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  1. YoungJohn06

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    Alright here's my deck I used


    Pokemon: 19

    x4 Spheal
    x3 Sealeo
    x4 Walrein
    x4 Dunsparce
    x2 Feebas
    x2 Milotic

    Trainers: 26

    x4 oracle
    x4 Tv Reporter
    x3 Copycat
    x3 Stevens Advice
    x3 Rare Candy
    x3 Desert Ruins
    x2 Crystal Shard
    x1 Town Volunteers
    x1 Ancient Technical Machine (Rock)
    x1 Desert Shaman
    x1 Switch

    Energy: 15

    x13 Water
    x2 Double Rainbow Energy


    Yeah so I decided to run Walrein as I am so tired of Blaziken I would have died if I had to play that giant fire breathing chicken one more game, and I'm glad I ditched it. Walrein did very, very well for me especially for having so little Blaziken in the area... which I heard otherwise =p coughthankswoopercough. lol just kidding I don't care I would have played it anyway.

    Anyway so we headed out Friday night at like 10PM to pick up Chris Fulop from Zanesville Ohio and we got to him about midnightish... since it was dark it took longer than the 7 hours Mapquest thought it would to get to Rockville... we didn't get there til like 8:00 am so we both played in this with no sleep at all.

    So we get there at 8:00 ish get some food from the hotel (mostly bacon lol) and make final touches to decks and make sure they are running how we want. Get in there meet up with some people. Adam, Mike, Luke, Brad, Spencer, and some other people I can't remember. We scoped out decks I realize everyone is not playing Blaziken... joy. I stuck with Walrein tho cause like I said I can't even stand to look at the blaziken crap right now.

    So on to games.

    Round 1 - Some guy I don't know the name of with a Gengar/Fossil deck.

    I get out fast with Milotic only and start attacking him turn 2 and kill the Haunter like turn 3... and he had a lone fossil from there so I won next turn.


    Round 2 - Can't remember the name but he played Blaziken .

    I got out very fast the only thing he could get was Bex and Walrein/ruins just took care of that


    Round 3 -

    I believe his name is Bryan with Gardevoir.

    Well I got up with some walreins and stuff pretty fast with Desert ruins and he didn't have a counter gym so that hurt his gex a bit... The speed of the walrein and the damage/not attacking deal got to be too much and he couldn't keep up with it... I eventually knocked everything out thanks to my sealeo killing a bench gardy and putting the active in range for a ko for walrein. ;x


    Round 4 - Sean Gagnon (professor CFK) with Blaziken.

    He got a God hand but my luck/hand was better lol. He started with dunsparce but I went first put him to sleep he stayed there. Turn 2 I drop candy on walrein and attach and crush draw for game. Sorry it was so fast man.


    Round 5 - Johnny Anderson (physics Squirrel) with Swampert

    I asked if he wanted to ID since it was going to garantee us in but he said no... it didn't work out so well for him. It was a pretty even game and then he made a mistake that lost him the match. I had a walrein with a DRE and water and 0 damage... he had Suicune ex out with 60 damage on it I had 2 prizes remaining and he hit my walrein for 100... I knocked out Suicune Ex for game. Sorry man.


    Round 6 - Eric Craig with Shiftry.

    He didn't want to ID either but that's fine... he had friends that didn't want him to ID cause it could hurt them on getting in so he didn't which I had no problem with he had a good reason. :)

    We both got up fairly well but Walrein has a lot of problems with Shiftry... Time got called and he was 2 prizes up. I don't know how it would have gone had we had time to finish but it was a good game.


    Top 16:

    Steven Silvesto with Gardevoir/Gorebyss

    Game 1: I got up fast with Walrein on like turn 2... not much he could do he got a slow start so it wasn't a very good game but not because of him because of the crappy draws.
    Game 2: It appears luck has changed lol... I now have the crap draw and he has the good luck. Sooooo I was now on the side of the beating stick and he won.
    Game 3: I won on turn 2 with Walrein against a clamperl.... sorry the games sucked man. GL to ya at worlds!


    Top 8:

    Bryan again with Gardevoir:

    Game 1:Once again I get up he is smarter and doesn't play the gex... but still couldn't keep up with the massive amount of damage I'm putting on and it's collecting big time on his pokemon and I got up pretty fast... so I won with a small fight.
    Game 2: Bout the same thing I got up fast and Walrein just kinda took over.


    Top 4 -

    Chris Fulop with Metagross

    Game 1- He just kills me I barely am able to put up any kind of a fight.
    Game 2- I use Milotic as it's my only shot and I get it out turn 2 attacking and he got some bad draws and ended up conceding so we could get a third game in.
    Game 3- He pretty much dominated but time was called and they wanted us to play sudden death... however I just conceded it he had me beat in the third game so there was no way I was gonna maybe get lucky on a sudden death thing and luck out of the loss.

    7-2 I end there but I finish in third and since Eric Craig already has a trip it gets passed down to me.




    Me for getting the trip
    Fulop for getting the trip
    Eric for winning the whole thing
    Adam for getting an Invite
    My mom for driving us there and back
    The event staff. They were great and I had a blast


    The friggen ants in our hotel room that decided to invade the bathroom
    The long drive =p
    Metagross for being metagross and Shiftry for being Shiftry =p
  2. ToysRUsKid

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    awesome job, gl later, playtest for worlds later ;p. though i donno im going ;p
  3. Sensei

    Sensei Team Compendium Emeritus

    YJ, great job to you (and all the others as well). You did great and were a class act for the show of sportsmanship.

    See ya at World`s.

  4. YoungJohn06

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  5. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    awesome job YJ, time for you to post on the 'bring a card' thread now!

    Congratulations and look forward to meeting you at Worlds...

  6. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Good job YJ C'ya at Worlds.
  7. JediDrew

    JediDrew New Member

    GJ dude, We gotta do some playtesting for worlds now.
  8. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    nice job
    see ya at Worlds
    even though you probably won't have a clue who I am
  9. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    And a congrats in general to all the top players.
    I haven't heard anything either at the event or here on the boards about "this one cheated" or "that one did that" like we've seen from some other events. Everyone acted with great sportsmanship!
  10. SuperWooper

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    Great job, YoungJohn. Nice to meet you there. I don't know where all the Blaziken went. 0.o

    GJ again, hope you do just as well, if not better, at Worlds!

  11. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Yes, mistah Wetz! Good job =)

    I got my invite tooooooooooo, so I'll be going! If TRUK goes, then it'll be a fine weekend for those who were screwed time n' time again. Yayness!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2004
  12. psycodad

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    It sounds like a broken record but congrats to you. Cya @ worlds
  13. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Great job John! I knew Walrein was the right choice for you. ;D Finally, you can get to Worlds. I'll see you there. =D
  14. jim d3010

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    great job John, see you @ WORLDS. james steven & jake
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2004
  15. YoungJohn06

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    Thanks guys lol it was such a relief getting to top 4 I was like :D

    Broken record???
  16. TheCrossFormatKid

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    Congrats Jon, I wasnt even expecting you to show up o_O

    This post is dedicated to pichu :'(
  17. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    You mean your plush pichu died?! =O
  18. nikePK

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    Nice job man. It'll be awesome to see you at Worlds after meeting you irl at Nats ^_^
  19. psycodad

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    My age is showing, back in the day records, you know, the black pieces of vinyl that rap artist scratch with, not CDs, were used for music. If they got damaged, they repeated the same thing over and over and over, hence the term "like a broken record". Now I think I'll go listen to a few 8 track tapes, open my social security check, and watch some Twilite Zone.........
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2004
  20. Adv1sor

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    Grats to you YJ and a very good report.

    CFK, what happened to Pichu?

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