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    I got a call from my boss Thursday and it was a shocker. I regret to inform you that effective Sunday 4:00pm, August 23rd, 2009, all operations at Aardvark, Videos, Comics, and Games will cease.

    The good news: the store will no longer exist, but the Pokémon League will stay intact. Mike and Tara have been the most supportive anyone can be about Pokémon over the years, and that won't be stopping just because they don't have a store anymore. They have allowed me to continue running the League at the same place. This facility will continue to be used for Pokémon TCG League every Sunday until we find a new League location in Southern Maryland.

    If anyone has said the League is gone, they are mistaken.

    It has been a fun 5+ years since the store opened in Sept 2003, and we will miss you. However, if you're a Pokémon player, you can count on seeing me and your other Pokémon friends at Pokémon League! Pokémon has always been my favorite thing to do, and I'm not going away!:biggrin:

    300 Clubhouse Drive
    Lusby, MD 20657

    League 12-4pm (no tournament, sorry)

    As soon as the boss told me about Aardvark's I got in touch with my local Pokémon friends and we will be working together to formulate a game plan, as to what we're going to do with League, how we're gonna do it, and what the new League location will be. We've got a large network of people to get help from. Stay tuned: we've had a Pokémon League in Lusby for over four years and Southern Maryland will continue playing Pokémon for many years to come!
    Another thing to note: Mike Mattingly is still a PTO. We are still working together to run Pokemon events. We will be running Prereleases for every set that comes out, and most likely at multiple locations. Battle Roads, Cities, States, we got you covered. Nothing is changing: you all have Premier Events and will all have a place to play in SoMD.
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  2. dragonite1234

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    so should we show up tomorrow for league or not? i'm a tad confused
  3. ninetales1234

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    Please come on Sunday, LJ. Same time 12-4pm. I made sure to let everybody last week know about your amazing performance at Worlds. People will be lining up to play you:thumb:
    Let me know if anyone has any more questions.
  4. DarthPika

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    Nick, perhaps you guys could find a spot a little closer to Annapolis? If you did, we would love to come to your league. :)
  5. Missingno

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    Or, you know, somehow closer to the eastern shore... >_> Lol.
  6. ninetales1234

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    Oh, by the way, if anyone was wondering, yes there is no Tuesday League at Aardvark's anymore.
  7. Lawman

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    Sorry to hear that Aardvark's is closing. Hopefully, you will find a new league location soon. Mike will keep you in good hands as PTO.

  8. Aardvarkvcg

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    Aardvarks breathes new life

    It looks like Aardvarks may just stay open. We are working right now to make some things happen but I am fairly confident that Aardvarks and the League will be staying open.

    Stay Tuned we will keep you posted!!
  9. Rogue Archetype

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    That's an overnight turn of events :eek:
  10. ninetales1234

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    It sure is. I was running the League at Aardvark's today, and during League, Mike and I were talking with the buyer, and things are looking very good.

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