Spring '06 Japanese Anime Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by Professor_Chris, May 31, 2006.

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    Spring ’06 Anime Discussion

    Well, I skipped the Winter months which had a few awesome things (Major 2nd Season, School Rumble OVA, Fate/stay Night, Kage Kara Mamoru, ayakashi, and Hanbun Tsuki ga Noboru Sora) so I figured I’d take the time to write a little bit about what I had been watching during the Spring. I didn’t really write too much about the series which are just 2nd seasons.

    Once again, this thread is for the discussion of anime released within the Spring months in Japan. For the purposes of this discussion I don’t give a flip about what new shows you saw on Adult Swim (yes, I already know Eureka SeveN is good even though I haven’t seen it on Adult Swim yet). :D


    Shinigami no Ballad/Momo the Girl God of Death
    Well, it’s a short series but a cute one. The first episode nearly broke my heart and I wasn’t sure if I could handle 6 episodes of it when I figured the introduction was like that. Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed that the rest of them weren’t nearly as tear-jerking as the first. However, it was a good watch despite turning out unlike what I had expected from the first episode.

    Tennis no Ouji-sama: Zenkoku Taikai hen (Prince of Tennis: National Championship Chapter)
    More PoT? Sign me up! :D The series that got my lazy butt out on the Tennis courts for a whole (almost) week continues! If you liked PoT watch it, if you didn’t don’t. It’s pretty much more of the same exaggerated sports anime stuff. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? :D

    Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in Class 5-2)
    I don’t recall but a few episodes being subbed thus far, and it’s been a while since I saw it. It was amusing, albeit a little (lot) on the suggestive side to be a show about 5th graders. :x The whole collarbone gag was hilarious though.


    Aa! Megami-sama: Sorezore no Tsubasa (Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings)
    Yay! More Ah! My Goddess. :D Still good. Though the subbers really need to get with it and stop going back and releasing Widescreen versions of the 4 episodes they already released. :(

    Digimon Savers
    Digimon!? That’s good!? Heck yes. :D I haven’t really watched Digimon in years as the newer series kinda didn’t appeal much to me (at least not enough to get me to make a point to watch them). However, I figured I’d give Digimon Savers and go, and I’m glad I did. I was hooked from the first episode when Agumon and Masaru in a brawl and Agumon decided to become Masaru’s kobun. :D I’d definitely recommend the series.

    About a kid named Zed whose mother is a Shard Caster (though he didn’t know that until she saved him). He’s wanted by the police because, well, he breaks a door every time he sees them because he “feels like he can go anywhere” by doing so. Anyway, the police chase after and a portal-type thing opens in front of him and he jumps through and ends up in a typical fantasy world. Nothing terribly original mind you but a decent show. The Spirits (summon-type things) are pretty cool, imo.

    Soul Link
    Military students board a space station for training. However, gorilla (hit and run type, not the animal…) terrorists invade, the citizens (well, most of them) and most of the military personnel are evacuated. However, a few get left behind and they have to find away to survive the terrorists and protect themselves until they can find a way off or until help can arrive. Well, that is, until something else happens and puts the two of them on the same side to survive, but I’ll leave that as a surprise. :D

    School Rumble Second Term
    It’s more School Rumble. Which automatically equals more awesomeness. Just watch it; words won’t do it justice. :D If you haven’t seen the 1st season and OVAs go watch them first.

    Not “Kintama” mind you! ;x The first one hour special was crazy and just kinda jumped in there. Lots of Shonen Jump references. (“I was I had a bankai”) :D However, the third episode starts the story over at the beginning, but isn’t really any less crazy. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen much because they haven’t released any more yet. :( It’s pretty good though.

    Utawarerumono (The One Being Sung)
    The story is set in a fantasy/feudal Japan-type setting and features a bunch of characters whose names I can’t be bothered to remember off the top of my head. XD It’s pretty good. Basic jist of the plot: an old and beloved physician is killed by the feudal lord and the villagers rally together to avenge her death and overthrow the crooked feudal lord under a man who had been adopted into the old lady’s family when her granddaughter found him when he was injured and had lost his memory. Now he must take care of them as well as run the new country.

    A show about two girls named Nana who meet on their way to Tokyo. It’s pretty good as most (non-Shounen ai/Yaoi) Shojou aimed anime seems to be.

    Troubles in The World R2? Say it ain’t so! A Black Multi-Weapon named Haseo joins the game only to be PK’d repeatedly until he is revived by Ovan, the leader of a guild called the Twilight Brigade. And what do you think this guild is searching for? Why, the Key of the Twilight of course! :D

    Higurashi Naku no Koro ni (When Cicada’s Cry)
    Psycho killer lolis ftw. It’s split up into chapters which tell the story of the same characters in very different ways. All I know is the first two were great and I’m looking forward to the third. :D

    Air Gear
    I suppose we can file this under the sports/ecchi category. Though, luckily, there are little crows to censor out the nudity. :X Anyway, Ikki is high school student who seems to get in trouble a lot. Anyway, stuff happens and he gets his own ATs (Air Treks; roller blades with tiny motors in them that go REALLY fast) and decides to form a Storm Rider gang and try to climb to the top of the ranks. It’s rather mediocre but interesting enough that I’ll keep following it.

    Makai Senki Disgaea (Netherworld Chronicles Disgaea)
    Alright, I’d been waiting on this one for like a YEAR. The awesomeness of Disgaea in anime form!? Sweet! However, to my disappointment, the story (unlike the trailer suggested) branches WAY off from the game. :( However, it’s still Disgaea and still complete pwnage not only by association but in it’s own right. :D

    Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2
    Syaoran-tachi are still looking for Sakura’s feathers and traveling to different worlds. Nothing new, but it’s getting a bit better, imo. :D

    More CLAMP anime? Heck yeah! :D After I saw the xxxHolic/Tsubasa Chronicle movie I couldn’t wait to see this when I heard about it. :D And, thus far, it has failed to disappoint. I know I’ll keep watching it. Hopefully it has a nice long run. :D

    Yume Tsukai (Dream Users)
    Apparently in this world setting nightmares have the ability to materialize in the real world which, as you can imagine, is not a good thing. That’s where the Yume Tsukai come in. They solve the nightmares figuring out the whos and whys and return the nightmares to dreams with their trusty “broom gods” at which point they let the owner decide what to do with it. I’m still undecided on this one; however, I have to say they have some pretty great special attacks. :D I’ll follow it for a few more episodes at least.

    Himawari! (Sunflower!)
    All I have to say is this show is “exciting like an anteater!” :D God bless the crazy ninja anime genre.

    Black Lagoon
    Well, Okajima is a salary man working for some company. Apparently he’s on a ship to deliver a disk when the ship is taken over by some mercenaries after the disk. Well, they take the disk AND him as a hostage. Well, his company pretty much writes him off as dead and sends some people out to kill them all. Okajima ends up thinking up a crazy plan and saves them all and when the time comes rejects the companies offer to return and remains with the mercenaries under his new alias: Rock, given to him by the mercenaries. So far it’s pretty interesting and I plan on following it.

    Juuousei/Jyu Oh Sei (Beast King Planet)
    Thor and Rai discover their parents have been murdered only to be caught, knocked out and sent to Jyu Oh Sei with only some plant repellant and a beam knife. They meet a young man named Zagi who tells them about the dangers of the planet as well as the Ring system. The plants are alive, carnivorous and very dangerous on Jyu Oh Sei and Thor is told he’ll have to become a beast to survive and that he must abandon his weak twin brother. Zagi also mentions that the only one allowed to leave the planet is the Jyu Oh and to become Jyu Oh you have to defeat the leaders of each Ring (little kingdoms separated and named for the colors of the skin of the inhabitants: Night, Ochre, Blanc, and Sun). So far I’ve found the series pretty interesting and unless it totally takes a nose dive near the end I’ll keep watching it.


    Kamisama Kazoku (God’s Family)
    First, I just want to say I LOVE the ED animation and song. Samatarou is the son of God. However, he lives a (somewhat) normal life as a high school student because he’s going to inherit his father’s position and a good God has to know what it’s like to be human. Unfortunately for Samatarou, his father (being God and all) can read his thoughts…and being the doting parent he is, makes miracles happen for his son to give him exactly what he wants…or what he thinks he thinks he wants in most cases. It’s pretty cute even though it’s a bit on the ecchi side at times. It’s really funny though. :D

    So, anyone else watch anything interesting during those awesome spring months? :D

    Coming next month:
    Power Puff Girls Z. XD
    And a Pokemon movie (theaters)
    And some other Gundam Seed branch off thing.
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    no Suzumiya Haruhi!? blasphemer! :eek:

    I ended up dropping a lot of the other things i was following (The Third, Simoun, Soul Link, Digimon, etc)for time and current interest reasons (i'll maybe pick them up again later). Im just down to following .hack//ROOTS, xXxholic/Tsubasa, Haruhi, Utawarerumono, and Higurashi. Good Witch of the West is pretty good too, but its released slow so i usually forget about it
  3. Professor_Chris

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    :O You mean in my downloading frenzy I missed a good series!? I'll rectify that right now. :D Besides, I need something to watch during my trip this weekend. xD I usually use AniDB as a guide as to what to download during a month. I overlook things occasionally, due to not realizing they've been subbed as some don't seem to get picked up sometimes. :x

    I tried Good Witch of the West but it wasn't terribly interesting to me 'til near the end of the first episode and I never got around to downloading more. Might do so just to have something to watch. After all, I didn't think I was ever gonna finish Solty Rei and ayakashi but because I took them on my trip to Texas I had a chance to finish them. XD Not to mention a lot of other episodes of various new stuff I had downloaded but had yet to watch.

    Also, I didn't write about The Third (which I've taken a liking to as well) or Tokko (awfully gruesome. Not recommended for audiences under 18 for reason other than gore. :x) because I got lazy and wanted to just get this posted. XD
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    and here I am catching up. Right now I'm stuck on fate/stay night, the entire show is just awesome, period.
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    thanks for posting this I have been intrested in Ahh My Goddess cause people talk it about it a lot although I neve watched it.. I will be able to expand my knolege and love for anime.
    I need to start watching Full Metal Panic.

    V. fixed :p

    I like all anime in general its just I like to get a taste of everything.
    gotta watch em all :p
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    ... Here's a hint, "Ah! Megami-sama" translates more to "Ah! My Goddess!" than to "Ah! My Goodness!" Just, you know, letting you know.

    And really, it would help if you didn't view just watching more shows as "expanding your... love for animé." That's like saying, "I want to watch Star Wars Episode III so I can expand my love for science fiction."
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    I just watched all of the released Suzumiya Haruhi. :biggrin: I <3 this show. I'm wondering though, since the episodes aren't chronological is the 'incorrect' episode title Haruhi gives in the preview the actual chronological order? This show instantly became one of my favorites. I was hooked from that awful theme song Asahina sang in the first episode. :D Miracle Beam!
  8. The Anaconda

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    Kyon gives the airing order, Haruhi gives the chronological order (except ep 1's student film episode, which counted as 'episode zero', but they dont make the movie until later on in the timeline)

    keep an eye out for other things they parody throughout the series (they even managed a parody in an episode title's appearance on the screen!) :thumb:

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