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  1. pokeMOM-2-4

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    :pokeball::pokeball:Texas City Championship Marathon!!:pokeball::pokeball:

    Wednesday, 26 December 2012
    Evolution Games
    6212 McCart Ave
    Ft Worth, TX 76133
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 11:00 am

    Thursday, 27 December 2012
    Watauga Public Library
    7109 Whitley Rd
    Watauga, TX 76148
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 11:00 am

    Friday, 28 December 2012
    Hollabaugh Recreation Center
    3925 Walnut St
    Garland, TX 75042
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 11:00 am

    Saturday, 29 December 2012
    Reaper Game Store
    9062 Teasley Ln
    Denton, TX 76210
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 11:00 am

    Sunday, 30 December 2012
    Glennie O Ham Center
    1002 N Music St
    Sherman, TX 75090
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 10:45 am

    Monday, 31 December 2012
    Madness Games & Comics
    3000 Custer Rd Suite #180
    Plano, TX 75075
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 11:00 am

    Tuesday, 1 January 2013
    Valley View Mall Community Room
    13331 Preston Rd
    Dallas, TX 75240
    Registration: 10:00 am
    Start Time: 11:00 am

    For all tournaments:

    Entry fee
    : FREE!!

    Format: Modified Constructed. Each player must bring his/her own deck of 60 cards – all cards being within the current format (Black & White through Boundaries Crossed) and a decklist detailing the cards in his/her deck. Deck List

    Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 finishers in each age division.
    1st Place – 18 Booster Packs & a Championship Award
    2nd Place – 10 Booster Packs
    3rd/4th Place – 4 Booster Packs
    Additionally, there will be a promo card for everyone (while supplies last) and raffle prizes at each tournament.

    Additional info: Registration for each tournament will begin at 10:00 AM – with a tournament start time of 11:00 AM. Note: You must be in line by 10:45 to avoid a round one loss.There will be a short lunch scheduled (approx 40 - 60 minutes) after round 2 each day so please plan accordingly.

    Questions? Please contact Professor Christine's email.
  2. mcanaves

    mcanaves New Member

    Just out of curiousity, any chance for a Jan 2nd date? Either way, hope to be there!
  3. pokemaster1970

    pokemaster1970 New Member

    No City tournaments From Nov. 17 through Dec. 23?
  4. Austino

    Austino New Member

    Looking forward to the events! Hopefully my luck from last CC's carries on over to this year! ;)
  5. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    Gah! I tried so desperately to get my vacation time off for this! :p that's alright!

    I miss the tournaments down there after only one regionals! You guys got me hooked haha!

    Maybe ohio will drop by for states :D
  6. wesdad

    wesdad New Member

    How many Seniors typically play in Dallas Area Cities Tournaments? How many Masters players?

    We are considering coming from out of town to see family and figured we may be able to join in on the Marathon too (we will be missing out on the local Marathon in our area for the trip)!

    Will there be any side events (i.e. drafts etc..) offered on any of the dates?

    (Most Important) how long do you anticipate (from past experience) that each day should last for Seniors and for Masters (separate answers).

    Thank you.. for putting this together and for posting in advance.


    Wes' dad :)
  7. pokemaster1970

    pokemaster1970 New Member

    there's time for side events?? LOL
  8. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    Are there attendance caps on these that will come close to being reached?
  9. darck467

    darck467 New Member

    I will be on call that week :(
  10. rokman

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    My body is ready

  11. thunderjolt

    thunderjolt New Member

    Sadly, yet interestingly enough, I will be playing the same decks I played last cities, just without last season's staples.
  12. pokeMOM-2-4

    pokeMOM-2-4 <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/view.php?pg=iam

    Nope - no caps. Worked it out so all the venues should be large enough to hold some big crowds. YAY!!

    Hope to see you there!
  13. pokemaster1970

    pokemaster1970 New Member

    What about the other venues like Bedford on November 24? I haven't really seen much info on that tournament.
  14. jogon

    jogon New Member

    I'm looking forward to meeting new faces and seeing old friends! :D

    Its the most wonderful time of the year!
  15. mewsmom

    mewsmom New Member

    The DFW cities marathon averaged about 100 attendance last year- Masters averaged about 60 and seniors was probably around 15-25.

    With these size numbers- masters will most likely be cutting to top 8 - so plan for an all day in to the evening tourney.

    We have heard of many traveling again this year, so we expect turn out to be about the same.
  16. Team Cook

    Team Cook New Member

    There's nothing in your area for December 1 so come on down to College Station, Texas and hook up with the Houston area players and lets have a good time. See ya Saturday.

    Saturday, December 1

    Clockwork Games
    903 Harvey Road
    College Station, Texas 77840

    12:00pm - 12:55pm - Registration and deck checks

    1:00pm - Round 1 begins.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    When doing map quest, TX 30 is the same as Harvey Road. There may not be an exit for Harvey Road so look for TX 30 / Huntsville exit.
  17. mcanaves

    mcanaves New Member

    With the sheer amount of traveleres this year, I could easily see 7 rounds each day, plus top 8, for Masters. Get ready for a grindfest, folks.
  18. old man

    old man New Member

    Or you could come North to OKLA instead to Game HQ. Registration starts at 11am and the first round about 12:15. Either way is sure to be a good time.
  19. Professor Sycamore

    Professor Sycamore New Member

    OH MAN! I can't wait for these tournaments to start. I know it's going to be a bit wild.
  20. wilyfungi

    wilyfungi New Member

    I only have 10 more days to figure out something ridiculous to play, I really do not know what I am going to do :(

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