UPDATED 4/23 H:Ex's And MEWTWO EX N: Pokemon Catchers and FA Terrakions Updated 4.0

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Zekrom_24, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member


    1.Only Shipping To US And Canada
    2.Thread Rules Apply As Well
    3.Enjoy Trading
    4.If You Have Neg REF You Send First

    5.Don't Rip

    Will Gladly CML


    My:Mewtwo EX FA

    Your: Charizard*(Mint)
    Rayquaza*(Mint) will add to this deal if mint


    All Dark Explorers RH Trainers(Preferably 4 of each)
    DE Groudon EX
    DE Raikou Ex
    DE Tornadus EX
    DE Darkrai EX
    Mewtwo EX (Reg or FA)
    Zekrom EX (FA)
    Terrakion (FA/Non FA)
    Any FA
    Rayquaza*MAJOR WANT
    EX EMERALD ENERGY'S (Major Wants)


    2 x Mewtwo Ex (2 FA)
    1 x Kyurem EX (FA)
    1 x Shaymin EX (FA)
    1 x FA Terrakion
    1 x Victini (FA)
    2 x Thundurus (FA)
    1 x Regigigas (FA)
    2 x Zekrom EX (Reg) [PACK]
    1 x Reshiram EX (Reg)
    4 x Zekrom FA (BW) (2 Grey 2 Black)
    3 x Gardevoir (Psychic Mirage)[1 H,2 RH]
    4 x Vanilluxe (3 Slippery Soles 1 Double Freeze)
    2 x RH Musharnna NXD
    3 x Shiftry NXD
    2 x Chandalure Fire (1RH 1 Holo )
    Pre-Release (NXD) Arcanine
    Pre-Release (BW) Darmanitan
    Pre-Release (EP) Gigalith
    2012 Texas States Promo Accelgor
    2012 Regionals Shelmet
    13 x Heavy Ball
    3 x RH Cilans
    2 x RH Rocky Helment
    3 x Collectors (1 Player Rewards 2 Reg)
    9 x Level Balls
    2 x Switch
    4 x EXP. Share
    1 x Fisherman
    2 x Interviewers Questions
    2 x Twins
    3 x Super Rods
    4 x Energy Retrieval
    4 x Bianca
    4 x Skyarrow Bridge
    3 x Pokemon Communication
    2 x Juniper
    4 x RH Junk Arm
    6 x Revive
    2 x Sages Training
    5 x Cheren
    1 x Burned Tower


    Holo Entei (D&P)
    Holo Suicube (D&P)
    Holo Misty's Seadra (Pre-Release)
    Pikachu (30hp) (Promo)
    Holi Dark Slowbro (Rocket)
    Rev Holo Mow Rotom
    Holo Blaine's Moltres
    Holo Meowth (Promo)
    Zapdos (Promo)
    Holo Blaziken FB
    Holo Dark Gyarados (Pre-release)
    Holo Scyther
    Holo Haunter


    Mewtwo EX Jumbo Card And Mewtwo Figure
    2 x Mewtwo EX Next Destinies Pre-Release Poster
    1 x Zekrom Tin Online Code
    1 x Mewtwo Box Online Code


    Last edited: Apr 27, 2012
  2. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    CML for:

    Darkrai Professor Mat
    HGSS Lugia/Ho-Oh Mat
    Mewtwo EX Jumbo Card
    2 x Mewtwo EX Next Destinies Pre-Release Poster
  3. kirbyking

    kirbyking New Member

    Have: Shaymin UL rh

    Want: Zekrom ex FA
  4. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    @Pokeplayer101 i didnt see anything srry

    @Kirbyking srry not interested
  5. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    please CML for your FA EX's
    I have FA victini and Terrakion
  6. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    Do u have a FA Virizion?
  7. KTofTheYear

    KTofTheYear New Member

    I have 2x Kyurems (glaciate). One is RH, one is Holo. Im liking FA Zekrom EX, FA Kyurem Ex, and Regigigas Ex. LMK what we can work out. CML for more if youd like.
  8. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    do u have any FA Zekrom (BW) and the terrakions u have are they FA?
  9. KTofTheYear

    KTofTheYear New Member

    i actually just reedit it. no terrakions and no FA Zekroms for trade ATM.
  10. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    What FA's do u have at the moment?
  11. KTofTheYear

    KTofTheYear New Member

    none for trade. i collect only so i only get one of each and rarely trade for cards i do not need. sorry.
  12. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    sadly no :( ..............
  13. benomac7

    benomac7 New Member

    This all you have??
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  14. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    @Benomac7 Currently

    ---------- Post added 03/22/2012 at 06:26 PM ----------

    @ Chaos how many FA Terrakions do u have?
  15. benomac7

    benomac7 New Member

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  16. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    I got 2
    please CML, I think I put everything there
  17. Zekrom_24

    Zekrom_24 New Member

    @Benomac7 if your not here to trade please leave or i will report you thank you :)

    ---------- Post added 03/22/2012 at 06:32 PM ----------

    would u do a FA Kyruem for both? or make counter offer
  18. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    I would do the two for a FA Zekrom EX, but not just for FA Kyurem EX
  19. benomac7

    benomac7 New Member

    Calm down man.
    ill give you a RH kyurem and something small for your fa zekrom.
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  20. Articuno33

    Articuno33 New Member

    my tornadus and zekrom FA for your Kyurem EX FA?
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