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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Gym Leader Blaine, Aug 25, 2003.

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    It is great to see everyone else posting there R&S Challenge numbers and reports. For Salt Lake City, Utah we had:

    10-Under =7
    15 & Over=19

    Total turn out=42

    I was really happy with the tournament turnout. We were almost done with the registration and had a little over 30 players when we had some more players come in at the last minute, so we took a little bit more time getting them set up to play. I feel that if they made the effort to show up, that any player who wants to can play, even it they are a little bit late.

    I had my three Master Professors David Beckstrom, Christopher Beckstrom, and Daniel Cheney that were a big help at the start of the tournament there. The three of them plus two other people were a great help registering GBA Pokemon and also helped registering every players cards they got from the booster packs were very much appreciated. Without them this tournament would have not been possible to get everything done.

    The tournament took a little bit longer then I wanted cause of trying to hand pair everyone, but everyone was really good about waiting till we got them together. Some players didn’t want to play in the GBA part of the tournament, so while that was going on we would pair those TCG players together so they could still enjoy the game and have something to do while waiting for the next round. When we moved into the forth round we brought those players back in. We did have some players that needed to leave a little early so we held the drawing for the Game Boy SP before the fifth round that way everyone that came would be there if they won the SP. The winner of it was a player by the name of Lars. What was really neat is he went out and bought Sapphire GBG last week, borrowed a friends of his GBA just so he could play in the tournament, and was able to win the SP for the game he had just gotten.

    Purity from Pokemon Zeo was even in town this weekend and able to stop by and play in the tournament. It was nice to have her able to stop by. Here are the links to her report on Pokemon Zeo of the tournament and some pictures if anyone would like to look at it:



    Over all I felt it was a really good tournament, and glad Nintendo let us have one in Salt Lake City. The biggest thing is I hope that all the players that came had fun with it; it is the main reasons why I try to get tournaments in our area. I hope we have just as many if not more for the EX: Sandstorm Prerelease tournament, cause I enjoyed TO this one, and look forward to the next one.

    Gym Leader Blaine

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