The Wall--(ArmO'don)(DP-On)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Dr. Mason, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member


    3-2-3 Armaldo LA
    2-1-2 Bastiodon MT
    2-2 Claydol GE
    4 Chatot MD
    2 Regirock LA


    3 Fossil Excavator
    2 Bebe's Search
    3 Prof. Oaks Visit
    2 Cynthia's Plan
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 TM TS-1
    2 Leftovers
    2 Stark Mountain
    4 Rare Candy


    3 Call
    4 Special Metal
    2 Basic Metal
    6 Fighting Energy

    Regirock LV.51 – Fighting – HP90
    Basic Pokemon

    Poke-Power: Regi Cycle
    You can use this Power once during your turn, if you have Fighting Energy in your discard pile. Discard 2 cards from your hand. Then, attach 1 Fighting Energy card from your discard pile to this Pokemon. This Power can't be used if this Pokemon is affected by a Special Condition.

    [F][F][C] Stone Edge: 40 damage. Flip a coin, if heads this attack does an additional 30 damage.

    Weakness: Water (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 3

    Anorith LV.29 – Fighting – HP80
    Stage 1 – Evolves from Claw Fossil

    [C] Guard Claw: 20 damage. During your opponent's next turn, any damage done to Anorith by attacks is reduced by 20.
    [F][C] X-scissor: 30 damage. Flip a coin, if heads this attack does an additional 20 damage.

    Weakness: Grass (+20)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 1


    Armaldo LV.52 – Fighting – HP140
    Stage 2 – Evolves from Anorith

    Poke-Body: Fossil Armor
    If damage done to this Pokemon by an attack is 60 or less, this Pokemon takes no damage.

    [F][F][C] Crush Claw: 60 damage. On your next turn, any damage done to the Defending Pokemon by attacks is increased by 40.

    Weakness: Grass (+30)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 2

    Technical Machine TS-1 – Trainer – Technical Machine

    [.] Evolutionator: Search your deck for 1 Evolution card that Evolves from 1 of your Pokemon and play it on top of that Pokemon, Evolving it. Shuffle your deck afterward.

    To use a Technical Machine, attach it to one of your Pokemon. The Pokemon this card is attached to can use the attack on this card.

    Cynthia's Plan – Supporter

    Return your hand to your deck and shuffle your deck. Then, draw 4 cards from your deck.
    If any of your Pokemon were Knocked Out on your opponent's previous turn, draw an additional 4 cards.

    You can use a Supporter once during your turn. To use it, play it next to your Active Pokemon and discard it at the end of your turn.

    Just a neat little idea. Kingdra can't even TOUCH this. LITERALLY. Translations of course from PokeBeach.

    This deck is just one big wall! Benched can't be hit, Armaldo wont take damage anything short of 70, so Kingdra can't touch it, and AMU can';t hit with anything short of god blast, it's best attack. Attacks are good, even bastiodon is a great attacker. Chatot is start of course. Claydol for draw and Regirock+Stark Mountain for emergency energy accel.
  2. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    technically kingdra can touch this. If it gets 13 energy in the discard and it OHKOs your armaldo. However that would be too late, nice job.
    Although the deck beats Kingdra, it will still get beaten by AMU. I would therefore say drop the bastiodon line for a 1-1 Mewtwo Lv.X and the four special metal for 4 Psychic and the two basic metal for 2 more fighting.

    I think two stage twos is too inconsistant. GL
    R8ing - 8/10
  3. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    But then I can still get sniped? :p Big hole in my Wall.
  4. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Ah yes, very nice use of the Armaldo my friend.

    This deck looks really good and if you ask me, i really dont see AMU getting past this.

    Sure, Mespirit can God Blast for 200 after FINALLY setting up (My Opinion)
    Azelf relies on you attaching energy, and you need 7 energy attached to your pokemon before it can even do anything (6 is all that is needed for 1 Armaldo and 1 Bastiodon) not to mention it can't hit your bench if Bastiodon is in play.
    Uxie, well, 60 and can't attack next turn, doesn't do anything to the Armaldo

    So really, Mespirit is the only thing that can get past this deck, at which point it only takes 2 turns to KO so...yeah

    Looks good, but why not throw some Buck's Training in here if you can

    Crush Claw+Buck's Training=extra 50 on your next turn!

    Very nice list, very nice list
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2008
  5. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Thanks much! I'll try Buck, forgot about him. I just knew Felicity was out of the question :D
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