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  1. kristi

    kristi New Member

    3 Blissey
    3 Chansey
    3 Tangrowth
    3 Tangela
    2 Sceptile GE
    1 Sceptile POP 4
    1 Grovyle
    3 Treeko
    1 Sunflora
    1 Sunkern
    1 Celibli *

    4 Boost
    12 Grass

    3 Mentor
    4 TVR
    4 Celios
    2 Castaway
    2 Warp point
    2 Leftovers
    3 rare candy
    2 Night maintenance

    start with chansey/blissey and start powering it up while doing massive damage. Warp point blissey and move the energy attatched to it to tangrowth and start sniping.

    OK when I saw tangrowth had been erreta'd it just made it a whole lot better. I may take out celibi* for a mew* and a castform to just help w/ magmortar a little bit. This is not a tourney deck; just a for fun deck.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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