Unown G, Anti G&G???

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Ikari, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    Unown G attach itself as a Pokemon Tool and prevents all the effects of attacks (Excluding Damage) done to the pokemon that Unown G is attached. Read the card for more info.

    So... its a better WP. Why? Mainly, cause it doesnt require a basic :water: to work. you call it with Mentor/Rosseanne/Pachirisu/Corsola/etc...

    Also, seems like Pachirisu cant discard it. (Rule needed)

    So... why is Anti G&G? Lets see... it prevents Sonic Blade and Bring Down. So, for example, use it in a Wailord, and you get a Staller. Meanwhile, you power up in the bench. It takes 3 hits from Gardevoir (Or 2 if attach Pluspower/Charm) or 2 hits from Gallade (With Fliping ALL the Prices) So you get the ruin of G&G with a simple... Unown G (Irony? :lol:)

    Also, (in a side note) it prevents Ghost Head... anyway... :lol:

    Just a idea to see the powerful Unown G can be. Another ideas? Can it be metagame changing?

  2. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    wow... this card is awesome i didn't realize this card's existance and I'm pretty sure Pachi can discard it due to the fact that it's a tool..cause I think u can also windstorm it away as well..
  3. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    Its pretty good,its way better than WP since u dont waste a NRG attach. Gallade still can OHKO everything except Wailord tho so.....
  4. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    Actually, Pachirisu tool discard is a effect of the attack... that's why MAYBE Unown G can prevent it (that's why i put RULING NEEDED :p) but yeah, Windstorm can blow it away...

    No whitout Sonic Blade... Togekiss: 120 HP, fight resistance, flip 4 Prizes. Magmotar, 110 HP, flip 3 Prizes (Or 2 and Pluspower). The objetive is make them flip their prizes early, so late game they run out of fuel.

    And remember the Mawile!!!
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  5. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    Yea I know that,but still if they get a early Gallade round t3 t4 its alot of the time harder to come back from and alot of times over. Yea u do that but still,Gardy can still bring down which dosent have a Unown G or WP.
  6. fchangus2

    fchangus2 New Member

    it is very effective against Gardy/Gallade. I think G&G will have to put some windstorms back (some G&G decks don't run them).
  7. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    Don't forget that G&G will be using Unown G itself for mirror matches and to prevent things like Typhlosion from discarding their precious DRE when it attacks.

    Unown G can possibly be the reason Blissey will be viable at states, along with a few forgotten powerhouse Ex cards that got scared away when Gallade showed up.

    Personally, I think Unown G might be the best card in GE in terms of what it can do to the format.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2008
  8. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    Hey everyone! Heard of windstorm?:lol:

    Anyway, this card will reduce the popularity of gallade...
  9. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    Again, they Flip their prizes, leaving them unpowered for late game. And a Magikarp (for example of low hp) with Unown G blocks Bring Down (It doesnt get redirected), the attack fails (Its in ATM Forum, sorry for no providing a link)

    Yes, its the unique counter to Unown G, but remember that you can recycle your Unown G to your deck/hand, so they will put 4 windstorms (Already with 2 they are changing their deck a lot) to counter your Unowns? Also, its a trainer, they cant search for it.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    is flipping over prizes the effect of an attack?
  11. Jason

    Jason New Member

    no...its adding up damage for an attack.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    you're right i was scared there for a second, feraligatr would be another example

    yeah i'm not worryed, wailord is the only thing that would be hard to beat without sonic blade and bring down, and flygon ex pk,
  13. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    How about multiple Flygon Ex d with Unown G attatched...
    Flygon might be posed for a comeback, especially with Nidoqueen in there to quickly recycle then with a Night Maintenance.
    As for Windstorm, there couldn't possibly be a counter to that, could there?(sarcasm)
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2008
  14. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Kingdra LOVES this card. The only reason why Kingdra isn't around now is Gallade's Sonic Blade. Now that his bulky 140 HP + Extra Smoke isn't reduced to rubble anymore, it might just shine again.

    Problem for Unown players: Enjoy having it as a start.
  15. darkHYPO

    darkHYPO New Member

    does unown G stop the effect of ABSOL a baleful wind

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

  17. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

  18. Ra2xse

    Ra2xse New Member

    GG palys 3-4 Windstorms sou you should use like 3-4 of them. 1 Storm, and Sonic Blade... Too easy.
  19. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    G&G usually plays 2 Windstorm and 2 Warp Point. Having to take out the Warp Point for more Windstorm hurts the deck as a whole, since Windstorm is a dead card in many matchups. If you leave the Warp Points in then you have to skimp somewhere else. The thought that 4 Windstorm = 4 Unown G is off as well. One Night Maintenence can make your 3 easily searchable Unown G into 6 if you really want to focus on them, there isn't any good way to replenish your Windstorms once you use them. Finally what happens if you have to use a Windstorm on something not an Unown G (say Crystal Beach, for instance), then you really start having a problem.

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