Tyranitar GX vs. Glaceon GX- what happens?

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    (asking on behalf of my son Richard, 7 years old)

    So, considering a scenario where Tyranitar GX knocks out Glaceon GX, what happens? Does Glaceon GX go to the Lost Zone, or to the discard pile? When does Glaceon GX's Freezing Gaze ability cease being effective? In the case of other pokemon KO'd as 'collateral' damage by Tyranitar GX's Dusty Ruckus attack- what happens to them? If there is another Glaceon GX in play which becomes the new active pokemon after the KO, does this have any bearing on what happens?

    Thanks in advance!
    -Tim/ Changer

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    That's a tough one!
    The ruling from the Compendium that would apply, that looks at Abilities coming back on after KO's and how it affects Pokemon that were KO'd at that moment, is this one:

    Q.If my Lugia EX knocks out an opponent's Garbodor with the "Garbotoxin" Ability and a tool attached, does Lugia EX's "Overflow" Ability turn on in time for it to take two prizes?
    A. Nope, Garbotoxin is still active when Garbodor is KO'd, so Lugia EX does not get to take 1 more prize card for Overflow. (Feb 28, 2013 TPCi Rules Team)

    Based on this ruling, the Pokemon would go to the discard pile and not to the Lost Zone.
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