Werewolf xvi the rise of team plasma: Town wins

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  1. Overview: The opening story is just below to set the mood for the coming game. Below that are the rules. For those of you who are returning players, I have bolded the rules that are unique to this game or otherwise important to me, so be sure to read those. If you are a new player please take the time to read all the rules and not just the ones I bolded.

    One more thing! CardzMaster2004 recommended that we start having a Co-Mod for each game. the Co-Mod's responsibility will be to take over the game should the original moderator be unable to continue. The co-mod will be required to post at least once during each game day and update the vote count. In addition, the co-mod can help with game design, rulings, and interfacing with players as the mod and co-mod see fit. CardzMaster2004 offered to co-mod with me and I agreed. This is the first time this has been done, so bear with us!


    Ghetsis reclined slightly in his chair, fingers pressed together, focusing on something distant. He sat at the foot of a magnificent oak table that extended across the length of the study, in which the sages and shadow triad members of Team Plasma had gathered to discuss the pending invasion. Ghetsis stared, as if mesmerized, by the fire opposite the table from him. The other members of Team Plasma glanced around, careful to not break the silence.

    A Glameow was the sole being in the room brave enough to speak and bustle around the room. She flicked her tail back and forth whilst wandering aimlessly and lazily across the table toward her owner who dared not break the atmosphere of the room by petting her. Her eyes turned to Ghetsis and she meowed pleasantly as he began to speak again.

    "N was a disappointment. A...personal...disappointment. He is now our enemy as much as the pokémon league. He is not to be underestimated; I will not have him embarrassing us anymore than he already has. There will be no mistakes. NONE!"

    He banged his fist down on the oak table which resonated around the room. A woman jumped in her chair and stood up straight for a few seconds before slouching back in her chair. Most of the group just glanced around, faces expressionless and stony. It had been 6 months since Team Plasma tried and failed to storm the pokémon league. N's betrayal and departure was still a sore topic that could instantly thicken the mood of the room. The silence following the bang lasted for a moment to be broken once again by Ghetsis.

    "We know that we cannot defeat the pokémon league and invade the Unova region using a head-on assault. Right now we need to pursue a safer option: we will invade Unova from the inside."


    Alder returned to the pokémon league from his vacation to the Hoenn Region. Walking back to the champion's hall, he had the faintest feeling that something was not what it seemed to be. His pace quickened and he nervously peered over his shoulder. A Gothitelle turned the corner behind him and sprinted by with a gust of wind. Alder turned back around to face his front just in time to see a smokescreen pour over the hallway. The lights flickered and failed. Alder released his Vanilluxe with a flash of crimson from a Great Ball. Alder did not even have to communicate verbally; Vanilluxe blasted an ice ball into the darkness and blew away the smoke, allowing Alder to make out a silhouette freezing in place and toppling over. He recalled Vanilluxe and jogged over to the frozen form. A team plasma grunt had been comically frozen by the ice ball in mid-step. Alder muttered a curse under his breath and proceeded at a brisk pace to the main entry hall.

    Screams echoed around the pokémon league as chaos fell amidst the smoke. Team Plasma was everywhere and yet no one could risk fighting them without hurting innocent bystanders. Alder thought he observed a man wrapped in a red and black cloak watched from an air vent in the ceiling, but the smoke was quickly becoming an impenetrable shroud so he could not be certain. A woman wearing a glittery white and pink dress walked briskly past, proceeding up the staircase leading to the roof.


    A shadowy figure burst from a closet and summoned a Garbodor to block her ascent of the staircase. The woman lazily yet artfully flicked a poké ball from her belt and a Gothitelle sprang from it. An indigo beam of light emanated from the psychic type and knocked Garbodor clear off the pathway. Caitlin continued past and stepped up the stairs, out of view of the cloaked man. A large silhouette of a bird entered the scene, soaring down from the second floor, and let loose a screech. Everyone in the room paused amidst the chaos to cover their ears. The flying type sensed the residue of Gothitelle's psybeam attack and signaled some entity behind it with a series of screeches. A man with slicked back black hair and glasses approached the scene and paused only briefly to investigate the knocked out Team Plasma grunt before walking swiftly up the stairs to the roof. The robed observer blinked and then donned a mask before slipping from the safety of the ventilation system.

    Caitlin pulled a key from her pocket and opened the latch on the heavy wooden trap door which led to the roof. Stepping out into the night, she was greeted with the relief of silence and momentary peace. She paused to sniff the air and absorb the atmosphere before setting her eyes on a small airship and approaching it with purpose. A whistle pierced the night air, and 4 Drifblim materialized from the darkness. They positioned themselves around the ship as Caitlin boarded it.


    Darach kicked down the door behind his companion and stepped out onto the roof.

    "And where do you think you are going without me?"

    "We've been set up."


    "We've been set up. Someone has been slipping sensitive information to Team Plasma. We need help, and we need it NOW. This isn't an assault, Darach. We need to rally as much help as possible to fight back against Team Plasma."

    "Fine. Inform the gym leaders, but get out of here. I will stay behind and fight Team Plasma"

    "Oh! Now that is a great idea. Darach I order you to gather help while I stay back to defend the pokémon league"

    Darach stepped back, still gazing right at her eyes. He stuttered and struggled to form a counter-argument to Caitlin's command. Caitlin turned her face to the moon and let her focus faze out as the Drifblim awakened from their slumber and began to flutter about uneasily.

    "My lady... please reconsider."

    Caitlin waited a few seconds before gesturing towards the airship silently.


    Professor Juniper was at the beach bathing in the sun. Lounging in her hammock, she was greeted by a quaint fluttering of wings. Swanna settled down at the base of her hammock and whistled gracefully at Juniper. She smiled and sat up, noticing a small note protruding from a satchel that Swanna had carried with it. Unfolding the note, she began to read out loud:

    Juniper sighed happily and began stroking Swanna's feathers. Looking up, she realized the tide had come all the way up to the base of her hammock. She looked up to the orange setting sun, and looked down to realize she was stroking the air. Swanna had departed. She reread the letter quietly once more and , looked up once again to see an enormous wave rolling right towards her. "Aaaahhhhh!" WHAM. She was knocked clear to the ground and stood up to see...

    Bianca put down her phone and turned to Professor Juniper.

    "Cheren is on his way. I have to go to the league. I have to try and help."


    She gathered herself slowly and realized she had fallen out of her cottage bed onto the cold wooden floor. Why was she out here near the beach anyways? Professor Fennel had requested she search for something out here...

    Bianca had not waited for an answer before picking the lock and entering Juniper's small beach outpost anyways. It certainly couldn't be considered a home, Bianca pondered, seeing as how Juniper spends her time here researching and working, despite the cottage's proximity to the ocean. Bianca had heard from Alder that the league was being invaded and Bianca in turn ran to inform Juniper and Cheren.
    Bianca's Chandelure hovered around the room gracefully, providing the only source of light in Professor Juniper's beach house aside from her cell phone which registered 3 missed calls from her father. Bianca didn't even notice: she pondered her Chandelure as it zoomed around the small room, enjoying the peace before the coming storm.


    The iron front gates of the pokémon league loomed menacingly into the night. A pair of orange eyes gazed at them throughout the night as various parties entered the gates. A man and a small girl were the first to break the silence of the night. "Stick by me. If anything should happen to you, I would never be able to forgive myself...But I know I can't stop you from needing to prove yourself as a trainer."
    Some other men trickled in slowly, all of them being careful to avoid detection. The eyes fell upon one man in particular who had no such respect for secrecy. Riding in, well BARRELING IN, on a Girafarig, he fell off his mount when it came to stop outside the castle doors. The man tied Girafarig to a low hanging branch of a nearby tree and paraded into the castle. Girafarig simply unhooked the make-shift knot from the branch and wandered off from whence it came.

    All was quiet for awhile until 3 women dropped in, one of them recalling whatever pokémon had flown them there. One carried a clipboard and her lab coattails flapped violently as they walked dutifully to the battle.

    The last party to arrive was 3 men dressed in red, green, and blue. The set of eyes observed them as they cautiously approached the iron gates and closed them on the other side. One of them could be heard whispering "Ghetsis" before vanishing into the front door of the castle.

    With a quick leap, the set of fiery eyes vaulted over the wall and pursued the group of men into the fortress. Paws moving silently in the cool, moist grass, the wild-eyed entity swished its tail whimsically as it picked out its path across the grounds and up to the castle walls. It stopped to listen carefully for any disturbance, but all was peaceful on the outside. Rearing up, it rushed at the door, knocking it wide open with a BANG and proceeded to paw its way inside.

    The pokémon league action had cooled down to a degree. The smokescreens had dispersed and pokémon had been mostly recalled into the safety of their balls. Tensions still ran high: all the occupants of the league eyed each other carefully while arguing about what to do.

    "We have to end Team Plasma right here! Lock down the castle! We will vote every day on someone to kill."

    More bickering ensued as everyone scrambled to give their input on the matter, but it had been settled. Everyone knew that no one could leave until Team Plasma was defeated forever.
    Begin Werewolf XVI, The rise of Team Plasma.

    Welcome to Werewolf XVI: Rise of Team Plasma!

    Basic Rules

    1) Object of the Game

    The object of the game “Are You a Werewolf?” is dependant on what side of the game you are playing on. There are two main factions: the Werewolves and the Townspeople. Townspeople win the game when they have eliminated all Werewolves from the game. Whereas, the Werewolves win the game when there is an equal amount or more Werewolves in the Village at the end of a day or night. In some cases, more factions, such as independents are added to the game.

    2) “Game Days”
    Obviously, in order to win, there must be a way to eliminated people from the village. This is where we begin to discuss the “game day”.

    The game day is divided into two sections, Day and Night. Below are the explanations fo each section:

    2a) Game Day

    Each day, the town will try to vote someone out of the Village. This is called “lynching” ala the Salem Witch Trials. The Werewolves at this time will try to lead the Townspeople into lynching one of their own people while the Townspeople will try to get everyone to lynch a Werewolf. In order to lynch a person, a simple majority of the town must vote them out.

    EXAMPLE: If there are 17 members left in the town, 9 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

    Half is not a majority.

    EXAMPLE 2: If there are 18 people in a town, 10 people must vote for the same person to lynch them.

    Certain players may have abilities that require less or more vote to lynch them, but you will know when that happens, as I am the only person that can announce that a person has been lynched.


    Whenever you vote in your post, please vote in all caps, bolded, and list who you are voting for:

    VOTE: Arcanine/Arbok Master

    Of course, you can change your vote at any time. However, to change your vote, you must unvote (again, in bold), like so:

    UNVOTE: Arcanine/Arbok Master

    VOTE: Some other dude/dudette

    Of course, you don’t have to immediately vote someone right after unvoting. Its your choice.

    2b) Game Night

    After the lynching during the day, the game slips into night. During the night, NO ONE is to post in the topic unless they announce they are on vacation or will away from an extend period of time (i.e. more than a week).

    During the night, those people with roles will PM me their actions. This includes the Werwolves, the Seer, and the Priest, just to name a few. These roles will be discussed in the character section, as they are roles universal to all Werewolf games.

    At the end of the night, I will post what occurred over the course of the night (who died, other effects, etc.). After everything from the night has been resolved, the Day begins again and chaos continues to occur until one team wins.

    2c) The game is over when I say its over.

    3) Basic Roles

    There are three roles native to all Forum Werewolf games: the Werewolves, the Seer, and the Priest

    3a) Werewolves

    The Werewolves are a minority of town who are quite hungry at night. Each night, the Werewolves will converse through PM, AIM, email, etc and decide who they will eat that night. However, I will only accept the killing from one person, the Alpha Werewolf.

    The Alpha Werewolf is the head of the Werewolves and makes the final decision on who to kill at night. The Alpha Werewolf will PM the moderator (Arcanine/Arbok Master or cardzMaster2004) each night whom they decide to kill. Only the Alpha Werewolf can tell me who to kill, so communication between the Werewolves is key.

    3b) The Seer

    Each night, the seer receives a vision, informing him whether a person is a townsperson or Werewolf. The Seer PMs the moderator(again, me) each night whom they would like to dream about. At the end of the night, they find out if that person is a townsperson or Werewolf.

    3c) The Priest

    The Priest gives on person Sanctuary in the church at night. That person cannot be killed that night and cannot use night abilities. The priest (by whatever name they go by this game) will choose one person (other than themself) to hide in the Sanctuary. They will protected and cannot use night actions.

    3d) Masons

    The Masons are a group of people who know what each others roles are. Usually they are just members of the town who try to protect each other but occasionally they have other abilities.

    3e) Other Roles

    There are many other roles in this game, such as Roleblockers, Voteblockers, Reflectionists, Masons, etc. Some of them have even been made especially for this game.

    4) Other Rules

    4a) You CAN NOT talk to other people in the game through PMs, IMs, email, etc. There are some roles that allow this, but on the whole, no should be doing this. If I am told that someone has broken this rule, it most likely result in an AUTOMATIC MODKILL!

    4b) Don’t edit your posts, as each post is a valuable bit of information. If you edit a post once, you will receive a public warning. After the second edit, a pack of wild Tauros will trample you underfoot, essentially Modkilling you.

    4c) Each person will have a unique role (some multiple roles), so revealing your role while many Werewolves are about is a bad idea. Heck, revealing your role at any time, unless it is a last ditch attempt, is a bad idea. However in the past I have seen people reveal their roles for their advantage.

    4d) Do not quote anything I tell you from a PM directly; adapt it into your own speaking style. If you quote anything from my PMs directly, I will smite you with the might of God and you will be Modkilled.


    A day will last about a week (5-6 days from my night update)
    A night will last about 3-4 days or until I get all PMs in from individuals.


    4f) Modkills and Inactivity Modkills

    There have been the above mention of the term “modkill”. In a modkill, a person is killed during the day and all discussions and votes up to that point are completely null and void. The person modkilled is lynched that day, and the town goes immediately to night.

    I am trying to make this a more fast paced game and will not hesitate to replace inactive players. Please post at least once per game day, or you will be at risk for replacement.

    4f(1)) Leave of Absence

    If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time (i.e. longer than 4 days), PM me and we will talk about either letting it slide or getting a replacement (temp replacement or permanent should the need be).

    5) Death

    When you are killed off during the course of the game you CAN NOT talk in the game topic anymore. Any information you have accrued may not be passed onto another person. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A BAN FROM THE NEXT WEREWOLF GAME.

    6) Any other questions:

    Any other questions about the roles you’re playing, rules in general, or anything else, PM me.

    6a) Rules are subject to change (usually minorly) should the need be (and usually not need be).


    I don't believe anyone has ever had this rule before,but I dislike seeing people thank others' posts in the WW threads, because it is easily retractable and means that some players may get more data that others will not. If I see you thank a post that is a game related (not night / bump / mod) post I will issue a warning and tell you to retract it. A 2nd infraction will result in a modkill.

    8) Rules specifically relating to Werewolf 16.

    8a) There are items in this game that players will be able to PM me for throughout the game. Every player may have only one item on them at a time. You may give an item you are holding to someone else during the night in addition to whatever else you are doing during the night. Giving items to another player is not role-blockable and will only fail if the person you are giving the item to already has one.

    8b) There are poké balls containing pokémon that may be found / dropped throughout the game. You may have up to two poké balls on you at any given time. Just like you can with items, you may give another player a poké ball that you have during the night.

    8c) Unless otherwise stated, you may use any number of poké balls, night roles, and items during the same night if you have them.

    8d) When an item or poké ball has been dropped and is up for grabs, the first person to PM me saying that they pick it up will receive it. BUT YOU MAY ONLY PM ME FOR ONE ITEM OR POKé BALL PER GAME DAY. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WIN THAT ITEM, YOU MAY NOT TRY AND PICK UP ANOTHER.

    Some players may attempt to cheat by looking at who you PM. AbsolTrainer recommends taking the following precaution to stop that from happening.

    9) Sign Ups: 31 players

    This is going to be a medium sized game, and I hope we can keep it rolling at a smooth rate. Game days will ideally be around 5 days long and night will be around 3. If this turns out to be too fast and unrealistic, I will consider adjusting those numbers as the game pans out.

    Players that have signed up:

    1. Diaz
    2. DragonClyne725 - Brycen: Killed Night 8
    [DEL]3. Barkjon[/DEL] Bluenation
    4. Jason - James Kirk: Lynched Day 5
    5. Benzo - Don Quixote: Killed Night 6
    6. jpulice
    7. Cabd - Gandalf the Grey: Killed Night 1
    8. AbsolTrainer
    [DEL]9. Baby Mario[/DEL] Thunderjolt - Alder: Lynched Day 8
    10. Pokemonfreak5 - Bronius: Lynched Day 6
    11. Akane - Dr. House: Killed Night 7
    12. Scottistru - Doc Brown: Lynched Day 3
    13. Sandslash7 - Saruman the White: Lynched Day 2
    14. KingPiplup - Shauntal the spy: Lynched Day 10
    15. Jellyfisher - Elesa: Killed Night 4
    16. Pikamaster
    [DEL]17. AlmightyGoldenGarchomp[/DEL]Son_of_Apollo
    18. TheKing - Dr. Evil: Lynched Day 7
    19. Dave628 - Team Plasma Defector: Lynched Day 1
    20. PokeChampOfPokeBeach - Drayden: Killed Night 10
    21. Cantor
    22. Redados1 - Dobby: Killed Night 3
    23. DarthPika - The Doctor: Killed Night 6
    24. JewelQuest - Chili: Lynched Day 9
    25. Ultimatedra - Caitlin: Killed Night 9
    26. ProHawk
    27. OrcMonkey2000 - Iris: Killed Night 1
    28. PMysterious - Ghetsis: Lynched Day 4
    [DEL]29. Lil_Magma[/DEL] Napoleon - Bianca: Killed Night 3
    30. Desufnoc - Team Plasma Grunt: Killed Night 3
    31. Sdrawkcab - Arcanine: Killed Night 2

    Dead Town-Aligned Players
    Dead Werewolves
    Dead Independent-Aligned Players












    Replacement List:

    1. WayneGG
    2. RedWater
    3. Pikajew1213

    And may the odds be ever in your favor! :thumb:
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