode TV Special) it mainly focused on Suigintou and why she is the way she is.

    I really enjoyed Kanon because the animation and voice acting (well, I just like Kanon 2006's Yuuchi more, most of the VA cast remained intact) was much improved over the original. As well as fleshing out some of the character's stories, especially Mai. However, the one thing the original had going for it was that it moved so fast that the ending comes out of nowhere and hits you hard. The remake kind of eases into it and I didn't feel as if it was as emotional as the first in that regard. But maybe it was just because I did see it coming this time. I am not afraid to admit that the original Kanon had me tearing up at the end. Though the remake almost had me tearing up a some parts, most notably with Makoto. It just seemed so much sadder this time. ='(

    I'm the only one who likes Busou Renkin it seems. =( I'm just a sucker for clichéd shounen anime with a lovable idiot as a protagonist I guess. When Kazuki and Captain Bravo met was just priceless. "Because it's cooler that way!"
  11. Metagross_Ex

    Metagross_Ex New Member

    Hmm...Super Robot Wars DC is an anime? I must find this...

    I also added Kaitou Saint Tail to my above list. It's a pretty cute (if somewhat older) anime imo.
  12. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Might want to add that Bleach is out of filler and into an arc where Ichigo doesn't simply overpower everything with little to no effort.
  13. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member
    Shinsen hasn't released episodes in forever, but Spirits of Steel & DigitalPanic release an episode pretty regularly, even if they are a bit behind.

    This is true. Bleach, like Naruto, is good again. One Piece is still good, but not for too much longer. I have a feeling that
    lots of filler will happen, so Oda-sensei can finish the Thriller Bark arc.
  14. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    I just started reading the manga, but haven't watched the anime yet.

  15. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    Are you sure you just don't like the new yuuchi because he just happens to be the VA for kyon in MHS? =D
  16. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris Active Member

    That would be correct. :D Though only 70%. The other 30% was that he is also Rin from Shuffle! But all around, the remake's Yuuchi has more personality than the original.
  17. The Anaconda

    The Anaconda New Member

    yep, thats why he pwns the old Yuuichi. and he doesnt pull punches and has awesome one-liners :clap:
  18. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    Well, I'm going to confess right now that I've only watched the first two episodes. Yah, it's a good series so far. I wonder if actually liking something like this makes me some strange moe-fanboy... Let's hope not.

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