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    After three years of absence, the Pokemon League returns to Toronto (not counting the ones in the GTA region since you HAVE to drive to get there :frown: ) courtesy to the folks in Dolly's for hosting it. The information are as follows:

    "Dolly's Crafts and Sports Cards"
    115 Montezuma Trail
    Scarborough, ON M1V 1K4
    Time: Saturdays @ 2 to 5 PM (Tenative)

    The location of the store from Google Maps

    I would be the League Leaders (the other Leader spot will be filled in by me until we find suitable candidates ... perhaps they will battle for it? :lol: ) for the store and the League will officially opens its doors on April 21st to coincide with the start of the Fuschia City Season. So whether you want to come by to play casually, trade to fill that hole in your binder, or to practice for big events, come by and sign up for the League! We will be looking forward for the opening day of the Pokemon League! (Sorry, but no ribbon cutting for us yet :tongue: )

    PS. For those in the "Juniors" and "Seniors" division, beating Kant in a game would earn you 100 Points, otherwise you would get 50 :biggrin: More points policy to come at the start of the League ...
    PPS. This thread will probably serves as a feedback thread for the League as well when ... it isn't League session :lol:
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