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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Everwind, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Everwind

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    I was wondering in the early game and you have your first opportunty to search for a card, do you generaly go with Roseannes' or Bebe's? I know it is somewhat hand dependent, but my experience is that I often go for getting Baltoy/Claydol established fast, especialy since it seems I often start with poor opening hands.

    What do you often use Bebe's to search for? I hate to use it for searching for a basic, and almost almost always use it for a stage 2. Just curious on how folks are playing the card.
  2. Heatherdu

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    This is a great question but I don't think there is a single answer. As you said, it is so dependent on your starter and opening hand.

    If you only had one basic then you need to consider whether you should put some basic on the bench to avoid a quick game loss or if your starter is something like Pachy or you have call energy then you may need energy or an evolution. Do you have that candy too? And what if the starter is your main attacker? Should you just go for the quick offense?

    If you start with more than one basic the decision can be just as hard. If one of those basics is a Baltoy then I would try to get the Claydol and start using Cosmic Power. If the basics are your main attackers or set-up like Stantler then you need to base some of it on your opponent's start as well. Are they going to have a quick offensive strike? Or are they just setting up also.
  3. The Phenom1993

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    It depends on your starting hand, but try to get a claydol set up as fast as possible.

    And usually with my first search card i try to see what cards i have in my deck, so i get an idea on what my prizes are.

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