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  1. Dro~

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    As most of you know, since all big basic pokemon can't evolve, they stand a little chance against evolved pokemon because they're weaker, even though in the anime or video game they should be equally strong. Here are some ideas to make them stand stronger against evolved pokemon...

    Electabuzz (not count as a basic pokemon) 90HP
    (Special-pokemon rule: No matter how this card comes into play, you must let your opponent discard any 2 cards from your hand without lookinig. You can't put electabuzz in play if you have less than 2 cards in your hand. Electabuzz can't attack the turn it's put in play)

    Plasma (L) 20
    Attach an (L) energy card from your discard pile to electabuzz

    Thunderwave (LLC) 60
    As long as the defending pokemon is active, your opponent flips a coin for each defending pokemon every time before beginning his/her turn. If tails, that defending pokemon is paralyzed.

    Weakness (F)
    Resistance (M)
    Retreat cost (C)

    Mew (not count as a basic pokemon) 100HP
    (Special pokemon rule: No matter how this card comes into play, you must discard a stage 1 pokemon you have in play, replace it with Mew. Keep all energy cards and damage counters attached to the pokemon on Mew)

    Pokebody: Pressure
    Whenever Mew is damaged by an attack that does 30 or more damage, your opponent flips a coin. If tails, your opponent chooses an energy attached to the attacking pokemon and discard it.

    Psycho blast (PC) 30+
    Does 30 damage plus 10 more damage for each energy attached to all the defending pokemon.

    Reverse blast (PPCCC) 100-
    Does 100 damage minus 10 damage for each energy attached to the defending pokemon.

    Weakness: (P) (D)
    Resistance: (P) (YES, it's psychic)
    Retreat cost: CC

    Gengar 150HP (evolves from Haunter)
    (Special pokemon rule: No matter how this card comes into play, you must either pick a buttom card from your deck face down and add it to your prize, or let your opponent draw a prize.)

    Pokebody: Dimension of the Spirit
    You may have at most 7 pokemon in play. Whenever this power stops working and you have 7 pokemon, choose one of them and return all cards attached to it to your hand.

    Chaos attack (PC) 20
    For each pokemon you have more than your opponent, you may move up to 2 damage counters from any 1 or 2 pokemon (yours or your opponent) to any another pokemon (yours or your opponent), even if it would knock out that pokemon. (6 damage counters if you have 3 more pokemon than your opponent, for example.)

    Life steal (PPCC) 70+
    If you have more pokemon in play than your opponent, you may knock out any number of yours. This attack does 10 damage for each card discarded then remove that number of damage counters from gengar and search your deck for up to that number of cards and put them in your hand, shuffle your deck afterwards.

    Weakness (P) (D)
    Resistance (F) (G)
    Retreat (CC)
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  2. bertrand

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    Way too much text on Gengar,

    If you want to add a new type of rulings on a special card, keep it simple.

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