UK City Championship Winners List 2006/2007

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    Hi Guys and Gals,

    last year I know I found it hard to keep track of all the UK CC winners and since we pass down qualifying places to Nationals it is important that TO's have a list of winning players so lets start one!

    When a player wins their age category at a UK CC please post it here and I will update the listing :D

    Masters Winners

    Dharyl Wilson - 19/11/2006 - Rainham CC (from
    Johvan Roberts - 25/12/2006 - London Hackney CC
    Lee Jenson - 09/12/2006 - Bournemouth CC
    Justin Kempley - 10/12/2006 - Norwich CC
    Ren? - 12/12/2006 - Mitcham CC
    Dominic Thompson - 16/12/2006 - Gillingham CC (Qualifies as winner was Sammi Sekkoum)
    Andy Stone - 06/01/2007 - Newham CC (Qualifies as winner was Sammi Sekkoum)
    Ben Ward - 13/01/2007- Hull CC (from
    Chris McGivern - 20/01/2007 - Crawley CC
    Russell Murray - 27/01/2007 - Exeter CC
    Chris McGivern - 10/02/2007 - Horsham CC Ian Elliot qualified for Nats as Chris won Crawley
    James Skarratt - 10/02/2007 - Manchester CC
    Justin Kempley - 11/02/2007 - High Wycomber CC - Dennis Hopgood Qualifies for Nats
    Ian Elliot - 11/02/2007 - Westbourne CC (from Crawley) Aaron M qualifies for Nats
    Andy Stone -17/02/2007 - Guildford CC Ian Fotheringham qualified as Andy had already
    Cole Bendall - 18/02/2007 - Scottish CC I -
    Nitish Dolub - 18/02/2007 - Southampton CC -
    Justin Kempley - 24/02/2007 - Hackney CC - ????? Qualifies as Justin wins his 3rd!
    Stephen Ellison - 24/02/2007 - Hessle II CC -
    Stefanie K - 03/03/2007 - Crewe CC -
    Nitish Doolub - 03/03/2007 - Gloucester CC - No qualifier as Nitish only player in Masters!
    Nitish Doolub - 11/03/2007 - Poole CC - Jack C takes Qaulifying place
    ????? - 24/03/2007 - London not Islington CC -
    Russell Murray - 24/03/2007 - Guildford CC II - Nigel Edney Qualifies

    Senior winners

    Jonathan S - 19/11/2006 - Rainham CC (from
    Jake A - 25/12/2006 - London Hackney CC (from
    Charlie C - 09/12/2006 - Bournemouth CC
    Sam H - 10/12/2006 - Norwich CC
    Daniel H - 12/12/2006 - Mitcham CC (Qualifies as winner was Nicholas F)
    Stephen G- 16/12/2006 - Gillingham CC (Qualifies as winner was Nicholas F)
    Luke P - 06/01/2007 - Newham CC (from
    Karl S - 13/01/2007- Hull CC (from
    Ollie K - 20/01/2007 - Crawley CC
    Dan D - 27/01/2007 Exeter CC
    Nicholas F - 10/02/2007 Horsham CC Adil B qualified as Nick F won Nationals 2006
    Alex B - 10/02/2007 Manchester CC
    Ollie K - 11/02/2007 - High Wycombe CC - Matthew C qualifies as Ollie K already has
    Dan D - 11/02/2007 - Westbourne CC (from Exeter) Dan W qualifies for nats
    Nicholas F - 17/02/2007 - no qualifing player as both in age group already qualified
    Dan W - 18/02/2007 - Southampton CC - Carl J qualifies as Dan W already had
    ????? - 24/02/2007 - Hackney CC -
    Alex B - 24/02/2007 - Hessle II CC - ????? qualifies
    Alex B - 03/03/2007 - Crewe CC - Josh P qualifies as Alex B has won 3!
    Ollie K - 03/03/2007 - Gloucester CC -
    Charlie C Won - 11/03/2007 - Poole CC - Rob W takes qualifying place
    ????? - 24/03/2007 - London not Islington CC -
    Ollie K - 24/03/2007 - Guildford CC II - Lewis I Qualifies (

    Juniors winners

    Tommy E - 19/11/2006 - Rainham CC (from
    Ren-Wang M - 25/12/2006 - London Hackney CC
    Daniel D - 09/12/2006 - Bournemouth CC (Qualifies as winner was Tommy E)
    Josh H - 10/12/2006 - Norwich CC
    Callum? - 12/12/2006 - Mitcham CC (Qualifies as winner was Christopher F)
    Cameron D - 16/12/2006 - Gillingham CC
    Samuel N- 06/01/2007 - Newham CC
    Alex B - 13/01/2007 - Hull CC (from
    Ashley M - 20/01/2007 - Crawley CC (Qualifies as winner was Ren-Wang M)
    ????? - 27/01/2007 - Exeter CC
    Christopher F - 10/02/2007 - Horsham CC Harley W qualifies as Chris F top 4 2006 Nationals .
    Chris C - 10/02/2007 - Manchester CC
    ????? - 11/02/2007 - High Wycombe CC
    Jack G - 11/02/2007 - Westbourne CC (from Bournemouth)
    David W - 17/02/2007 - Guildford CC - Megan S qualifies as David W already had
    Neil B - 18/02/2007 - Southampton CC
    ????? - 24/02/2007 - Hackney CC -
    Michael H - 24/02/2007 - Hessle II CC -
    ????? - 03/03/2007 - Crewe CC -
    Angus K - 03/03/2007 - Gloucester CC -
    Luke B - 11/03/2007 - Poole CC -
    ????? - 24/03/2007 - London not Islington CC -
    James D - 24/03/2007 - Guildford CC II
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    London all I know so far is that Jake A won the Seniors anyone know about the winners in the other age groups?

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Updated with London details
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  3. ukpokemonpro

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    Updated with Bournemouth Winners well done guys and nice to here the Masters Final went to the wire :D
  4. TheGame

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    Norwich CC 10/12/06 Winners-Justin Kempley(Masters), Sam H(Seniors), and Josh H(Juniors).Report to follow.
  5. ukpokemonpro

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    updated with Norwich CC winners
  6. NoPoke

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    Mitcham 12th dec 2006, 23 entrants, 3rounds +Top2 cut in each age group.

    Masters Ren ???

    Seniors Daniel H (qualifies as Nicholas F has already qualified)

    1st: Christopher F won but he may have already qualified as he placed 3rd at 2006 UK Nationals
    2nd: Callum ??
  7. ukpokemonpro

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    It seems that an email I rec'd from TPfG has not been seen by the majority of TO's and that the contents relating to qualification criteria for UK Nationals are unknown by almost all TO's and Players.

    So to clarify here's the Qualification Criteria for UK Nationals:

  8. Kempley05

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    Ben, with the trouble with had with getting UK CC's classified as premier events, is there any danger that the people on the list above may not have qualified for nats (as it wasn't an 'official' CC)?
  9. ukpokemonpro

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    Carl has confirmed my CC's verbally, emails tend not to get answered unfortunately. I cannot comment on any other TO's CC's but it does seem all of us followed previous years procedures and that TPfG just need to get a move on confirming them with POP and getting them flagged as Premier Events.
  10. ukpokemonpro

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    Added Gillingham CC Winners and Qualified Players
  11. xeixei

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    Can anyone post what winning decks were being used in the already finished CC's? Just so we can get an idea of what the UK likes to play most ^_-
  12. afirule

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    15+ today at london- sami won and i qualified. I cant remember the names of the young men that won juniors and seniors.
  13. ukpokemonpro

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    Updated with Newham CC winners
  14. Ace_Gaming

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    Hull City Championships 1 Winners List


    Ben Ward - from


    Karl Spratling (winner of the nintendo DS lite) - from


    Alex B - from

    A big thank you goes out to all the players that attended today; it was a great atmosphere and you all made it what it was! :thumb:

    If you have any feedback about the day then please let us know what you thought!

    Ace Gaming
  15. amphyrules

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    I won Nats.
  16. andceo

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    Can i know when English Premier Rating will be put on PUI site?!
  17. Kempley05

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    As it happens, we'd like to know too:lol:
  18. NoPoke

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    ..just need to wait another 10 days.... the last ten days obviously weren't quite the right ten days.

    Look out for a sudden surge of City Champioinships... appartently there have been 30 run/scheduled so far!

    [I'm having a bad day and am feeling particularly grumpy about the state of OP in the UK!]
  19. ukpokemonpro

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    ROFL apparently we have 35 penned in or 25 or whatever but we know of all the ones here and that's a wee bit short of either..

    I have another call out to carl to confirm what is happening and will post here when I know more

    Updated with Hull CC I - ooo look I won :D
  20. Tego

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    I hope what they meant to write was "To qualify you must do one of the following"? :p If not, that's some pretty harsh participation criteria you've got for your Nationals! :eek:


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