WEREWOLF XV: Pokemon Wars: GAME END: TOWN WINS!!!!! See Post 2547 for Final Update!

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    WARNING: The intro story to Werewolf XV is extremely long! If you are new to Werewolf, feel free to skip right to “BASIC RULES” before reading the intro story.

    So yeah, basically I started writing the story, and it just got really long, so enjoy.

    Previously on Werewolf XII (You only need to read the Epilogue, which starts at “Several hours later”) http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=1710821&postcount=1622

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.....

    Pokémon. Some people consider them friends and allies. Others as misfits and abominations. And even still, there are those horrible enough to see Pokémon as mere tools, to be used only to further one’s goals. There is, however, a worse breed of person. There are people who not only mistreat and abuse Pokémon, but take them away from their homes by force, then torture them with heinous experiments. Their goal to suck the very energy from a Pokémon that lets them live and connect to the world. These people. These people are pure evil.


    The small transport, Wrangler, was silent as the ship traveled through hyperspace at light speed. The crew worked without a noise, tending to their monitors and controls. The passengers, a squadron of highly trained troops, stayed in the back area of the ship, cleaning their guns, and polishing their bright white armor. They were an elite squadron of the Empire’s Stormtroopers, infantry of the tyrannical Empire, meant to strike terror and fear into all they meet. The elite soldiers were on a special mission, assigned to them directly from the Emperor, leader of the Empire. After three hours, the Wrangler dropped out of hyperspace and slowed its decent as it came to orbit a small green and blue planet.

    The navigation officer looked at the planet through the viewport, “There she is. Earth. Our destination lies at heading 3, 5, 19. We’re heading to a place called….” he hesitated with the name, unsure how to pronounce it, “Jhoto.”

    The ship plunged into Earth’s atmosphere. The planet Earth had just recently, within the last one hundred years, become part of galactic civilization, so there was little atmospheric traffic, and much of the planet still remained natural. Once on the ground, the ship’s landing gear lowered, and the troops began their mission, capture and bring back as many Pokémon as possible. Pokémon, creatures, native to Earth, had no real market. The troops however didn’t concern themselves with anything other than the mission. This order came directly from the Emperor, if he wanted them; there was a good reason for it. The troops began their hunt and almost immediately came across a large field, ripe with Pokémon. The first stun shot instantly dropped a Pokémon nearby. The other Pokémon reacted by fleeing from the danger. Running in all direction, trying to escape capture. The Stormtroopers fanned out, walking along a straight path, shooting every Pokémon they saw with a stun shot. The stun shots instantly paralyzed the victim, with other troopers picking up the limp bodies and moving them to the ship. Once the ship was loaded with captured Pokémon, it took off, exited Earth’s atmosphere, and entered hyperspace towards its next destination. During this, no one noticed that someone had snuck onto the ship, or that the there one more cell door closed than there were Pokémon prisoners.

    The Wrangler exited hyperspace, this time with a large space ship filling the view. The Imperial Glory lay before them. As impressive as the name suggested, the Imperial Glory was a research and development ship, meant as a mobile headquarters for projects and experiments deemed by the Empire to be of the upmost importance and secret. It wasn’t that big, carrying no more then a hundred people. The Emperor himself was overseeing this particular project. Once the ship docked, men began to fill the hanger, unloading the cargo, troops, and Pokémon. The stowaway kept his cell door locked until everything had quieted down. He then changed into his maintenance worker’s disguise, and cautiously opened the cell door that kept him hidden. He exited the ship via the loading ramp and passed three guards who didn’t even give him a second look. Relieved to see his disguise was working, he headed towards his primary destination. Making his way past more guards, and using special splicing tools to enter secured locations and doors, he made his way to the central testing room, immediately had to catch himself from gasping aloud. Inside the testing room stood an old man in a black cloak. In front of him, an officer stood at attention.

    “My Emperor, the experiments go well, and these new test subjects will most likely lead to our final conclusions.” He smiled, happy with the report he was giving to his superior. The officer walked over to the Pokémon, a Pidgey, who was lying on the table, restrained and silenced. “We have successfully proved that these Pokémon creatures of Earth all have a link to The Force, the same energy that gives Jedi, such as yourself, your powers and abilities. We are currently attempting to drain this ‘power’ from the Pokémon, so that it may be transferred to another host”

    The officer walked over to another station and flipped a switch. The machine it was connected to began to hum and buzz, and suddenly the Pidgey cried out in terror and pain, its body glowed as its very life-force was sucked from it. When the machine died down, the Pokémon was charred, and wasn’t moving.

    The officer continued, “It kills the Pokémon, and only drains a quarter of their energy, not mention the energy it does drain is crude, and unrefined. The result is very inefficient and does not allow for maximum result.”

    The Emperor walked forward a slight bit, raised his head and spoke, “As you know Commander, I require the energy of the Pokémon in order to complete my plans. As you know, my power is becoming unstable. I ask for the upmost in speed.” He leaned in close to the officer, “If you do not succeed, it is possible the Empire itself may fall. Should you succeed, then Commander, the rewards will be great indeed.” He ended with a slight chuckle of amusement.

    A door in the back of room opened, and the man in disguise was again surprised. He saw what appeared to be a Pikachu, but one who was much taller and larger then the average Pikachu, he was also wearing what appeared to be black power armor. The Emperor looked at the newcomer and spoke

    “Welcome Darth Pikachu, how go your tasks?”

    Darth Pikachu bowed before his master and spoke, head looking at the ground, “My master, my mission was successful…to an extent. I managed to track down that traitor Darth Cyrus, but only managed to kill his followers. He cowardly escaped while the battle was fought.”

    The Emperor’s smile vanished, “So you failed then, be careful how you disappoint me Pikachu, or the consequences may be dire.”

    The man in disguise stopped listening as the Emperor and Darth Pikachu conversed and looked down at the datapad he had in his hand that had recorded the entire event. He began uploading it to a small computer that he planned to take from the ship via escape pod to a pick-up party waiting just outside the system. He had just finished uploading when suddenly a loud boom echoed from the room he was watching, a Raichu had broken free of its cell and blown a hole in the wall, it leaped into the testing room and spouted off something in its native tongue before launching an electrical attack at the officer. Darth Pikachu however was faster. He jumped in front of the electrical attack and activated his red Lightsaber in with a snap-hiss. He brought up his saber and deflected the powerful thunder attack directly at the wall separating the man in disguise from the testing room. The attack broke down the wall, exposing the man to those he was watching. Darth Pikachu proceeded to use his Lightsaber to cut down the Raichu in one swing. He then turned his attention to the hole in the wall he had created where a man lay covered in dust from the exploded wall.

    “Who are you?” demanded the officer.

    The Emperor looked over as well, “He’s a Rebel spy! Kill him! Kill him now!”

    The man immediately got up and bolted back the way he came toward the hanger, Darth Pikachu hot on his trail, Lightsaber ablaze.

    Dodging debris and equipment thrown at him by Darth Pikachu’s telekinetic Force attacks, he finally made it to the hanger where he quickly shut the blast door and kicked in the controls. He had bought himself a little more time. He turned to find a an escape craft when he suddenly hear a bzzzzzz. he turned in horror to see a Lightsaber slowly cutting through the door. Knowing he had no time, he rigged a ship to take off automatically and transmit his recording to the Rebels. He had just managed to install his data pad, when the blast doors exploded forward. The man had just enough time to press the launch button on the control board before an invisible hand dragged him out of the ship. The ship took off and exited the ship, off on its unmanned mission. The man had completed his mission; he smiled as he hung upside down in front of Darth Pikachu. He was still smirking when his lifeless body landed on the floor with Darth Pikachu walking away in annoyance.


    The ship would eventually fulfill its mission. It made it past the sector where it transmitted the recording to the Rebel Alliance. The Rebels deemed this was a situation dire enough to warrant a full assault strike on the Imperial Glory. With an opportunity to stop these experiments and kill the emperor and his second, the Rebels would amass a huge attack force along with a dozen landing craft and strike forces that would land on the Imperial Glory and free the Pokémon, and gather as much information as possible before destroying the ship.


    The Rebel attack force sat in space, awaiting the command that would order them to enter hyperspace. The command was given and the many frigates and warships jumped forward at light speed. It took only an hour for the ships to reach their destination. They dropped out of hyperspace and the plan went into action immediately. Small single pilot X-wing and A-Wing fighters spilled out of the frigates. Supported by several squadrons of duel pilot Y-wings, the ships sped towards the Imperial Glory.

    The Rebel flagship stood by, sending out announcements and instructions to the fighter pilots. “All wings report in”

    “Red Leader standing by.” Came a response from the lead X-wing.

    The Y-wings were next, “Gold Leader, all craft green”

    “Green leader here. Ready to rock!” replied the lead A-wing.

    The small craft were immediaty met with a loud ping on each of their individual radars

    “Incoming enemy fighters!”

    Hundreds of TIE-Fighter and TIE fighter variants clouded the view. The battle had begun, lasers were criss-crossing each other as pilots tracked targets while trying to avoid being caught in an enemy’s cross-hairs.

    The flagship acknowledged their response. Attack groups move it, engage enemy fighters and take out the Turrets and Turbolasers on the Imperial Glory. Red Leader, inform your men they will be escorting the landing craft to their destination before breaking off the assist in the attack.”

    “Roger Command”

    With that twelve heavily armored, slow moving landing craft, carrying the strike force moved toward the Imperial Glory. Immediately three of the landing craft exploded in a flash of enemy rocket fire. The X-wings moved in to protect the transports and take the bulk of the attacks. The transports slowly made their way to the Imperial Glory. By the time they had made it there, the battle had progressed badly for the Rebels, only six transports had made it to the ship and all over the radar, Rebel ships winked out of existence. Red group had already split off in two, trying to defend the transports and help against the enemy fighters as well. The rest of their escort fell back to help their comrade, and the transports descended into the hanger bay. As soon as the transports landed, their multiple doors opened out and troops ran out, raining laser fire on the poor surprised guards in the hanger bay. They then fanned out to their assigned objectives, fighting battles as they progress. Meanwhile Stormtroopers had arrived in the hanger and were fighting the Rebels who were defending the landing craft. The firefight consumed everyone’s attention. It was in this chaos that no one noticed an invisible, cloaked ship enter the hanger and land in the back, its occupant silently making their way into the ship’s interior. Another ship had also attached itself to the exterior of the ship, and the pilot was now cutting a hole in the side of ship for which they may enter. These were not the only strange craft the made their way to the Imperial Glory. Over then next thirty minutes, a black stealth vessel would drop off some troops before leaving, and a single person personal ship would land in the battle seemingly ignoring everything happening around it. The ship landed and a man with spiky blue-grey hair, and a white uniform exited the ship. He was confronted by a Pikachu in black armor. The two both had Lightsabers, and they fought aggressively. The Pikachu was heard making one comment.

    “Cyrus, I will destroy you!”

    The battle raged and gave no pause until the ceiling exploded in a huge blast that knocked everyone to their knees. A ship had crashed through the roof of the hanger. It was covered in enough blast marks to show it had gone straight through the warzone outside. The newly arrived ship’s door opened to reveal a whole bunch of figures and black and brown cloaks, making their way off the ship. Each was brandishing a Lightsaber of various colors, red, blue, and green and they all seemed to be fighting each other in a free-for-all fight. Unable to tell if the newcomers were friends or foes, both the Rebels and Empire troops resumed their battle, taking pot-shots at the newcomers whenever possible.

    The Jedi, still fighting it out in the hanger had been fighting and moving throughout the ship. They had moved from the hanger to the Engine Room, where the ship’s main reactor lay. One of them threw their saber during the fight and hit the core. The core exploded knocking everyone in the room out. The explosion also triggered the hyperspace engine to activate. The ship was instantly shot forward away from the battle into hyper space. The sudden lurch forward sent many troops to their end as they careened into walls and other people.

    The ship finally came to a stop in orbit around a small colony planet. There were less then 50 people still alive on the ship. The engines were disabled, as were all communications. Only a few ships were still left functional in the hanger. The shock had caused an electrical surge that had opened every cell door, freeing some of the imprisoned Pokémon. People were slowly gathering in the hanger. Eventually 42 people and Pokémon had gathered in the hanger of the ship. Not knowing where they were, or what was going on, the highest in command, a lieutenant took charge.

    “The Rebels are victorious, the ship is ours, and the Pokémon are free. Our next step will be to use the remaining transport ships to get everyone home.”

    The lights flashed and suddenly plunged the hanger into darkness. There was a loud noise, like a crack, and then struggling, and a male voice screaming. The lights turned back on, and everyone saw that the lieutenant was dead, his neck broken. Everyone now knew one thing. The battle was far from over. There were still remains of the Empire aboard the ship. No was escaping until they were found and eliminated. Everyone knew the score. Finish the fight now, or get picked off one by one. Then there were also the mysterious ships that had arrived. Every Rebel appeared to be from a different squadron and ship, so no one seemed to recognize each other. The game had changed. There were threats all around them. It was impossible to tell who was a friend and who was a foe….or…who was something else entirely. A new battle had just begun.



    Read the rules, I’ve added a new section SPECIFICALLY relating to this game. It would behoove you to read it.
    This is the 15th Werewolf game on Pokegym. I sent PM’s out to people asking for their opinions. This, people is the reward. I took your opinions and created what I want to believe will be one of the greatest Pokegym Werewolf games ever! I wanted to make this game special. I am proud to say I achieved that goal. This game is the culmination of over 6 months of work and theory. I am using roughly three experimental mechanics in this game. While most likely this game will be amazing, you will ultimately be testing this game and seeing how well it works. I am proud to host this game and hope you will all have a blast playing it.

    Basic Rules

    1) Object of the Game

    The object of the game “Are You a Werewolf?” is dependant on what side of the game you are playing on. There are two main factions: the Werewolves and the Townspeople. Townspeople win the game when they have eliminated all Werewolves from the game. Whereas, the Werewolves win the game when there is an equal amount or more Werewolves in the Village at the end of a day or night. In some cases, more factions, such as independents are added to the game.

    2) “Game Days”
    Obviously, in order to win, there must be a way to eliminated people from the village. This is where we begin to discuss the “game day”.

    The game day is divided into two sections, Day and Night. Below are the explanations fo each section:

    2a) Game Day

    Each day, the town will try to vote someone out of the Village. This is called “lynching” ala the Salem Witch Trials. The Werewolves at this time will try to lead the Townspeople into lynching one of their own people while the Townspeople will try to get everyone to lynch a Werewolf. In order to lynch a person, a simple majority of the town must vote them out.

    EXAMPLE: If there are 17 members left in the town, 9 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

    Half is not a majority.

    EXAMPLE 2: If there are 18 people in a town, 10 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

    Certain players may have abilities that require less or more vote to lynch them, but you will know when that happens, as I am the only person that can announce that a person has been lynched.


    Whenever you vote in your post, please vote in all caps, bolded, and list who you are voting for:

    VOTE: Absoltrainer

    Of course, you can change your vote at any time. However, to change your vote, you must unvote (again, in bold), like so:

    UNVOTE: Absoltrainer

    VOTE: Some other dude/dudette

    Of course, you don’t have to immediately vote someone right after unvoting. Its your choice.

    2b) Game Night

    After the lynching during the day, the game slips into night. During the night, NO ONE is to post in the topic unless they announce they are on vacation or will away from an extend period of time (i.e. more than a week).

    During the night, those people with roles will PM me their actions. This includes the Werwolves, the Seer, and the Priest, just to name a few. These roles will be discussed in the character section, as they are roles universal to all Werewolf games.

    At the end of the night, I will post what occurred over the course of the night (who died, other effects, etc.). After everything from the night has been resolved, the Day begins again and chaos continues to occur until one team wins.

    2c) The game is over when I say its over.

    3) Basic Roles

    There are three roles native to all Forum Werewolf games: the Werewolves, the Seer, and the Priest

    3a) Werewolves

    The Werewolves are a minority of town who are quite hungry at night. Each night, the Werewolves will converse through PM, AIM, email, etc and decide who they will eat that night. Werewolves can only communicate like this DURING THE NIGHT!!! However, I will only accept the killing from one person, the Alpha Werewolf.

    The Alpha Werewolf is the head of the Werewolves and makes the final decision on who to kill at night. The Alpha Werewolf will PM the moderator (ABSOLTRAINER) each night whom they decide to kill. Only the Alpha Werewolf can tell me who to kill, so communication between the Werewolves is key.

    3b) The Seer

    Each night, the seer receives a vision, informing him whether a person is a townsperson or Werewolf. The Seer PMs the moderator(again, me) each night whom they would like to dream about. At the end of the night, they find out if that person is a townsperson or Werewolf.

    3c) The Priest

    The Priest gives on person Sanctuary in the church at night. That person cannot be killed that night and cannot use night abilities. The priest (by whatever name they go by this game) will choose one person (other than themself) to hide in the Sanctuary. They will protected and cannot use night actions.

    3d) Masons

    The Masons are a group of people who know what each others roles are. Usually they are just members of the town who try to protect each other but occasionally they have other abilities.

    3e) Other Roles

    There are many other roles in this game, such as Roleblockers, Voteblockers, Reflectionists, Masons, etc. Some of them have even been made especially for this game.

    4) Other Rules

    4a) You CAN NOT talk to other people in the game through PMs, IMs, email, etc. There are some roles that allow this, but on the whole, no should be doing this. If I am told that someone has broken this rule, it most likely result in an AUTOMATIC MODKILL!

    4b) Don’t edit your posts, as each post is a valuable bit of information. If you edit a post once, you will receive a public warning. After the second edit, a pack of wild Tauros will trample you underfoot, essentially Modkilling you.

    4c) Each person will have a unique role (some multiple roles), so revealing your role while many Werewolves are about is a bad idea. Heck, revealing your role at any time, unless it is a last ditch attempt, is a bad idea. However in the past I have seen people reveal their roles for their advantage.

    4d) Do not quote anything I tell you from a PM directly; adapt it into your own speaking style. If you quote anything from my PMs directly, I will smite you with the might of God and you will be Modkilled.


    A day will last about a week (7 days from my night update)
    A night will last about 4-5 days or until I get all PMs in from individuals.

    4f) Modkills and Inactivity Modkills

    There have been the above mention of the term “modkill”. In a modkill, a person is killed during the day and all discussions and votes up to that point are completely null and void. The person modkilled is lynched that day, and the town goes immediately to night.

    However, there is also an Inactivity Modkill. There is a random amount of time (between 4-7 days) that you must post at least once. Failure to do so will result in your replacement and/or instant modkill.

    4f(1)) Leave of Absence

    If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time (i.e. longer than 4 days), PM me and we will talk about either letting it slide or getting a replacement (temp replacement or permanent should the need be).

    5) Death

    When you are killed off during the course of the game you CAN NOT talk in the game topic anymore. Any information you have accrued may not be passed onto another person. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A BAN FROM THE NEXT WEREWOLF GAME.

    6) Any other questions:

    Any other questions about the roles you’re playing, rules in general, or anything else, PM me.

    6a) Rules are subject to change (usually minorly) should the need be (and usually not need be).

    7) Rules specifically relating to Werewolf 15.

    In Werewolf 15, we will utilize a new game mechanic called “rooms.” In this case there are six (6) rooms aboard the ship. They are:
    -Control Room
    -Engine Room
    When you receive your role, it will detail how rooms relate to your role, whether that involves you PMing me as to what room you want to hang out in for the night, or what room will be affected by your role, or maybe what room someone else is in.

    7a) I don't know exactly how well this new mechanic will work, but I have high hopes for it.

    NOTE: This is a purely experimental mechanic. I have no idea how well it will work. Only time will tell.


    Guys, it appears that some players are "going around the bounds of the game"
    They are watching profiles to see who PMs who to see who is working together.
    This is a pretty bad sportsmanship move. I don't like it because it takes away from the actual game by literally using outside sources instead of clues and roles within the game.

    So, if you would like to NOT be seen online, and KEEP YOUR PMing and OTHER ACTIVITIES a SECRET, I advise you to follow these instructions

    Go to User CP --> EDIT OPTIONS -- > Check "Use Invisible Mode" Box --> Save Changes

    This will prevent anyone from seeing your current activities (even last activity), and when you were last online. It also prevents people from knowing WHEN you are online.
    The other option is speak ONLY through AIM or E-mail to prevent this and don't even bother PMing people.
    I strongly urge EVERY player to do this to keep the game good and fair.
    If I hear of ANY more players doing this I will modkill on the spot. I have sources to, so don't think you can do it without me knowing.


    Do not assume that because someone is not invisible they are a townie. (some people may just go invisible to read or write PMs and then go back to visible)
    Do not assume that because someone IS invisible, they are a bad guy (I know a bunch of townies are invisible too)

    9) Sign Ups: 41 players

    No, you are going insane. That number says 41. This game is going to have 41 people in it. When I said 37 was too big and I’d never do it again…I lied.
    If we can get 41 people, then we will play with that many. If not enough people sign up, then I will drop some roles.

    That being said I am going to be SUPER STRICT on inactivity. If you sign up and then stop playing this game, I will modkill or replace you with out second thoughts.

    Sign up ONLY if you know you can play.

    [DEL]1. DarthPika[/DEL] - The Dark Lord Mr. X: Killed Night 5
    [DEL]2. Redados1[/DEL] - Yoda: Killed Day 8
    [DEL]3. Dave628[/DEL] - Princess Leia: Killed Night 5
    [DEL]4. Porii Sames[/DEL] - Politician J. G. Salmon: Lynched Day 2
    [DEL]5. MagneBoar[/DEL] - Special Forces' Private: Lynched Day 1
    [DEL]6. Waynegg[/DEL] - Darth Cyrus: Killed Night 4
    [DEL]7. Jason[/DEL] - Crazy Scientist : Killed Night 2
    [DEL]8. [DEL]Time For Pain[/DEL] REPLACED: cabd[/DEL] - Darth Pikachu: Lynched Day 6
    [DEL]9. Baby Mario[/DEL] - Leafeon: Killed Night 2
    [DEL]10. Napoleon[/DEL] - Cynthia : Killed Night 11
    [DEL]11. Blitzer[/DEL] - Dark Gardevoir - Killed Night 4
    [DEL]12. Akane[/DEL] - Chewbacca: Killed Night 5
    [DEL]13. Diaz[/DEL] - Wolf: Imperial Agent: Killed Night 1
    [DEL]14. Dragonite15[/DEL] - Crazy Prisoner: Lynched Day 5
    15. PokeChampofPokeBeach
    [DEL]16. Benson[/DEL] - Mara Jade: Jedi Killed Night 6
    [DEL]17. ultimatedra[/DEL]- Special Forces' Leader
    : Killed Night 3
    [DEL]18. jpulice[/DEL] - Kyle Katarn (Jedi): Killed Night 10
    [DEL]19. Jellyfisher[/DEL] - Seeker (Detective): Killed Night 8
    [DEL]20. Pikamaster[/DEL] - Pokemon Hunter J: Killed Night 5
    21. Sandslash7
    [DEL]22. Ikrit[/DEL] - Emperor Palpatine Alpha Wolf: Killed Night 7
    23. [DEL]Kezzup[/DEL] - Human Male Jedi : Lynched Day 4
    [DEL]24. Barkjon[/DEL] - Ralts : Commited Suicide Night 4
    [DEL]25. theKing[/DEL] - Giovanni, Sith Lord: Lynched Day 9
    [DEL]26. Slowkingrocks[/DEL] - Gengar : Killed Night 4
    [DEL]27. gallade[/DEL] - Gallade, Sith Warrior, Sith Cult Leader:Lynched Day 11
    [DEL]28. Dragonclyne725[/DEL] - Imperial Agent : Lynched Day 12
    [DEL]29. Z-man[/DEL]- Murkrow Killed Night 3
    [DEL]30. Victory Bell[/DEL] - Absol : Killed Night 2
    [DEL]31. Lil Magma[/DEL]- Vigilante: Batman: Lynched Day 3
    32. Thunderjolt
    [DEL]33. Arcanine/Arbok Master[/DEL] - Han Solo (Mechanic): Killed Day 10
    34. Cardzmaster2004
    [DEL]35. PokemonFreak5[/DEL] - Imperial Officer (Saboteur): Lynched Day 10
    [DEL]36. Toxictapian[/DEL] - Nurse Joy: Killed Night 7
    37. [DEL]Poke Dude[/DEL]: [DEL]REPLACED: Cardkeeper[/DEL] REPLACED by King Piplup
    [DEL]38. [DEL]LegendCallerL[/DEL]: [DEL]REPLACED: Gaelen1227[/DEL]: REPLACED: PikaJew1213[/DEL] - Republic Trooper: Killed Night 11
    39. [DEL]Lucario ex[/DEL]: [DEL]REPLACED: Spartacus[/DEL] REPLACED by JewelQuest
    [DEL]40. [DEL]Marshtomp[/DEL] REPLACED: Benzo[/DEL] - Imperial Purge Trooper: Lynched Day 7
    41. [DEL]Elite 4 Allen[/DEL] REPLACED by Scottistru

    DEAD TOWN MEMBERS (Rebel Alliance Members)
    DEAD WOLVES (Empire)
    DEAD ???????????

    [DEL]1. Benzo[/DEL]
    [DEL]2. Cardkeeper[/DEL]
    [DEL]3. Scottistru[/DEL]
    [DEL]4. King Piplup[/DEL]
    [DEL]5. cabd[/DEL]
    6. Alexmf2
    [DEL]7. Spartacus[/DEL]
    [DEL]8. Gaelen1227[/DEL]
    9. AddictedtoBeatles
    [DEL]10. JewelQuest[/DEL]
    [DEL]11. Pikajew1213[/DEL]


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    Night 8/Begin Day 9 Update: http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=2185102&postcount=2040
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    FINAL UPDATE: http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=2231623&postcount=2547
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  2. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    I'm in...............................

    Edit: Please don't confuse ME with Darth Pikachu... it's an unfortunate coincadence.
  3. Redados1

    Redados1 New Member

    Count me in!!!!
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  4. dave628

    dave628 New Member

    ooh....I am interested in playing..
  5. Porii Sames

    Porii Sames New Member

    I'm in this time!

    Idk about the rooms though...
  6. MagneBoar

    MagneBoar New Member

    Sign me up.
    I enjoyed following the other Werewolf story.

  7. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Please sign me up!
  8. Jason

    Jason New Member

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  9. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Could a person sig up as a replacement?
  10. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer New Member

    You want to sign up as a replacement right away? Sure that can be done.
  11. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    Sign me up please.
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  12. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    Sign me up, please!
  13. Napoleon

    Napoleon New Member

    /in, or however we do it here.
  14. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    I am in. Should be fun!
  15. Akane

    Akane New Member

    I'm totally in. This'll be my first WW - let's go!!
  16. Diaz

    Diaz New Member

    LOL I almost missed this. Didn't realize that last one ended. I'm in.
  17. Dragonite15

    Dragonite15 New Member

    I'm in. I only missed the last one by a few minutes
  18. I'm in... Storyboard looks awesome, AT. You've done an impeccable job on it. Looking forward to playing so much!
  19. Benson

    Benson New Member

    No way am I declining, sign me up! :D
  20. ultimatedra

    ultimatedra New Member

    Joining the party. Sign me up!

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