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    Hey all!

    Long story short my daughter (5) has started attending and playing at my local card store with me and since one of her favorite Pokemon is Raichu I made her this deck out of her cards (and added some staple trainers for my collection lol).

    So I was wondering what improvements I can make to her deck. None of the other children who she plays against play anything like Shaymin's etc (Thank god!) so there inst any need for cards like that.


    Thanks in advance.
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    What is the strategy your daughter is going for?

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    Assuming you are going with Circle Circuit as your main attack/focus of the deck, this deck would need more basic Pokemon to more easily take advantage of Skyfield. Nine basics just barely gives you a full bench with Skyfield out.
    I don't think Mr. Mime is too useful in Standard. The two most common bench hitters in Standard are Fright Night Yveltal and Greninja Break. Yveltal only hits benched EX's and you don't run any, while Greninja snipes via an ability which Mime wouldn't block anyway.
    Memories of Dawn only lets Mew use the attacks of your basic pokemon so I'm not too sure Mew does much for this deck.

    I think a really good partner for Raichu would be Vespiquen [AOR 10]. Ideally you would start with Raichu, fill up your bench to increase the damage from Circle Circuit, and then switch to attacking with Vespiquen once you have a bunch of Pokemon in the discard pile and Circle Circuit isn't hitting for a whole lot any more.
    Unown [AOR 30] would be a great 4 of for this deck as well. It would serve the dual purpose of filling the bench and drawing cards.

    Without knowing too well what kind of decks she usually goes up against I would personally drop Mr. Mime, Mew, Hawlucha, all 6 basic energy, and the 3 Bursting Ballons to fit in 4 Combee, 4 Vespiquen, and 4 Unown.
    Five is fairly young and this is advice I'd give for a level of play that might be a bit above what she has grasped (only running Double Colorless energy, switching main attackers as the game progresses, etc.) so of course take all advice with a grain of salt and build to best suit her style and level of play. :smile:
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