"Stalling" with Prizes

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  1. Parco Folgore

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    If one were to make a deck that was based around using Palkia&Dialga LEGEND to give you opponent a ton of prizes so that when time was called, after the next three turns, they had more prizes than you, would that be considered stalling and against the rules, frowned upon, or a legitimate strategy?

    I've found that this is pretty much the only way to use PDL, and I think it would be interesting to make a deck like this for competitive play. It's definitely a new way of playing that I think would be a lot of fun.
  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    It's legitimate.
  3. ShuckleLVX

    ShuckleLVX Active Member

    As long as you're taking legitimate actions that affect the gamestate in a timely manner, you're not stalling.

    Couple examples:
    Chatot uses Chatter on a Spiritomb, dealing no damage because of resistance, preventing it from retreating, and Spiritomb prevents trainers. Doing this every turn prevents your opponent from doing much of anything, as he can't get Spiritomb out of the active position. This is known as "Chatter Lock", and its a stall tactic. However, it is not stalling in the sense you could receive a penalty for it as the game is progressing in a timely manner, even if you repeat the same attack over and over, leading to nothing really happening in the game. This example is fairly similar to what you're talking about with DPL - Doing legitimate actions to prolong the game in your favor.

    Magnezone LvX and his power - This allows you to rearrange energy as often as you would like during your turn. Moving an energy to a benched pokemon and back to Magnezone 57,938,384,442,291 times IS stalling: While you're completing legitimate game actions, they are having no real affect on the gamestate.

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