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    After not playing for virtually the entire year because of the terrible state of the format, I decided to judge at my States. Afterwards I realized that this format is indeed simply terrible, and I also realized that in order for it to get better, the rogue players needed to become more dedicated to their craft. I was a bit washed up bit I figured why not give it a shot.

    Immediately I set to work on a Tangrowth, Exeggutor, Sceptile deck with surprisingly good results. The gaping weakness though turned out to be, as expected, the Magmortar matchup. The only thing saving it from being an autoloss turned out to be Exeggutor. If your could get average luck with the coinflips when a Magmortar had 3 or 4 energy on it the matchup got much closer. Unfortunately I realized that so many Magmortar simply scramble to prevent me from flipping for them. Even after a couple weeks of perfecting the deck and a lot of dedication put into it, I was forced to scrap it. I had a little less than a month left until Regionals and no deck to play. Until I found help in unexpected places.

    I’m working on some homework on the computer when Jimmy Ballard pops out of nowhere on Aim and tells me to playtest a deck of his codenamed “Four Corners”. This was rather strange because Jimmy and myself haven’t exactly had a healthy relationship. It was not so much that we didn’t get along, it more that we just avoided each other. We both always ran rogue, our play styles were just very different. So I look at the deck thinking it’s a joke or something and I immediately fell in love with the concept and what it can do. It quite literally countered the top 4 decks with positive matchups in all of them. I continued to change it up often and ended up with my final version about a week before Regionals.

    James Flint and myself differed slightly on our lists because he ran Absol ex as opposed to Jolteon*, a DRE instead of the Castform, and a Wager replacement to a Copycat. Ultimately the Absol ex and Jolteon techs made the difference.

    After taking off work for Saturday and Sunday, Friday night I headed over to pick up my cousin Victor who decided to play my Sceptile deck in Seniors. After playtesting his deck against Magmortar, we got to sleep around eleven and got up the following morning at 4:30. We headed over to Camille's(Pokemama's) house to pick up some cards that she let us use. Gotta love that woman. Getting up at 6 AM on a Saturday to allow Ash(my sister), Victor, and myself to have a shot. After a few hours of driving we arrived at the Chula Vista Resort. We headed to Mcdonalds to get some breakfast. Talk about some expensive fast food. 50% increase on everything. Finally we get to the tournament.

    Upon arriving I realized that my Japanese Cresselia Lv.X could not be played without a translation which I didnt have. I spent an hour trying to either buy or borrow a Cresselia with no luck. With only minutes to spare before I had to turn in my sheet, Troy was able to print me a translation. Troy saved me from having to run a 1-1 Cress which I feel would have crippled the deck immensely.

    A good friend of mine, Dan Nord, gets called out by the PTO for being one of the dozens of people talking. It was just the first of a string of incidents where I really questioned the quality of the PTO. I’m generally not one to bash but he was rude and arrogant all day.
    I loaded up my Arithmetic deck and finally began

    Round 1- Arithmetic- James Flint
    Literally the one person in the field that I wanted to play the least. He knew the mirror much better than I did and he was my training partner for the deck. Worst round 1 matchup I have ever had. We both got terrible starts and traded Banettes for the first 3 prizes each. Once we started rolling I misplayed by dropping a Jolteon* to kill an active Banette when I could have just moved a damage over with Cressalia. It very nearly lost me the game because I needed the drop later and was forced to attempt a Dragon Rage for the win instead and I nailed both heads for the win. It was a tough win to swallow but I knew if we met in top cut he would take me out. 1-0

    Round 2- Darkrai, Honchkrow, Wigglytuff
    This match was extremely frustrating. He would use Wigglytuff to put both active asleep and but the stadium he had prevented darks from becoming asleep. I had an excellent start with a Turn 2 Claydol and proceeded to get everything in play just as he did. He played very slowly though and when time was called I was up on prizes 5-2. I’m fairly certain I would have had the game anyway but I just questioned why he would play so slowly when he was down on prizes. 2-0

    We got to have a lunch break at this point. My group decides to go to the Subway about 10 minutes away. Upon arriving we find out that its not open. A subway not being open at noon on a Saturday. So we immediately drove back to the Chula Vista with 35 minutes left in our lunch break. The problem was the parking lot totally filled to the max. We had to drive around waiting for someone to leave before we could park and it took 20 minutes to do this. Once we parked and got inside with a little over 10 minutes left, we stood in line for the food at the resort but barely moved at all in the 5 minutes we were there so realized that we had to get back. Terrible choice in venue if you ask me.

    Round 3- not even sure exactly, some kind of blissey, Gardevoir, etc.
    I saw so much randomness in this match. I started with a Karp and had a mentor, I proceeded to not get any more trainers for 10+ turns and just constantly set pokemon up just to try to stall out until I drew into something but it never came. I’m really not quite sure what happened in this match. The deck usually doesn’t reply like this. He used a Blissey with a couple energy on it to slowly beat me. How the dude was 3-0 I’m really not sure.

    I was fairly worried at this point because I knew only 5-2’s would get in and James Flint was already 1-2. I looked at Tim Metro’s new rogue deck I had have to admit I was impressed. The way it was running I was thinking it would win the tournament.

    Round 4- Magmortar/Cess Lock- Alex(Big Chuck)
    I have never actually played Alex before, we’re pretty good friend and stuff but I was actually looking forward to playing him. Unfortunately his turn 1 cessation crystal changes my mind really quick. This deck has a gaping weakness to Cess but I never figured it would be a problem since so few people run it. He just slowly built a magmortar with a cessation on it and laughed while I couldn’t move damage, could use claydol, and couldn’t even attack with Gyrados (Gyrados gives mag a really hard time). He slowly plowed through me. I might have taken a prize. Either way it wasn’t pretty.

    Wonderful now I had to win out to top cut

    Round 5- Tsunami, Hurricane, whatever you call it, same list that got 3rd at Illinois States.
    I had a perfect start as I utilized warp points to force the Skitty kills before he could evolve. Without the Skitty’s he just fell apart. Discarding the Jolteon* out of my hand got me a little angry but he only took one prize because my Banette’s Ghost head. This one really got my confidence back. 3-2

    Found out that in Seniors; Victor went 2-3 and missed the cut, Dan Nord (running Arithmetic) went 4-1 was the 5th seed, and Toby N. (running a Banette/Gyrados deck I made for him a few days ago) went 5-0 and was the top seed. I was fairly pleased so far with their results.

    Round 6- I’m really sorry, just drawing a blank. I won. If anybody can fill me in here feel free to. 4-2
    I have to win to Top 16 and so does Flint.

    Round 7- John- Arithmetic

    Not at all what I was wanting. John is such a good player and in the few weeks since I met him I found out he’s a cool guy too. Really didn’t want to be in a situation where only one of us makes the cut. I get a Claydol about 7 turns later than he does but I still manage to set up much better. He just keeps sending up basics and I keep taking them. Once I am able to get the Claydol running, which was much later than it should have been, I just took control and he lost. Sorry man. 17th is the worst spot to get. You have it a great run. 5-2.

    I make the cut as the 10th seed and I play Ryan (Biggenzzz) who I’m sharing a hotel with later that night. I was really getting sick of having to play close friends. We both agreed to no hard feelings. James also makes the cut as the 14th seed and had to play Matt Alvis.

    Top 16 Ryan- Gardevoir/Gyrados

    Game 1
    We both knew plenty about each others decks going into these matches, it was going to be close but I knew the Cress weakness kills had to win me the game. Either that or turn 2 him with Banette which I did. Sorry man. 6-2

    Game 2
    This was much closer. We both had solid starts and my Banettes were giving him fits but I was unable to take control. Eventually it comes down to him having 3 prizes left to my 2 after I killed his active. He sends up a Gyrados with 110 damage on it, I send up my Cressalia Lv.X with a psychic on it. Other than Gyrados no damage is in play and I have already used my Jolteon. I energy switch the only other energy I have in play to the Cressalia then I am forced to mentor to get the Castform and attach it for the 2 prizes.7-2

    Ryan played so respectably throughout the game. I forgot to draw a prize card after I shuffled a Banette back in to the deck and he let me take the prize card without a second thought. Great job man running a rogue deck.

    James also wins against Alvis, which means we have 2 Arithmetic in top 8. The problem is that if we both win, we play each other in top 4. Also Dan Nord won Seniors with Arithmetic. That guy is so darn good at this game. Making us proud man.

    Top 8- Vince B. GG with Dusknoir

    Game 1
    I knew he ran the Dusknoir since my good buddy Chris Cobi narrowly lost to him in top 16. I immediately made sure I kept the bench space to a minimum but I had trouble with that because I had my first Jolteon* start of the game, greatly narrowing my options for bench space. Even though the lack of bench hurt I was able to utilize my Banettes and Warp points to destroy his Gallades and he was forced to use a Dusknoir when I had 1 prize left to his 3, he was able to take 2 more prizes before my Gyrados put a stop to it and I took the game.8-2

    Game 2
    This game just didn’t go good for him at all, I had a solid start and he just kept pushing up basics trying to draw into something but it never came. I 6-0’d him. 9-2

    Good job getting so far Vince. For a recently returned player you did a really great job getting that 3rd seed after swiss.

    James lost to Jason, which meant that I would have to play a Plox in Top 4. I would have preferred to play James to guarantee a Arithmetic in top 2 but a Plox was a good matchup. Unfortunately I didn’t realize what a toll 11 tough games and not enough sleep took on me.

    Top 4 Jason K- Plox

    Game 1
    This was a really good game. I had a great start and proceeded to just give him a hard time all game and took a nice little prize lead. That’s where the trouble started. He was able to abuse his scramble and eventually I got locked in the end and just scooped to start the next game. 9-3

    Game 2
    I had less than 20 minutes for this game. I was starting off pretty bad and just consistently misplayed myself into a bad situation. He ended up locking me with 7 minutes remaining. Realizing that he would easily slow play me for the win I just scooped it.

    So I took 4th place overall. Not too bad considering I haven’t done much of anything in this game for years.

    Camille for getting me everything I need and lending me her support
    Troy for hooking me up with the translations on the Cress
    Jimmy for giving me the chance
    Devin for helping me out along the way
    The Excellent judging staff
    Ashley for giving me a ride
    Dan for winning
    Jason for winning
    Toby for getting that nice 5-0 swiss
    Rogue decks in top 16
    The Chris’ for running that sweet spread deck
    Tim Metro for his originality, missed cut with 23 seed
    Ryan for making top 16 with rogue
    Jay for proving his consistency
    James Flint for getting Top 8 with Arithmetic
    Jolteon*, best tech ever

    PTO being so rude for no reason
    Terrible venue
    No parking spots
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  2. chriscobi634

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    GJ buddy, Rogue FTW. Unfortunately, Chris Wood had to face James Flint in round 7 to see who got in, and you guys had the advantage in our match-up with the Cresselia.

    Then I got a horrible starting hand Game 3 in Top 16. But still managed to make a close game of it, so our "Four Corners" didn't do as well as Arithmetic.
  3. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    I'm so glad you're playing again!! Thats fabulous, I hope you keep playing and we can discuss more rogue decks in the future!!!
  4. PokeMama

    PokeMama New Member

    Now that's a fantastic report Kevin! Really nice! I'm so proud of you and all our TIYers up there! Like Dan taking first in Srs and James and Bigginzzz in the Masters top cut too. I thought you did great, especially considering you haven't really been able to be in any tournaments lately. Sorry to hear about all the snags, that must have taken a lot of fun out of it, but really glad to see you finish top 4! Were you 3rd or 4th? Earlier I thought it was 3rd.
    Anyway, Congrats again! Great job!!!!
  5. Van78

    Van78 New Member

    wich deck is PLOX? THANK YOU
  6. Politoed EX

    Politoed EX New Member

    Kevin, you are RIGHT
    the Jolteon * tech literally won me one of the games in the Finals
    glad you guys allowed me to join in on playin this

  7. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Concrats man, it was cool to hang out with you again. Hope to see you at Nationals.
  8. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    Chris- You did amazing man for running a rogue deck though. Tough luck in top 16.

    Swanton- Thanks, great job on that almost sweep in your Regionals. Rogue FTW

    Pokemama- Ryan originally told me that I got 3rd but I found out later it was actually 4th, when I looked at the trophy lol.

    Van- Its GG with more emphasis on Gardevoir and using its psychic lock.

    Politoad- You did amazing Dan, proved the greatness of both the deck and the player.

    Jaeger- Was looking forward to playing you in Top 2, Jason's just too difficult to beat in a Top Cut game.
  9. UnKnOwN 111

    UnKnOwN 111 New Member

    You do know that :lightningjolt* was in the list that i gave yu right?

    Dan, your a great player, and a great person, and you proved it. The kid you beat in the Finals, Arron H(sp), is in the same boat as you. I dont think I ever seen 2 seniors play against eachother in the finals with so much class while winning and losing. You too WILL see more of each other later on in the season. Remember that. :eek:

    Kevin-Good job for not sleeping the night before like you said you were going to do. EVERYONE was tired kevin, not getting enough sleep is no excuse tho, since I was up until 4 watching my brothers little rampaging boy, then making it to top8 and taking one of the best players in the world into sudden death. You could have at least ssucked it up and won one of those games man. Win or lose im proud of you still.

    Good luck at Nationals guys!
  10. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    You told him to take the Jolt out and I told him to keep it in. Man youre being a bit of an attention ***** james.
  11. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Hey, good job man. I was very proud to see you and Flint both make top with the deck. And watching the top 8 was very interesting. I played well but was a bit overmatched. I ended up taking out a few things I shouldn't have because I wasn't comfortable with them. Once I found I was playing the deck well, not having them cost me, so I'll revert to the original version. God, I love this deck. Also, agreed about the PTO, lol.

    I hope to see you guys at Nats (if I make it).

    edit:there is NO need to quote an entire long post just to add a half-dozen lines of comment...continuing to do so in further posts will result in infraction points for spamming.
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  12. UnKnOwN 111

    UnKnOwN 111 New Member

    Wow KEVIN! i hope your not serious about this post!
    Considering you were nagging me to take it out and once you used my deck you liked the jolt* and put it in your deck. I told Dan that he could try absol ex ALSO in place of jolt*, i NEVER told him to take it out sir.
  13. Wood811

    Wood811 New Member

    Gj Kevin and James, Cresselia is a beast.:)
  14. MetronOob

    MetronOob New Member

    Why didn’t you just run across the street to the culvers and have lunch there that’s what my dad and I did, and congrats on making the cut.
  15. Fantine

    Fantine New Member

    Culvers is gross.

    I get one prop and it is for driving. Thanks buddy.
  16. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    TSDMage- Hey are you from Jimmy's crew?

    Unknown- What are you talking about? Ask Devin. We wanted to put it in since the day I got the list. You were on the one who bashed on it.

    Wood- Haha thanks. Bad luck barely missing the cut, I loved the rogue though. That stuff with Angela and Toby was hilarious.

    Metronoob- At the time I felt that a panini at the resort would be a better option but looking back at that not it would have been a good idea.

    Fantine- You know I love you, and the rest of my fanboys.
  17. Politoed EX

    Politoed EX New Member

    i dont see that it truly matters who wanted the jolteon* in the deck, the point is that its amazing, but absol could help just as much, its all depends on the situation.
    and just for the record, James never told me to take out the jolteon*, it was in the original list that he gave me and he told me that I could try out the absol if I wanted to.
  18. TSDMage

    TSDMage New Member

    Uh, well, Jimmy's got alot of "crews." I'm a CCNC guy. We met at Jimmy's a week prior to Regionals. I'm the short dude with the hat, who also congratulated you after making top 8 :)
  19. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    Oh yeah I realized it right after I posted that.

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