The Adventure of Amber

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    Pokemon Adventures Ver. 1.0 Ch. 1 The Journey Begins
    Prologue - We start off in the region of Hooen, in a small town Vinitar.
    A young lady in her late teens early twenties comes walking out a small house in this reletivly small village. She is 5'7 and slim, she is dressed in a pair of long black Khakis, she is wearing a red and black vest over a long sleeved black shirt. Her face, soft, with a nice comlexion, her blue eyes stand out the most, as her long brown curly hair drapes down to the middle of her back. She has a belt around her waiste with 6 pokeballs on it. One of which stands out, it a black and white pokeball with a gold "B" on it. She starts to walk off towards the forest until she remembers she forgot to grab her pokedex.
    "Oh shoot I almost forgot" she says as she runs back off into the house
    Her mom looks at her and says "You forgot something didnt you Amber?" smirking
    She looks to her mom and glares "Yes, so what?'
    She runs up to her room and grab the small red device from her desk and dashes back out the door, she grabs her bike and peddles off into the dark forest.
    A young trainer pop's out in front of her, she slams on the breaks
    "What are you doing?"She yells
    The trainer looks at her and grabs a pokeball from his belt "I challange you to a pokemon battle"
    She looks at him with a surprised look on her face "Alright" she says
    They walk over to an wide open area the sun shines bright down apon them.
    The trainer looks at her "3 pokemon whoever's pokemon faints first loses"
    She looks back smiling "Fine"
    The young trainer tosseso ut his pokeball a bright light flashes as the pokemon comes walking out, its a Skiploom.
    Amber grins, she tosses out a pokeball, another bright light flashes as a Houndour pops out
    The Trainer yells "Skippy Razor Leef"
    The Skiploom release 25 razor sharp leaves flying out the Houndour
    Amber yells "Houndour flamethrower"
    The Houndour realease a stream of fire from its mouth scorching the leeves to ashes
    Amber yells again "Houndour Ember"
    The Houndour shoots fire from its mouth again towards the ground below the Skiploom, the Skiploom attempts to get out of the way, but fails, its get's majorly burned as it falls down fainting
    Amber looks at the trainer and smirks "Is that all you have?"
    The Trainer grins looking back "Far from it"
    The trainer throws another poekball out, a small Mudkip appears
    He yells "Mudkip, Water gun now!"
    Amber looks at the Mudkip, she yells "Houndour jump out of the way" the Houndour jumps but still gets hit with moderate damage
    The Houndour stumbles trying to regain some strength
    Amber yelles "Houndour skull bash"
    The Houndour charges at the small Mudkip
    The trainer watches as he yells "Mudkip, Bubble now!'
    The Mudkip releases a wave of bubbles at the Houndour as all the bubbles smash into the Houndour, he falls down no longer able to move, it faints
    Amber pulls back the Houndour, he hand brushes the pokeball with the "B" on it, a slight shiver runs down her back, she hesitates then grabs a different pokemon
    She yells "Goo Pichu!!"
    As the ball hits the ground a small mouse looking pokemon appears
    She then yells "Pichu Thunder"
    The Pichu jumps up in the air, as the clouds get dark and a thunderstorm rises, a large bolt of electricity comes down from the clouds striking the Mudkip, the mudkip instantly fainting
    The trainer looks at his mudkip, he calls it back
    He looks to Amber ans says "I forfeit, I cannot win, my only pokemon left is Marill"
    He walks over to Amber offering a hand shake
    She looks at him, she smiles accepting the hand shake, and says "Nice battle"
    She turns and walks over to her bike, she gets on and rides off into the darkness of the forest.

    As she continues through the forest she begins to think more and more about the one pokeball. She has no idea what it is, she got it from her lover, but he never said what is was all he said was "Keep this sweet heart, and when you decide to use it, it will show you much love and appreciation, this is one of my favorites" he said that before he went off to the Battle Tower finals. She sees an opening a ways ahead, she peddles faster as she gets closer and closer. She reaches it openening up to a large open area, she can see the Rustbiri town ahead. She peddles off through the high grass, as she reaches the opening, she notices a small group sorounding a large gym looking building, she decides to investigate. As she walks up, she can hear the crowd showting.
    "Who wants to battle her next" yelled one man
    "Not me no way" yelled another
    She walked over to them ans said quietly "I will"
    They all turned to her, a huge erruption of laughs started
    "You, yeah right you wouldint have a chance" said one woman
    She glared at all of them then walked into the gym, a battle had just ended, a trainer walked out, he looked to her saying
    "Good luck, your going to need it"
    She looked back
    "Pshhh, I doubt it" She was very confident in herself

    Ch. 2 Amber lets out the mystery pokemon
    As she approached the arena area, the leader looked at her and said
    "Welcome, I am Roxanne, the town Gym Leader, are you ready?"
    She looked at her saying "Yes, im always ready for a good battle"
    Roxanne looked back a smile on her face
    "That is good, let us begin then"
    Roxanne takes a pokeball from her belt and throws it, a flash of light appears as a Geodude appears from the ball.
    Amber looks at it, she is unsure what to do, then she grabs a pokeball, and throws it out, out pops a Squirtle
    Roxanne nods in the choice of pokemon
    Roxanne then yells "Geodude, rock smash now"
    The geodude, curls up in a ball and rolls at the Squrtle fast
    Amber yells "Dodge it Squirtle"
    The Squirtle jumps up to dudge it
    Roxanne then yells "Geodude, jump in the air"
    The small geodude, jumps off the ground and follows the Squirtle in the air, the geodude smashes into the small squirtle with a strong force, the Squirtle falls down, and has trouble standing
    Amber yells "Squirtle use Water Gun Now!"
    The Squirtle stands, and shoots a jet stream of water at the geodude, the geodude, cant take tha water, and falls back
    Roxanne yells "Geodude rollout"
    The geodude, curls up into a ball again and goes rolling at the Squirtle
    Amber looks, and yells "Squirtle BubbleBeam now"
    The Squirtle shoots out a beam of bubbles at the ball of rocks smashing into it, the geodude unfolds itself and faints
    Roxanne looks amazed she calls back the Geodude
    Since there is only two pokemon allowed in this battle, Roxanne grabs her best and throws it out
    Out pops a Rhyhorn
    Amber looks in amazement
    Roxanne yells "Rhyhorn Skull Bash now"
    The large Rhyhorn charges at the small squirtle, the squirtle to hurt to move cant get out of the way, the skull bash instantly knocks him out..
    Amber calls it back, she is now unsure what to do....her hand folds over the pokeball with the large "B" on it, she grabs it and throw it out... a small teddy bear like pokemon it yells out "SPINDA"
    Amber is unsure what the pokemons move set is, so she pulls out her pokedex and reads up
    Roxanne yells out ""Rhyhorn Earthquake Now"
    Amber looks at the small Teddy bear like pokemon
    She yells "Spinda Avoid then use Pshycic"
    The small Bear jumps out of the way, then it drops back down and puts its little arms out, its eyes glow a dark blue as a blue force field grows around it, it slaps its hands together as a multi-colored beam shoots across the arena, it makes a dip in the ground as it shoots at the Rhyhorn, the beam smashes into the Rhyhorn as it goes flying back instantly fainting, the bear's eyes go back to their original look, then drops back down, it runs over to Amber and hugs her leg
    Roxanne looks in amazement at the small bear, and the damage it did.
    Roxanne walks over to Amber and says "Thats...was amazing, where did you get such a strong pokemon?"
    Amber looks to her and says "My husband gave it to me before leaving to the Battle Tower finals, his name is Brandon, you might know him"
    Roxanne looks at her and smiles "Yeah I know him....he was a very strong trainer when he came to me for a battle...well here is your badge, good luck to you, oh, and when you see Brandon, tell him Roxy said Hi"
    Amber says "No problem, and thank you"
    Amber walks out of the gym
    She walks back out into the crowd, a few people notice her, and pop jokes about how she probly lost
    She looks over to one guy and flashes the badge, his eyes get real big
    He says "No way, you beat Roxanne?"
    Amber replies "Yes, it was easy, with the help of my loves cute teddy bear" she smiles
    He says "Teddy bear? which bear?'
    The small Spinda walks out behind her holding onto her pants leg
    Amber looks down "That teddy bear"
    The guys eyes get real big "Yeah right, that runt of a bear couldint have taken out Roxanne's Rhyhorn"
    Amber smirks at him "Is that a challange?"
    The guy looks at her "Yeah right, if you beat Roxanne, you wouldint have trouble beating me" he scurries off
    She smiles, she looks down to the bear thinking to herself "interesting, how strong this little teddy bear is, I wonder how far it can get..." she pats it on the head, it looks up to her and smiles "Spinda" says the bear, Amber smiles back as they walk off to the pokemon center.
    She walks up to the pokemon center the doors slide open as a rush of warm air flows out. A mechanical voice says "Welcome to Rustburo City Pokemon Center, please take any injured pokemon to the front desk, Thank you"
    Amber takes a step in as the doors slide closed behind her, she see's the main desk ahead, and slowly walks up.
    The young nurse looks up to her saying "Hello, my name is Nurse Joy, do you have an injured pokemon?"
    Amber looks to her replying "Yes" she takes the 2 pokeballs off her belt and places them on the desk.
    Nurse Joy smiles taking the pokeball "Ok, they should be fully healed by tommarow"
    Amber looks back a smile slides across her face "Ok, is there a place I can stay?"
    Nurse Joy turns "Of course, there is always a place to stay for the trainers, down that hallway and to the left"
    Amber looks in the direction she pointes "Ok" she walks down the hallway and into the room, two bunkbeds are on each side of the room, the Spinda follows her
    Amber tosses her bag on the top bunk and lays down on the bottom one, she begins to think, of Brandon.
    She stands up and looks out to the dark sky, she whispers to herself "When come back to me?" The Spinda walks up behind her and hugs her leg, a smile comes across Amber's face as she picks the small bear up, she looks into its crazy eyes, she ask's "So, did he tell you when he would come back?" The Spinda looks back and says "Spinda?"
    Amber smiles she walks over to the bed with the bear in her arms, she lays down as the small bear lays down on her chest falling asleep, Amber eventually does the same.
    The Sun shines into the room, the Spinda no longer on her chest, it stares out to the sky,Amber slowly opens her eyes, she looks over to the bear asking "what are you looking at?"
    The bear turns to her, says "Spinda" and points out the window
    Amber gets up and looks out the window, a large green dragon floats across the sky, with a man standing ontop of it, what seems to be a cape or cloak floats behind him as they get farther and farther away.
    Amber whispers to herself "Brandon....." a tear comes to her eye as she looks down to the bear, his hand out to her with another white and black pokeball in it with the exact same gold letter "B" on it.
    She looks at it surprised thinking all it is is the Spinda's pokeball, then she glances over to her belt noticing that, there on her belt, is the other white and black pokeball. She takes it asking the bear "Was he here?"
    The Spinda looks to her, he tilts his head to the side, then nods
    She wonders what it is, she tosses it releasing the pokemon inside, out pops a little dragon like pokemon, she is unsure what it is so she pulls her pokedex out, the male mechanical voice says "Bagon, the Rock Head pokemon, Bagon harbors a nerver-ending dream of one day soaring high among the clouds. As if trying to dispel its frustration over its inability to fly, this pokemon slams its hard head against huge rocks and shatters them into pebbles."
    She looks to the pokemon saying "Bagon huh...hmm"
    The Bagon looks up to her, turns around and jumps on the bed laying down.
    She returns the Bagon to its pokeball and grabs her stuff and walks out the door, the Spinda following her. She walks back up to the main desk and grabs her pokeball.
    Nurse Joy turns to her and says "Thank you for coming by!"
    Amber turns and says "No, thank you for healing my pokemon and giving me a place to stay for the night"
    Amber walks up to the sliding door, the doors slide open as warm air is allowed in, the summer day is hot as she runs over to her bike, getting on and riding around the town.
    She finds a Pokemon Fan Club, she walks in a crowd of people surround a tv set, she slowly walks over she over hears some people
    A young boy says "Wow, Battle Tower finals are almost here, I hear a trainer named Brandon made it, but he dosent have a chance, Brice will take him out."
    Amber speeds up and says "No way, Brandon will take them all out" a smile comes across her face as she see's his face on the tv set, the small Spinda walks over to the tv and points to the picture of Brandon saying "Spinda Spinda"
    Amber smiles and walks over picking the small bear up.
    Another trainer ask's "How do you know Brandon will win, are you his sister or something?"
    She turns to him and replys with "I know he will win because I have watched him train, and no im not his sister, Im his wife"
    The whole room grows quiet, a couple trainers can be heard whispering to each other
    The looks back to the tv set, she see's a new battle starting
    Another trainer says "Here we go, the Semi-Finals Brandon vs. Gerrard"
    The camera zooms in on both trainers Gerrard stands there, he is wearing a pair of semi-loose fitting pants, a a red cross vest across his chest covering a black shirt, 6 pokeballs on his belt.
    The camera then zooms in on Brandon, he stands there in a pair of loose fitting black khakis, a black shirt with "Go Time" in dark blue letters on the front, the back says "Ill be home soon Amber" his belt only holds 3 pokeballs, all the same looks as two of the ones on Amber's belt
    A trainer looks over to Amber, then glances down to her belt, he notices toe unique pokeballs, he then looks back to the tv seing the same pokeballs, he says "You must be Amber, and those must be two of Brandon's infamous pokemon"
    Amber looks over to him saying "Yes, one of which stands here in front of you"
    The whole group looks down to the Spinda, everybodys attention returns to the tv when the announce says "Here we go, Semi-Finals Brandon vs. Gerrard"
    They each throw out a pokeball, Gerrard's first pokemon being Aggron, Brandon throws his out, out pops a Castform
    The whole room erupts in laughter at Brandon's choice of pokemon, but as soon as the whole group calms down Brandon's finger points up, as the Castform flies up, the arena grows dark as a thunder storm starts the Castform floats back down, its color, body shape everything about it changed, it now looks like a large water drop.
    Faintly you can hear Brandon yell "Castform, Sheer Ice now"
    The Castform obbeys as a shards of ice begin to fall all around the Aggron, it then freezes the large Dragon looking pokemon, this attack hit, instant K.O
    The Ice goes away as the Aggron falls down fainted, the Castform changes back to its original form.
    Amber smiles elegantly, as the whole room turns to her
    Amber looks to the Spinda, who sits right in front of the tv, she says "Spinda come on, we have seen enough"
    The Spinda stands up and walks over to her, they both walk out of the door as the group of trainers watch.
    She walks back outside, grabs her bike and rides off, the Spinda riding on the back its arms wrapped around Amber.
    She rides off, through the town, then her cell phone rings out of knowhere. She stops on the bike and picks it up.
    She says "Hello?"
    A man says "I won, as I know you know I would, ill be home soon sweet heart, I hope you like the new pokemon that was dropped off, I couldint wake you, I was stretching my luck flying there and back in time for the next battle."
    He then says "I love you, but I must go"
    The phone goes blank as if disconnected
    A tear slides down her face, she whispers to herself "I love you too" she slides the phone back in her pocket and begins peddeling again.
    Through the town silent "Hurray's" can be heard, she thinks to herself, "There is alot of people supporting Brandon...i never knew he was so well known"
    She speed's off towards the end of town before a "HEY YOU HOLD ON"
    She comes to a slow stop and turns around to see a older trainer come running at her waving a bag
    He yelles "Excuse me miss, but are you Amber, the one Brandon's shirt speaks of, some trainers at the hang out were saying you had just been there"
    He gets up to her, almost out of breath
    She replys "Yes, I am Amber, and alos yes, I am the Amber Brandon speaks of on his shirt why?"
    The young trainer hands her a bag, with what feels like a pokeball inside of it.
    She ask's "What is this?"
    He replys "2 years back Brandon come through town, he found me out in the forest trying to catch a wild Surskit with a net, he came up and offered to help, I told him go for it, he threw a pokeball at it, caught it, and handed it to me saying""Here, take this, next time use a pokemon to catch other pokemon""and walked off, so, it used it more and more, then it evolved, and I did what I wanted to do, I caught the one pokemon I wanted, so I want to give him this back"
    She took it saying "I will give it to him when I see him next, and I will tell him you said thank you"
    The trainer smiles "Thank you Amber"
    The smiles peddeling off again.

    Ch. 3 . It's Brandon
    As Amber reaches a large open field out in the distance a large city, sky high towers, one which stands out, its a large dome, with a large antenna looking pole sticking out of the top of it. She begins to pedal off towards the large city. As she gets closer people become visible batteling outside of the city. As she gets closer, a large group of people are surrounded around one battle. She peddals up, and stops, she gets off her bike and walks over to the battle, the Spinda follows closly. When she reaches the middle of the crowd, its actually not a battle at all, the group is listening to the radio, as the faint voice says "Battle Tower finals are appoaching fast, but Brandon is knowhere to be found, some say he went off to train, other's say he went to see the person his shirt speaks of this 'Amber'. That is all the information we have for now." the radio crackles and is shut off, she stands there amazed.
    A trainer says "So, he is gone, wonder where he went off to."
    A young girl says "I think he has come to see his wife, I hear she is on her way here soon"
    At these words she turns and walks to her bike, not wanting to be noticed, but its inevitable, one trainer sees her walking back to her bike.
    He says "Hey, arent you Amber, I thought I saw you on tv the other day."
    She hurries off to her bike and jumps on it riding off as fast as she can. She enters the city, and off in the distance a small pokemon can be seen writing on an alley way wall, she pulls her pokedex and identifies the pokemon as " Smeargle the Sketching Type Pokemon. This Pokemon loves to paint and are often found vandilizing local villages. Their attack is Sketch, an attack that allows them to mimic moves that an opposing Pokemon uses."She looks at it and pedals off into the main streets of the large city. As she gets to the main streets t.v's in the city are all showing the same thing, "Brandon, was seen heading towards Edgewater City, they say he is going thier to visit his wife, who is on her own Pokemon journey" All the tv's shut off. She looks up to a sign, and sees the large words "Edgewater City" her eyes get big, then she gets teary eyed. She looks around, she finds a hotel to stay in, she pedals over and gets off, the Spinda following almost at her heels. She walks in and the manager glances up, he thinks nothing but another customer, but then looks over to the tv, Amber's picture is on the tv as they continue to talk about him leaving Battle Tower during the intermission. She stops as her picture is shown, then looks to the manager, he looks up to her
    He says "Hi, welcome to Ocean Front Plaza, you must be Amber"
    She nods saying "Is there any vacancies?"
    He nods "Yes we have a few open still, are you planning to check in?"
    She replys "Yes, I will staying a few days."
    He smiles "Ok, which room would you like? We have All the basic room, Master room, and the Pent House"
    She nods saying "I will take a two bed basic room please"
    He replies "Ok, it will be 175 pokedollars please"
    She opens her bag, and pulls out her purse, she hands him the amount asked, and he hands the key
    "Thank you good sir" she says walking down the hall
    She opens the door, and walks in, there are two beds side by side, and a large tv against the wall in front of the beds. She tosses her bag on the bed as the Spinda walks in, it gets up on one of the beds and lays down falling asleep. She looks to it
    "Thats a good exausted" she walks over to the other bed and lays down falling asleep.
    After a few hours, she wakes, it now dark in the room, but when she wakes, she see's a faint shadow at the end of her bed. She sits up quickly, the shadow turns to her, his eyes glissen in the faint moonlit room, she know exactly who it is. She jumps out of the bed, and wraps her arms around him.
    He whispers "Hi sweet heart..."
    She says in between sobs ""
    He holds her close repying " My love for you is much more important then a battle, or a championship..."
    She replys "I so much Brandon.."
    He says " I missed you too, but lets talk about how you are doing.."
    Brandon sits down on the bed, as he invites her to sit with him, she sits down beside him, he wraps an arm around her
    She says "This Spinda sure does get attached easily.."
    He replys "Yes, it is trained to love it owner, it is like, a new born baby, it has been spoiled like you wouldint believe"
    The both laugh for a moment looking over at the Spinda sleeping on the other bed
    He looks to her saying "Lets not wake him, take a walk?"
    She nods smiling, she stands up and grabs her coat
    He walks to the door, he takes her hand, locks the door and walks out shutting it quietly.
    They get outside of the hotel, and walks towards the beach. As they walk, nothing can be heard around, the moon, sparkles in the nightime sky, as the stars surround it. They both reach the ocean front and sits down on a close by bench. They both turn to each other and smile.
    She looks into his eyes, as he looks back to her
    He says "Well...I better be going, the finals arent to far away, and I need to train, so...this is goodbye for a little while sweet heart"
    She bursts into tears, she stands up and hugs him, her face buried in his chest.
    He whispers "Its alright wont be much longer, till this will all be over and we can go off to..." *mumbles into silence*
    She nods her head, she hugs him tight
    He smiles, he pulls her away, and pulls her chin up, he kisses her lightly on the lips as he begins to walk away to Rayquaza.
    She follows slowly behind him holding his hand
    As they reach the hotel he turns to her and says " I love you sorry we have to be apart like this.."
    The looks to him and replys "Its ok, we will be back together soon enough" she smiles elegantly
    He smiles back "Ok.."
    As he walks away she says "Love you Brandon...and good luck to you."
    He turns and smiles noding to her, as he gets farther and farther away, he seems to almost dissapear, then the large dragon comes down a street and swoops him up they fly off into the darkness.
    As she watches a tear comes to her eyes, as she looks down to the ring around her finger and back up to him.
    She walks back into the hotel and into her room, she lays down on her bed, now unable to sleep, she lays there the remainder of the night
    As the night passed, she lays there in the bed, she just rests her eyes, until the sunlight pour into her room like an overflowing glass of water. She opens her eyes slowly, the sunlight hurting her eyes. She sits up and looks over to the Spinda, it still somewhat sleeping. She gets up off the bed and gets ready to take a look around town, she gets dressed and as soon as she walks back into thebedroom, the Spinda sits up looking to her with a smile on its face. It jumps off the bed and begins to follow her as they walks out of the front door. They get outside and hear tvs going again, the announcer says "Brandon, in fact has returned to Battle Tower, he is now in the midst of his emmense training sessions getting ready for the finals." She continues down the street, Spinda at her heels, his head looks to the left, then the right watching everything around.
    She looks to the Spinda "So, where too?"
    The Spinda looks back and tilts it head, he then looks to the large antenna sticking up in the air, he points to it
    She looks over to where he is pointing and says " gym...lets get a move on"
    As they walk they both see the large gym become visible, they both walk in and looks around...she see's there is about 3 trainers in front of her. She walks close and one says
    "Before you can go to the gym leader you must face us three trainers...if you can beat us, then you have a chance with Geoff."
    She smirks replying "Well, I guess ill have to take you three out then"
    She walks onto the arena floor where the first match will be held.
    The trainer says "3 pokemon, first one to no longer have a pokemon able to fight loses"
    She looks back and replys "Fine"
    The trainer looks to her, and throws out a pokeball saying "GO Electrike" as soon as the ball hit the ground, a small dog like pokemon green and yellow in color pops out.
    Amber pulls out her pokedex, it beeps on saying "Electrike the lightning pokemon, Electrike runs faster then the human eye can follow. The friction from running is converted into electricity which is held in the pokemons fur."
    She looks to the small pokemon and think of a pokemon that could best battle it. She grabs the pokeball with her new Bagon in it and throws it onto the field yelling "Goooo Bagon"
    The small pokemon pops out, he is ready to battle.
    Amber yells "Bagon, Tackle now"
    The Bagon charges at the small dog pokemon, the Electrike, takes one step back
    The trainer yells "Electrike use Thunderbolt Now"
    The Electrike's fur begins to move around as electricity can be seen sparking from hair to hair, it releases a bolt of lightning at the small Bagon, it hits the Bagon, but it keeps running almost as if not phased by it at all. He continues charging, and the small Electrike not knowing what to do, just stands there panicing. The Bagon lowers its head and smashes into the Electrike, tossing it back a few feet, the Electrike manages to stand back up.
    The trainer yells "Electrike, Shock Wave now"
    The small Electrike manages to conduct enough electricity, to shoot a few shocks of lightning at the Bagon
    Amber yells "Bagon, Skull Bash now"
    The Bagon taking moderate damage from the Shock Wave lowers its head and charges the Electrike, before the Electrike can move the Bagon smashes into it again, the Electrike falls to the ground, fainted.
    As the trainer calls back his Electrike, Amber's Bagon stands there breathing reletively hard, it's has taken alot of damage and cant take another massive attack. The trainer throws out another pokeball, a bright light flashes and out pops a Voltorb
    Amber yells "Bagon, use Skull Bash again"
    The Bagon charges at the Voltorb, as the trainer looks back somewhat ammused
    The trainer yells "Voltorb Self-Destruct Now"
    As the Bagon gets closer, the Voltord begins to glow, the Bagon gets right to it and the Voltord explodes instantly fainting, but taking the Bagon with it.
    As they both recall their fainted pokemon, the look at each other. Amber throws out another pokeball, she yells
    "Go Houndour"
    The small dog appears from the pokeball, is stands there ready to fight
    The trainer looks and grabs his last pokemon, he yells
    "Go, Minun"
    A small mouse like pokemon pop's out, it is blue and yellow, is has a minus symbol on it's cheek's
    The Trainer yells "Minun, use thundershock now"
    The little minun shoots bolts of electricity at the Houndour
    Amber yells "Houndour, use agility now!"
    The little Houndour dashes out of the way of the bolt, and seems to vanish from one end of the arena to the other as the trainer yells at the minun to do more thunderbolts.
    As the Minun shoots more at the Houndour, the Houndour continues its technique of agility avoiding each shock.
    Then Amber yells "Houndour, use flamethrower now"
    The Houndour appears about 3 feet in front of the Minun, it opens it's mouth and gives the small mouth a blast of fire, a direct hit.
    The trainer yells "Minun get up and use Thunder Wave"
    The minun slowly gets back up and lets off a bolt of electricity at the Houndour, the Houndour jumps out of the way, barely avoiding it.
    Amber then yells "Houndour finish it off with an Ember"
    The Houndour blasts a wave of fire at the ground around the Minun, it instantly creats a ring of fire around the Minun, the Minun with little energy left faints.
    The trainer looks up to her
    " are victorious, congrats to you miss, you may move on to the next trainer"
    She reply's "Thank you" and walks passed him.
    As she procede's on to the next battle, the slight scent of burning wood can be smelt, she glances around, she looks over to a current battle, a Charizard against a Voltorb, she glances up above them, and notices a fire building up in the rafter's.
    She yells "FIRE!!"
    All the trainers stop their battles and look to her, they all look up to what she is pointing at, and begin to call back their pokemon and run towards the exit. As she runs outside, she looks at the large stadium, the roof burning in. Loud sirens can be heard in the distance. The gym leader decides, that all the people who were contending, will be given a badge, she has knowhere to continue the gym.
    As Amber grabs her badge, she gets on her bike, and rides off. As she gets out of town, the sun begins to slowly set in the distance, she continues, in the large field ahead. A small village, with an inn, becomes visible in the dim moonlight. She parks her bike, and rents a room for the night. As she checks in, and goes to her room, she continues to think about Brandon, as the Spinda, slowly keeps up with her. She quietly opens the door, and walks in. A fairly small room, one bed, 2 chairs, a small dining table, and a bathroom as you walk in. She plops down on the bed, and passes out, the Spinda cuddeling up next to her snoozing away.
    Moring comes fast, the sun's hot rays spray into her room like a hose. She gently awaken's, get's up trying not to wake the Spinda, She takes a short shower, getting into new clothe's, grabbing her bag, by this time the Spinda awake, they walk out the door, and on with their journey.
    As they move on towards Eddelbrook town, they are stopped by two young men, saying they are salesmen and have a special gift for her.
    The younger one says "Excuse me miss, but we were noticing that you have no way of telling what way you are going"
    The other saying "And your in luck, because we have just the thing for you"
    They both say "A personal hand held GPS system"
    She looks at them both, and laughs, she says in between breaths "Heh, no that's quite alright, i'll pass" and rides off.
    As she gets about 50 or so feet away, they begin a foot persute on her, she speed's up as they also do. She gets out of the brushy portion of the field and now is on the dirt and rock portion. She cant keep complete control over her bike now, her front tire at times swirving back and forth, they have stopped their pursuit, as she slows down, she reaches the enterence to the closest town, being Eddelbrook.
    3 months pass, she now has 7 badges, and has just entered Canton city. The final badge awaits her, she has gained many new pokemon, and many new friends. Two of her pokemon, visibly favored being Spinda, and Houndoom. Both being at relitivly high level's she has heard from Brandon only twice. She knows he won the Battle Tower tournament, and is now at the top of the Elite four, being the 5th and final trainer you face before winning the Elite Four.The previous 5 gym battles, were not easy for her, she had to go to the 4th gym 6 different times, because the leader's pokemon had an easy type adavantage over her. She slowly enters the gym, this gym not like the other's there are no trainers opposing her
    She looks around "Hello?? anybody here??"
    A light blinks on in the distance, large florecent lights come to life as a young man stands there, he smirks as she looks at him.
    He see's her and says " have made it this far, now you face me"
    She looks at him wondering if she should worry or not.
    She says "Well..lets get started then"
    He nods
    He looks at her once more saying "Well, chose your pokemon"
    She looks down thinking to herself "What pokemon should I use? Hmm... Spinda proved useful in getting the 5th badge against Tyson. I remember that battle... Anyways, what about Umbreon? They helped me beat Jasmine in Cantinoke city and earn the 6th badge" She finally choses her pokemon, ,she throws out a pokeball, and out pops her well trained Houndoom
    He smirks as he throws out his pokeball, and out comes a large Glailie.
    She looks at the pokemon suspiciously, as she orders the Houndoom to use Fire Blast on it
    The large dog looking pokemon unleashes a large ball of fire dircted at the Glailie.
    He says "Glailie use mist now" The Glailie releases a cloud of mist, the fire, instantly retreating back to nothing
    Not sure what to do, Amber order's the Houndoom do use Crunch, he dashes towards the Glailie and does as she asks, it's large mouth opens up and crunches down on the Glailie, its taking a moderate amount of damage.
    The young leader order's the Glailie to use Ice Beam, but flinches
    She then tell her Houndoom to use Flame wheel, he releases a large ball of fire, which seems to shape into a large wheel flying towards the Glailie. With the damage it took from the last attack , this one knocks it out.
    He calls back the Glailie, and throws out his next pokemon, and out pops a Vaporeon, he instantly order's it to use Hydro Cannon, it opens it's mouth and releases a large stream of compressed water, the Houndoom having no chance to avoind, takes a direct hit, and falls to the ground in a heap.
    The is debating what to use next, but throws out her Umbreon, it stands there awaiting it's first attack.
    She yells out "Umbreon, use agility now"
    It being so fast, it's almost impossible to see
    The leader tells his Vaporeon to use water gun repeatidly, aiming all around the gym battle floor.
    She then yells "Umbreon, Faint attack now"
    The Umbreon stops, being not far to the left of Vaporeon, it's fades away, almost seeming to dissapear, and tackles the Vaporeon to the ground
    Amber then yells for Umbreon to continuously use bite on the Vaporeon, and it does as she ask's.
    The Vaproeon, taking damage fast, takes defeate and passes out.
    He calles back the Vaproeon, throwing out his final pokemon, being Sneasle.
    He order's it to use Double slash on the Umbreon, Amber not getting a chance to retaliate, watches as her Umbreaon takes slash after slash after slash, until she yells
    "Umbreon, Agility"
    The Umbreon vanashing again, the leader stands there waiting for it to appear
    Amber says "Umbreon, begin to charge up"
    The leader looking at her wondering what she meant by that
    As a few more minutes pass, Amber yells "Umbreon that's enough hit'em hard"
    The Umbreon instantly appearing in front of her unleashing a deadly Hyper Beam straight at the Sneasle, the leader having no chance of retaliation watches as his Sneasle takesa direct hit from the blast.
    He calls it back, the match over.
    He walks across the gym floor, he puts his hand in his pocket, and pulls out the final badge, he extends his hand out to her, handing her the badge.
    He quietly says "Oh...and my name is Taylor"
    She looks at him, in suspicion, she turns and goes to walk out the door, when she hears him speak once more,
    "Oh...and say hi to my older brother Brandon for me"
    She quickly turns around, him being gone.
    She walks out the door, and on her bike, she heads off to Port City, to board the Elite Four Trail Ship, to take her to Elite Mountain.

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