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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by LVX, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. LVX

    LVX New Member

    howdy came up with this deck to stop the incredible force that is the penguin we all hate or love empoleon.

    4-pikachu md
    4-raichu mt

    3-zapdos md

    2-aerodactyl md

    trainers 31
    3-old amber
    4-oaks visit
    2-roseanes research
    2-lake boundaries
    2-crystal beach
    2-fossil excavators
    2-warp points
    2-super scupp ups

    energy 16
    4-call energy

    right ok the important part the strategie

    the idea is to get a old amber on the bench a pikachu start with a call energy attached. use call to get the pokemon you need. then charge up a zapdoz each turn by evolving to a raichu and elctro magnetic draw and placing an energy. then you can retreat do 80 damage to the defending pokemon (90 to a piplup-110 to prinplup and empoleon) or 160 when a lake boundary down. there is the problem of taking 40 damge to one of your pokemon but all you do is take it on a old amber becuase it ignores damage from your and your opponets pokemons while on the bench. plus youve got a deck of basics so what is omanstar going to do. you also got aerodactly to diterate your opponets from using poke powers! also your main attacker has resistant to gallde. with the trainer lines plenty of draw for a fast setup and lake boundry to one hit ko empoleons and crystal beach to stop them gaining the advantage with scrambles! you can also fall back on a raichu if things get dire!

    hopefully you like this idea and advice would be great:smile::lightning:lightning:lightning
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  2. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    13 Pokemon and 29 trainers FYI.
  3. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Old amber counts as a trainer.

    FYI, Call Energy DOES NOT put Zapdos's Poke-Power into effect. Zapdos says, "...when you put Zapdos from your hand to your bench," so its effects only work if it is from your hand, not your bench.
  4. LVX

    LVX New Member

    thnx all changed strategie and list
  5. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    Why Fossil Excavators? You can't get old Amber with it.
  6. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    You cna't get Aerodactyl either..... might want to opt for 1 more Roseanne's and 1 more Bebe's!

    The other thing is not to forget about the new Raichu either.... Agility is noce for stalling (on heads of course) but the 100 is just nice as well! Good Luck with it and hope you don't hit your mirror!
  7. Escata

    Escata New Member

    The idea of the deck is great! :smile: Simple and elegant!

    I would suggest for you to modify some trainers and take out the call energy.. it's not lightning, it could ruin your game during a crucial moments you were desperate for a lightning energy. It is not very useful if you don't start with it in your 8-card hand (7 cards + 1 you draw), which is why I think is not worth in this deck...

    I would have 4 Old amber, because they are in this deck as important as aerodactyl.
    I would add 2 unown Q, sou you could retreat for free your raichu or Phione (or pay less to retreat a zapdos -- but watch out for pachirisus if you attach a pokémon tool to zapdos, which is 2x weak to lightning! =] )
    I would have 3 Roseanne's and 3 Holon mentor. This way you would have a good chance of drawing supporter cards that would bring basic pokémon to your hand (for zapdos power) a way to evolve pikachu (Phione), and even a way to reduce your retreat cost (unown Q), all with only one card.

    I would use more super scoop ups. Not only to reuse zapdos, but to save it when it is damaged and to retreat it. If you really need to retreat, unown Q could help zapdos too. (so, I would take out warp points)

    Windstorm just in case you meet empoleon with cessation crystal.

    Trainers: 29
    4-old amber
    4-Oaks visit
    0-pokedex --- add some if you find room for it... it's a card I like. =]
    0-bebe's --- better evolve Raichu by Phione or normally by drawing cards. It is a Stage 1 pokémon, just keep drawing cards that it will eventually be drawn...
    3-Roseanes research
    3 Holon mentor
    3 steven's advice or other drawing supporter like TGMars, Cosmo's Discovery or Bill's Maintenance (if you'd like, Rival or Professor Birch could fit too)
    2-Lake boundaries
    1-Crystal beach -- had to remove one because of room...
    0-Fossil excavators - no use for it in this deck.
    0-Warp points - no room, I think super scoop here is better
    2-Windstorms - vs cessation crystal and battle frontier
    3-Super scoop ups - good luck! :biggrin: I would like 4, but coulcn't find room for it.
    2-Night maintenace

    Energy: 13
    13 Lightning energy :lightning

    Pokémon: 18

    4 Pikachu
    3 Raichu (MT)
    4 Zapdos (GE)
    2 Phione (MD)
    2 Unown Q (MD)
    3 Aerodactyl

    Just remember always to watch out for dusknoir! Your bench is very likely to be full...

    Another idea:
    If you notice that the aerodactyls are not being very useful and wish to take them out of the deck to add more cards that will speed it up, there is mudkip (Crystal guardians). Its poképower is the same of old amber. Alone, Mudkip is a better option than Old Amber because it is a basic pokémon that can be obtained with holon mentor or Roseanne's. The only problem is that you can't discard it if you start with that as your only basic pokemon.
  8. charchar

    charchar New Member

    rather play scrmables than beach. play a 2-2 claydol or some chattots for the win?
  9. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    ^ Scrambles??? The main attacker is a Basic and you better hope that you don't have to resort to Raichu!

    Nice idea overall!
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