Sea Horror.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by The_Joker, May 30, 2009.

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  1. The_Joker

    The_Joker New Member

    My friends and I always talked about how good Gyrados and Uknown P work together. Well I took the idea and this is what came to be.

    Sea Horror:
    4-4 Gyrados (Dragon DNA)
    2 Unown P
    2-2 Claydol
    1 Uxie
    2 Pachirisu (Call For Family)

    9 Water Energy
    2 Rainbow Energy


    4 BTS
    4 Super Scoops
    4 Rose
    4 Bebe
    4 Bucks
    4 Plus
    2 Warp
    2 switch
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 Ts2-Devo

    Strategy: Try to start with Pachirisu, it will be the best start to get your set up rolling, when he is out use "Call for family" to search for Magikarp, Unown P, and a Baltoy, or what ever you are missing. If you are against a G deck, you are in luck! Tank until dead so you have more build on your Magikarp to Gyrados. Once your Pachi is dead or still clinging for his life, make the retreat and send out the mighty beast. At this point you should have at least 1 damage counter on Gyrados so that Dragon DNA may activate "Flail". From there it is just spamming as many Gyrados as you can and manage " Put" from Unown P till you win. Super Scoop BTS combo to refresh your Gyrados, or if you need an extra "Cosmic Power" or "Set up".

    Now, there can be a change in the Ts2-Devo, I just use it as a defense against Gengar and other Evolutions. You CAN switch to Ts1- Evo if you want a faster set up with Magikarp. Either way they are both good choices.

    Summary: I have been playing this deck for about 3 weeks now, I love it. As of right now I am scrapping it for new and cooler deck ideas, but I recommend you check out this build, it's good for players who are just getting into the game, it really helps the understanding of more complex mechanics. This is NOT for META game (Until Dialga G fades x__x), this deck is really only meant to be played at tournaments for fun, but if you want to try to play it seriously, then go for it! I would be proud of this deck to go far!

  2. well... if you add Mothim SW its called mothballs, it was a moderately popular deck for Autumn BRs.
    -2 Water -2 Switch -2 Bucks + 2 Rainbow energy + 2-2 Mothim SW. :thumb:
  3. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    XD, How are you going to start with Pachi when you play....TWO? Also, consider playing 1 Gyarados SF, It's Revenge Tail is EPIC late game.
  4. The_Joker

    The_Joker New Member

    Well if I add 4 instead of 2 I will have to many electric squirrels! 8/10 times I have started with Pachi, but it might just be me. I really like the 1 SF Gyarados idea.
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