US Nationals TCG Judge Seminar

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    Official Pokemon US Nationals TCG Judge Seminar
    For people who have prior TCG judge experience and are serious about fulfilling the judge role at many local events.

    You can learn from several of the most experienced judges, as they explain judging by walking you through several relevant scenarios from the judge manual.

    Check in outside Room 130 of the Indianapolis Convention Center at the time of this event.
    Pizza & Soda for all attendees while Dan's expense account lasts.
    This year's program:
    11:50 Noon - Check-in
    12:15 - Dan Brandt - Why are we doing this seminar?
    12:20 - Lightning Talks by BDS, Pokepop, Meganium45, bulbasnore, MrRaichu, IvesRountree, JudgeMom McKenzieBoone, Old Amber, and more.
    Sign up here:

    The sign-up website requires a Case Sensitive Password given here in italics: Judge! Due to the high rate of no-shows, please do NOT sign up anyone except yourself. Instead, send the interested parties the link and password via email.

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